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I fucked my girlfriend last night.
Ask me anything.
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You couldn't be less interesting.
Please leave

When will you get out normie?

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>be me
>fucking love stroopwafels
>born dutch

How's your shitty life /r9k/?
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I don't get it? Aren't stroopwafels common as fuck in the Netherlands?
also delicious
I have Dutch blood (USA) and adore stroopwafels. I wish my grandparents had taught us the language.

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>You'll never grow up in rural Japan

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>You'll never grow up in Japan at all
good. Every day I'm glad to have been born in the US.
>don't have to learn kanji
Feels good, man.

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I wish she wasnt a whore and would be my girlfriend :(
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> doesn't want to be my gf
> she is a whore for that

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I feel the same about Barbfu
It's a shame she had to become a whore who shows off her pussy online, getting BLACKED has also ruined her in my eyes. She's so cute tho it's hard to get over her.

Who here /addictedtowhipits/?

I've done about 500 in the last few days and I feel like my head is turning to mush. About to go buy more.
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Fucking original
>I feel like my head is turning to mush
That's because it is, dude. You're going to be retarded for the rest of your life, you're destroying brain matter.
Yeah I can feel it. It hurt a couple times when I've done it and I swear I could feel the individual cells dying

Dutchfag thread: weekend edition

Invited: nederboos/dutchboos, fembots, dutchies
Not invited: Olaf the Bear, le amsterdam 420xD, fake fembots

>Which province/city do you live in?
>Age? M/F?
>Which school + studies?
>Hobby's/interest (anime is NOT a valid answer)

cheers fellow kankermongolen
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>Noord-Oost Friesland
>20, M
>reading, smoking weed and 4chan

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>tfw no unox gf
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hoi kenkerhonden
>Which province/city do you live in?
fucking zeeland, super boring, but its reasonably comfy I guess
>Age? M/F?
18 M
Havo 5 again i fucking failed last year because I have 0 drive to do anything
>Hobby's/interest (anime is NOT a valid answer)
My only real hobby would be chess, but im still shit at it

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Jesus christ anons why does every single fucking girl I meet for a date always talk about her exes?

There's this one girl I met 3 times already and every single fucking time she mentioned her ex. What the fuck
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that's a really nice picture anon
They either don't know how much it's unappreciated or they know exactly what they're doing and it's just part of their manipulative bullshit.
Either way they can rot.
Well if they know then why do that? It's annoying as fuck really.

What's wrong with not liking socializing and never going out for parties or something? Why do people think this kind of person are unsuccessful?
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are you successful ?
I'm not

At least in the social and financial area
I don't mean to be cruel but are you autistic? I'm aspie.

Most people enjoy socializing and meeting new people. They don't have a host of negative experiences to live by and so they have no negative feelings of meeting new people. To most people, it is abnormal for you to avoid partying and socializing.

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because youre already a joke
>because youre already a joke

OP btfo hahahahahahahahahahaha
How would an /m/ and /r9k/ combination go anyway?

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>tfw you bounce up and down on your bed like you're riding anons hard cock and your boy clit bounces up and down like the useless thing it is
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>tfw you think the OP's fetish is a cancerous form of pederasty which irreversibly corrupts lonely fifteen year olds and you sage his thread

Have fun turning thirty.
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I almost got hard then I remembered OP is most likely some fat, greasy NEET and I felt disgusted with this post and myself.
whenever someone posts shit like OP's with an anime/manga picture I immediately think this.

on the other hand, picless lewd posts get me going.

Robots. How do i talk to guys?
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Step 1: just b urself
Step 2: DONT b someone else
Just /B/ urself

XD get it z
>XD get it

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There are problems with my gummy oasis fruits.
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>tfw haven't had gummy candy in forever
>am poorfag so everytime I think about getting a bag I tell myself "thats like a gallon of gas right there famalam"
What seems to be the problem?
do you buy gummy candies every day op?
holy fuck gummyon

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assignée garçon.jpg
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Tranny SJW, who would fuck him/her ?
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I would fuck the shit out of that mouth.
Wouldnt touch it with a 39 1/2 foot pole
i honestly dont think id be desperate enough to fuck a dude.

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I'm depressed and only your best pepe can save me
Please help
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old but the best
Pepe hoe-down incoming
File: 3464346346.jpg (36KB, 583x583px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thanks anon but it wont be enough to save me

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So I recently found out my mum has skin cancer. it's one of the "mildest kinds" according to her, but it's hard for me to find that comforting. This was almost a month ago.

I don't live in the same town as my parents so I don't see her as oten as I should, I guess. she told me about her condition last time I visited.

seriosuly how am I supposed to cope with this? I didn't even have a proper reaction to use when she told me. am I supposed to just pretend that everything is as it used to be? I have a brother that still live at home with her, but we hardly ever talk besides when I visit.
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I have never heard of anyone dying from skin cancer. Its not a big deal at all. I have had 3 relatives with it and they are just fine decades later.
wait really? am I being retarded or seomething? I only know 2 people whom had skind cancer; one being my mum, the other one being a friend of my brother who died.

I love you m88 this made my night desu
My great grandpa got skin cancer at like 90 and they removed some skin and he was fine. Also, my neighbor in her 40s got it and also was fine. She will be ok as long as it hasn't spread anywhere else most likely

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