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How do you feel about the fact that you won't reproduce like all your ancestors did since the beginning?
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Caesar Feels.png
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>You will be the first person out of all your ancestors in 3.5 billion yearts to not reproduce.
feels horrible man
lol that kids gonna lose his hair, wy do people breed
That "only the best dads get promoted to grand dad" license plate cover comes to mind.

I had shitty parents. Fuck them. It's their fault not mine.

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>"I r-require repairs, anon. Please do not dispose of me, I am still partially functional and love you."
What do?
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Throw acid in that bitch's face
She is a robot waifu, not a filthy 3D slut. Are you so sure about that?
I would throw her in the garbage after the acid dissolves her processing unit

Women in all their forms need to be destroyed

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ice ho.jpg
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Are girls afraid to ask out guys?
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Yes. I've asked out one dude and he said, "Let me get back to you on that." He avoided me like the plague after that and my stupid heart was crushed. He wasn't a Chad either. He was just a loser like me. I haven't asked anyone out since, it was one of the worst experiences of my entire life.
I imagine not but the social norm is that the man asks the woman out so it doesn't happen very often
They don't need to, so why would they

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Does anybody else want to get castrated just so they don't have to put up with annoying sexual distraction?

I hate randomly getting horny and jacking off every day. I would l be so much more productive without my balls.
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Honestly there's no reason I need to have a functional penis other than for urinating. But I think scheduling an orchiectomy would be pretty embarrassing, that's the only thing holding me back. I'm also not sure if it would be covered under my insurance.
Ikr! It's the epitome of embarrassment!
Relax. Don't cut your balls off. As time goes by your hormone levels and sex drive will naturally decline. Past 35 you'll wonder why you ever thought so highly of women in the first place.

t. Oldfag

Anyone else here make over $100k/yr? I make $250k, also have a nice white gf.
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Words are cheap. Give us some proof.
Oh yeah I make two billion a year bud. I also have 17 jee effs
pajeet making 350k for just dropping in on meetings
Have a nice goldigging white girl that I have to hide from my parents

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Like, get rid of any trace of feelings or sexual thoughts about me... He already knows he has no chance.
We were best friends and I'm a tranny (ftm) who really really doesn't want him to see me that way. I can't stand it. It's not just cutesy stuff like him saying "you're cute anon", he says graphic disgusting shit that makes me want to an hero.

Is there any ANY way for him to not think this shit? I've asked him to a million times and he knows how bad it makes me feel but still does it. (It wouldn't even help if he didn't say anything if I knew he still thought it)...
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>I'm a tranny (ftm)

no one cares about your /lgbt/ problems
But he's a robot and you have robot mentality. Chad gays/bis aren't gonna know this.
>transitions to female but doesn't let his best bro fuck him

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late night bar.jpg
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Share late night music lads

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Comfy as heck

Pic semi related
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I want to be forever young

nice tuneage there mate


v. comy

For some reason all I've ever wanted is to be a edgy crazy loser and now that I became just that I cant seem to go back.
I hate what I love but I cant seem to love anything less. I love crazy insane bullshit and I cant get enough of it. I always want something more insane. I found that too. I found the most insane bullshit ever and I was able to rationalize it

at this point what do I do?
I assume a few people on here have this experience
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Oh definitely my man, take it to the extreme.
I know that feel, OP.

I just love reading about people with extreme and radical and strange views.

>tfw i want to be a loveable / notorious eccentric but i'm too shy
>can't even discuss these people because i pass for a normie
that face isnvery similar to me, who is that op ?
throw example of extreme people yiu rationalized. please go easy on me or us.

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Daily reminder our level of lonely and neetness is invisible to normies.
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Alyssa is the real dick
>New York undateable section
>cute guy is 'undateable' because "busy schedule, high standards"
kms soon
Undateable by choice are the worst

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What's with r9k's obsession with uncanny valley girls? This doesn't look natural
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her eyes... what the fuck is wrong with them
Ive seen her irl, they're not photoshopped
It's fucking terrifying
What the fuk? I thought u guys hated /soc..

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Please motivate me to study
I really need to get it done but I can't
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If you don't study you'll most likely fail the course. That's all the motivation I need to stop getting paid to shit post in about two hours and go do my homework.
What do you have to study for?
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Get off of 4chan then, you'll never be able to study online.
Shit, I've posted the same thing to people countless fucking times, and I should just prewrite it.
What you have to do is eliminate all sorts of distractions.
That means no study music, no background noise, no tv, no computer, no nothing; the only thing that should have your attention is your work.
If you have to study online, then the only window(s) that could be open are those relating to your study material.

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>humanity won't even know 1% of the secrets of the universe being becoming extinct as a species
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even if we did find out about everything you wouldnt know shit about it so who gives a fuck?

not sure why you replied to me, do you even know who I am?

have a nice life...
i replied because u made a thread dumbass its an anonymous image board

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If I eat all of this, will I become chad?
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No, you must eat all of this to become Chad.
File: 1498585690082.png (263KB, 414x459px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This needs further context. Why would eating peanut butter make you chad?
Lots of protein and calories. OP must be skeletal.

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Hello, I ve had quite a nice day today, went outside with my mom and applied for a visa to japan! I ve also shown the pics of my city to my discord friends and they liked it! Why dont you guys tell me about your day? Was it good or bad?
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My day was ok
I applied to a class to get drivers license
How do I move to Japan?
Nice to hear that you are trying for a license! Im too lazy to get one unfortunately. Also, im not moving to Japan, im just getting a tourist visa to go there later this summer! It will be very nice
what country are you from? i thought most countries dont need a visa to visit japan

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Hey, you guys got some time to listen? Got to get some stuff off my mind...
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I'm a social retard because society is oppressive and it doesn't recognize my self-imposed, non-clinical snowflake retardation as worthy of active respect
Society is the problem and the individual has no duty or capacity to self-improve for his own benefit and that of others
File: 1498161630460.gif (13KB, 633x758px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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im all ears anon
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My parents failed to properly socialize me which arguably left me with defficient neurological development. My father lacked fully realized identity as a man and thus failed to teach me the resilient, adaptable nature that is valued in men. My mother was emotionally unstable, which lead to a tense family environment, and my parents' relationship lacked love and affection so I have no intuitive notion of how romantic relationships work

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