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>just plopped a giant, steamy shit

Is there any other feeling that can compete?
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injecting heroin probably
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Could someone pls buy me ac it's only 15 rn

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>just visited [s4s]
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who might you be quoting?
Go back to your weeb board
did you think of any funny memes?

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Anyone else HATE being called "buddy", "bud", or "boss"?
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>Complete fucking strangers introducing theirseves only to ask for a smoke
Yeah, I do. Especially "boss".
"Boss" is the word most used by gypsies when addressing white people. At least in my country. I don't know how they address white people abroad.
Ayy champ, how's your mom doing?

Haha, ok buddy. You be good!

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Alright r9k time for saddest song lyrics time
Make sure you include the song/artist.

"Make a joke and I will sigh, and you will laugh, and i will cry happiness i cannot feel and love to me is so unreal".
Black sabbath, Paranoid.
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"Cut my life into pieces, this is my last resort!"

Papa roach
Last resort
I've been searching for you every where
Calling you, but you were never there
Seeking in the dark of night
Hoping one day you would shine a light

"I Have Waited So Long" by Foreigner
leaning out, into the breeze, remembering Sunday he falls to his bees they had oatmeal together but two grams don't last like the feeling of what he bleeds

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My life's over, it's too late to improve my life at this point (25+ minimum wagecuck).
In this thread we help out the teenagers that undoubtedly are on this board so their life doesn't end up like ours.

>Stay in school
>Don't refuse opportunities just because you're scared
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Jesus grandpa what are you doing out of the retirement home?
Do whatever you want. No matter how you spend your life there will be shit to obsess about and regret.

If you have fun playing vidya and getting high in solitude just do it.
>keep in touch with your older family members
>take care of your slibings and play/talk with them especially the youngest
>try to talk to much people as possible to have a social life
>ask your Oneitis out, what could have been is worse than rejection
>take anxiety pills
>play a sport
>stay in school
>improve your appearance

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Welcome to the Bannered Mare. You have chosen to leave your original life behind for a bit to visit Skyrim. We've got warm drinks and ale, and avaliable rooms to rent if you want to stay the night.

What is on your mind?

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I am tired. I want to sleep. How many for a chamber for one person ?
That'll be 20 gold
>That'll be 20 gold
I only have 15 shekels. I'm a poor traveler and don't save much money..
We can make a des ?...

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How many people here fucked up their brain development from using weed when their brain was still in its developing years?
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Does weed really fuck up your brain development?
People only told me the opposite, that it actually helps your brain by syncing your emispheres better or something like that. It makes both your emispheres more active.

So is that true? Or it fucks up your brain?
If you're brain is still developing in your teen years it can be bad for you.

After that, not really.
Some people who smoke, also get certain mental disorders like schizophrenia too.

It's a risk, just like any other drug.

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>tfw your mom's friend comes over and she brought her daughter and your mom wants you to come out your room to "talk" to her and be her "friend"
Why doesn't she understand I'm socially inept?
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do u even try to break out of these autistic shackles anon?
Get a job cracker
Tell us how was it, OP.

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In a few hours I'll be driving 400 miles to fuck a trap.

Ask me anything.
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if singles post video
you're that desperate huh?
Why don't you use the metric system like the rest of the civilised world?

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How does it feel when you don't practice good personal hygiene? What does it feel like if you don't brush your teeth for weeks, or if you go weeks without showering or even changing your underwear/clothes? What does it feel like, mentally and physically? I'm curious.
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Feels apathetic.

I think I went a good 5 months without showering or doing laundry, I just kept wearing dirty clothes.
I cleaned up after I overheard some little kid complaining about a "foot smell" as I passed by kek
I haven't brushed in years either, hell I don't even have my old toothbrush anymore.
I've always been a dirty autist though.

Oh, and when I do shower, I take em' cold.
I've went a week without showering and didn't smell at all because I literally just lay in bed all day and put on deodorant whenever I start to feel hot. as for teeth brushing you just get those teeth coats after a while and they have a grainy texture
I am beginning to enjoy my awful stinkiness to be shamefully honest. It has a pungent aroma that i find...pervesly pleasent :/

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Do MTF's like to get their dicks sucked or do they just want their ass eaten out?
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Bump because legit curious.
>want to find a QT femboi to fuck the wind out of
>most are taken, none cute and too convincing in public to tell them apart from roasties
Shit senpai
never had my dick sucked before desu but having your ass eaten out feels nice

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Friendly reminder that if you smoke weed or drink alcohol, YOU ARE A NORMIE
If you post shit like this on /r9k/ LEAVE
And no "drinking or smoking alone" does not make you less of a normie
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>not doing dxm by yourself in a dark room conversing with faeries
It's like you want people to think you're normal
Oh, wow, your post was so cringeworthy that I blushed.
First off, unless you have a medical condition that prevents you, if you don't smoke or drink, you are not a robot.
Whenever I see posters who claim to have never did drugs and alcohol I assume they're either underaged, have some heart condition, or are geeky Reddit fags who are just another brand of normie.
Man I'm so fucking high and drunk right now. I'm FUCKED UP you know what I mean?

Who /high and drunk/ here brobots?

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>TFW your dad pays people to be friend with you
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how much are they making?
Do they suck your dick tho ?
could only secretly learn he does it, don't know how much he gives

Like i would actually succed even talking with them

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>IQ of 131
>20 years old
>Have never kissed a girl before
>Come to see enhanced IQ correlates with this

It feels good to be superior.
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>to smart four gf
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>tfw above average IQ
>In the 120-140 range based on different IQ tests (usually score around 130-ish)
>completely lost the desire for women

Feels good to have ascended above instinctual needs.
This is where your inferior, low-IQ brain blinds you.

You think intelligence is ascertainable via interaction.

It's not.

I'm not in school, have one friend, and my job doesn't provide any opportunities to meet new people, so I was thinking about taking a community college course just for that purpose. An expensive way to meet people for sure (one course will cost me $600+) but I can't really think of that many other options.

Any tips or advice from people who have gone to community college? What's the best way to meet new people there, am I stupid for trying this, what are the best courses to take if I want to meet girls rather than nerdy guys, etc.?
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Nursing or anatomy is filled with chicks, take a science class with labs if you want to make friends something outdoorsy and basic like environmental science you won't make friends from writing classes or anything that requires non group projects. But if you sign up for community college I think you'd have to take more than one course or you have to pay for it right away.
Currently in a CC, I would say to go for a major with plenty of room for electives and humanities classes.

I will also say this because I'm not sure if you've ever heard it before: you don't need to be in a class with a girl to talk to her. It gives you an easy conversation topic sure, but you can just as easily talk about other things you guys have in common (the fact that you are both in the same school for example).
I'm pretty sure people paying out of pocket (your average community college goer) living on a budget would have time. Or would want to socialise, rather than concentrate on their studies.

Try some other angle

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