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>go for walk along fairly popular walking trail
>Woods on both sides
>Hear voices and leafs rustling by one stretch
>Glance over to see what it was
>Bunch of kids doing whatever the fuck they do in the woods unattended
>One of the little shits says "he just looked at us"
>Wanted to make a comment about how they were not being discreet, but I figured it wasn't worth it
>Continued walking

What did they mean by that? I seriously just glanced.
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born to single mother, destitute.
have coin sock nailed next to door.
too far in debt to deposit check, have to cash it, collectors will take it if gave in bank.
all changes goes in sock, kids go to find change too.
change goes to once a month family event at sticky shoe theatre.
floor so dirty at dollar theatre all steps sound sticky.
cant afford her kids tickets, has to sneak us in, save tickets from previous times in case caught.
eat only one meal a day.
4 day a week its cabbage soup, not cabbage. lettuice in watter, watter helps fill stomach.
other days its "taco soup" soaked beans and canned tomatoes we get for free from mormon church.
never have candy, have dreams about the cool zebra gum with the rapper that you can lick to stamp yourslef with like temp tattoo.
school counselors think i have anxiety disorder because i constantly shake, is actually mal-nourishment.
get made fun of because of bulged belly "lol anon has a food baby" is actually sign of starvation.
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in highschool pitty comittee constantly telling me how thin i am and that i look good.
they think i have body issue cuz i immagine im fat, since i "refuse to eat lunch".
actually cant afford poverty rated 35 cent school lunch so try to pass it off.
mother marries trash, beats the fuck out of me but is our only hope of surviving, cant fuck this up.
1st day of P.E. class, take off clothes in locker room, chest and upper legs dark yellow splotches of purple.
bruises are better when they are underneath clothing.
get told that self harm is no answer because clearly this is self harm.
get in trouble because i skip P.E. after that.
spend 4 years like this because im finally getting rammen noodles which seems poor but is so much better than cabbage soup.
finally go to police, mother says liar.
history of theft and skipping school, just a rebillious teen.
stole lunch meat and advil constantly.
spend years sneaking into neighbors shed to steal .22 rounds and borrow .22 rifle
shoot squirrels, younger brother and i eat them when we think nobody else is gona take em away.
still remember first candy i ever had, frined robbie gave me corner of his rice crispy treat his dad made him.
pretend squirrels are rice crispy treats, they taste like desiel fuel and burned hair, but my stomach hurts.
get kicked out at 17, live on actual street for 3 years in montana but its not too bad, gas stations give me the old hot dogs if i go in right before close.
turn 20, join army, not smart enough to do much because i never had time to learn stuff, am infantry.
go through shit most people cant immagine but cant claim ptsd
if i do, ill never be able to own a firearm again
firearms are the only reason i was able to kill tree rats so my brother dont have to deal with what i do
permenant organ damage, didnt have enough protien, body started eating my own organs
G.I. bill could get me a future when i go in college
cant go in college, have to work 7.25 dollar hour job so brother can eat while in highschool
finally go in college

>white people are privelaged
>americans are rich
inb4 life is hard i dont have gf
White privilege is a word that came to be because minorities want their turn to commit racism and atrocities in the name of equality.

"It's our turn to oppress you, and you deserve to be punished for the action of your ancestors, whom you never met"

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What do you think ugly girls feel about life?

>tfw ugly girls realize there will never be a Disney princess that resembles them
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A chick ugly enough is basically a man but with a bleeding cunt nobody wants
There's no such thing as ugly people only ugly personalities.
Wrong you fucking tard. I know plenty of friendly guys who don't get any girls despite their positive attitude and humor. It's about looks, 90% of the time. When a girl thinks you're hot THEN she will take the time to learn about your personality, which means that ugly guys are fucked regardless of how nice they are.

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I'm this guy >>37636771

My parents will be coming home in a little over an hour, so what should I jerk off to? I'm going to edge so I can last until they roll down the driveway. My only rule is no trap shit or illegal stuff.
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Dirty underwear
Map of the 1600's Spanish Empire

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>need advice, feeling lonely
>at hotel, for some reason they blocked /adv/
wat do?
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>off by one.jpg
ask the receptionist
get vpn?

Any black femanons want me as their bf?
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Maybe some men are not meant to start a family.
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>go downstairs to the kitchen for my morning toast
>see that mom bought a brand new shiny blacked&decker toaster
>this is when the lust overtook me
>cum inside toaster.

Am I fucked Anons? How much longer do I have before the feds kick down my door?
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God dammit is this a meme now? (The lust took over me)
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>(you) Betcha!


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Fembots, why don't you just take the knot up the butt in order to reach massive orgasms like girl in pic related?
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God women are despicable vile creatures

where's the video
Looks more painful than pleasurable

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>Neighbor just rang the door and asked wether she could get her cat out of our yard.
>She walked past the window to ring the door.
Did she see me jerk off? Who expects this at 10:30 pm?
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Typical virgin mistake. She saw you and wanted to fuck. Maybe next time, champ.
CLOSE YOUR FUCKING BLINDS, how can you be that autistic to masturbate by a window so that anyone can see

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Tell me, robots: what is the loneliest you have ever felt?
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Robots, join me at 0,0 on pixel canvas.io for madness
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Fucking spics are poluting the void


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What experience have you had with talking to femanons? Were they nice? Crazy? Mean?
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Week 2
no money.
No job i applied for has called me back
power is about to get shut off
landlord will evict
Had vivid dreams due to the hunger

All I can think about is selling my graphics card on ebay so I can have enough money to buy a medium pan pizza and hotwings
Just 2 more days until the auction ends.
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>be pasty white guy
>have black friend
>him: has both a job and degree in physics
>me: unemployed, can't afford university, on disability

Does that make him white than me?
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>Does that make him white than me?
No it just goes to show that your intelligence isn't based on skin color and that whites can just be retarded as people from any other different "race" can be and that skin color has no effect what so ever on intelligence.

He is a better person than you.

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