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anyone have tips for calming anticipatory social anxiety?

I'm seeing my old friends that I haven't seen in ages later tonight and my whole body is violently shaking, feel like throwing up and voiding my bowels
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listen to death grips nice and loud until you're so amped up that it ain't even nothing
Alcohol works great but don't drink too quickly. You don't want to be drunk but, rather, to maintain a mild buzz. In fact I've found alcohol to work better than anything that's ever been prescribed to me.

This doesn't always work though so you may wind up just having to grit your teeth through it.
Drink a cup of black coffee. It always help me. Turns me into superman

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Thursday night /drinking/
The last true drunk on r9k edition
The party never ends lads.
What are you drinking tonight?
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It never ever stops mangos.
vodka mixed with cola for me today, ooooooh man its taking me over

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why isnt weed legal in my state yet? Its not going fast enough. im so happy when i smoke and actually sleep good and shit it feels so healthy like my body is so much healthier and shit. i mean i can already find it i just want it to be legal to grow.

i feel actually optimistic on it
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What state do you live in? I'm on Day 4 of quitting an 8 year daily weed habit. I still have some, too, I'm just trying to make it at least a week without it. I've thrown up a couple times and have trouble eating and sleeping but I hate feeling like a slave to the herbal jew.
Good luck on getting it in your state though, anon. My advice is not to wake & bake every single day, tempting as it is. Save it as a reward for yourself and don't stay high all day every day, it will lose its magic unless you have a lot of money to buy lots of good weed or are skilled at growing high quality bud yourself
I don't know anon, my state was the first to implement the medical mmj system in '96 and 20 damn years passed before we got legal cannabis so I guess just wait your turn
no being high all day is exactly what i want and ive been growing for years. i just need the budget and good lights or climate

fuck yourself retard

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How's it like to be attractive?
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Everyone is automatically a lot nicer to you and have a lot more patience with you. I'm around a 7/10 and I have a friend who's about a 3/10. People treat him like straight trash instantly when he has a great personality, is really funny, and is an awesome dude. They treat me really kindly and I'm unironically an asshole.

Also girls look at you the same way that you look at girls.
im myself a 6/10

You explained it well
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When you use "how" you don't include "like". Fucking goddammit; this is the one thing that Germans do that pisses me off more than anything. Fuck.
>What is it like to be attractive?
>How is to to be attractive?
Both of those would be fine. A combination of those is not. Arhfjghdkjh

Can I still be a robot if I'm married and expecting a baby boy soon?
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What if I'm empty inside

No, you're a normalfag. May I direct you to reddit or maybe funnyjunk?

Is it bad I want my parents to die as soon as possible so I can inherit their stuff (including house) to live a comfy NEET lifestyle the rest of my life?
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same. if my dad died i'd be a millionaire
Sometimes the thought crosses my mind, but I know it's evil and push it aside. I'm not in a place to judge you lol, deep down we're probably just not good people. But we can at least try.
Yeah anon that's a pretty bad thing

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>$9.95 for 25 nuggets at McDonalds atm
>McDonalds is 40 minute walk
>Just kidding I have a car so its fine

Ever since I got a car my weight and wallet has been hit hard. Cars are a robots enemy.
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I became a vegan 2 weeks for health reasons, not political.

Ive lost 10lbs and i have less than half the appetite I used to. Beans and rice are VERY filling carbs
3 eggs, sirracha, whole grain toast, peanut butter
Rice chips
Potato salad, dinner roll, deli ham, veggies, ham/cheese dip
car? get the fuck out of here normie.

NEETs dont' have cars.

> cause they have no hwere to go

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So I just found out as a single father my kid isn't actually mine and for the last 6 years I pretty much raised him, took him to school, ball game, vacations. The fact that I've wasted all of my resources and love on another man's offspring is gut wrenching. How do I completely remove myself from his life without getting legally fucked? His whore of a mother died so he'll have to go in to a care home
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keep it and treat it with love so later it doesn't track you down and violently beat the shit out of you like i did with my dad.
Has all your love for him disappeared?
He may not share the same blood, but he is your son. Your ultimate challenge as his guardian will be overcoming this.

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hi i am very lonely and have been ever since the only person ive loved died
someone please send help
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well ok i guess
don't be a animu fag and replies will come flooding
did you kill that person

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Why aren't you a pedophile yet? Do you not want to be happy?
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How does being a pedophile make me happy when all I want is a suger momma.
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Why would being a pedophile make me happy when i want a older gf that is also taller and dominant.
I am already a pedophile and I'm not happy

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Post some of history's most wretched individuals. And I don't just mean like serial killers, I mean like exposed compulsive liars, sociopaths and all around terrible people. Think real life versions of Cartman or Azuela

Let's increase our collective self esteems by posting about people who are more fucked up than us. Or on the other hand, if you think you are one of the worst people ever explain why.
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Why don't you go first to give us an example?
>exposed compulsive liars, sociopaths and all around terrible people
inb4 Donald Trump
Haha faggot gas yourself.

Joseph Stalin.

Killed 100 mil

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Whats the steps for dealing with fully realized rational suicidal depression that meds won't fix because it's based on the 100% guaranteed fact that humanity will not survive and does not deserve to survive under ANY moral system.
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>guaranteed fact that humanity will not survive and does not deserve to survive under ANY moral system.

If that is true than what is the point of being depressed? If anything you should feel happy and liberated.
I'm part of humanity you fucktard.
Killing you are self

Ive been there OP, if the meds don't help you'll likely be stuck in the throes of that numb despair for the rest of your wretched life

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I'll let you decide r9k. Should i destroy my relationship with this woman i know?

she talks to me twice a month. and she can't hold a conversation, she is autistic as shit. And i am just fed up with her not seeming to like me.

And at this point i'd rather purposely ruin this shitty relationship.

I just can't help but feel sad because i am just so obsessed with her, but she just treats me like i am the last on the list of her priorities.

plus i have a lot of baggage with her because of stuff she did to me decades ago that i won't go into, but its basically why i'm a wizard instead of a chad.

Like she has a chad brother that i know i would have turned out like if it weren't for her.

And the worst thing is i've just hated her for so long, but once she talks to me. I'm back to madly in love with her.

Like if i'm being honest. i've liked her less and less in the last few months. her seeming ability to stay away from talking to me about anything i want just frustrates me.

The only reason i am having 2nd thoughts is because there is no going back for me, and although i did enjoy her. I'd rather stop this whole leading me around bullshit
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I don't understand why "destroying" and "ruining" the relationship is necessary. Just stop talking to her.
Even if you end your relationship you will still be a pathetic faggot who got emotionally destroyed by a roastie whore.If you want to retain the only ounce of honor you have left then breaking up would be good.
I won't do that. that is just too painful for me.

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Just wanted to share this mega turd that just came out of me.
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>mega turd
>width of a micro penis
Eat more fiber OP. Come back when you take a REAL shit...

My toilet is actually three times wider than a normal toilet
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Is that because your are 3 times wider than a normal robot

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>act like a huge piece of shit to my mom
>she texts me saying she loves me and i shouldnt be so hard on myself
just fucking hate me already so I can kill myself
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Thanks for reminding me of this gay band OP.
Sorry m8 but your mom will probably always love you.... stop being a faggot go give her a hug and take her out to eat
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>Mom is a pretentious control freak who has stolen thousands from me and kicked me out at 18 for calling her out on her hypocrisy
>Still tell her I love her and try to make her proud even though she never answers my calls or texts and has told my siblings to ignore me.

Why can't I just have a cold heart like I want? What will it take for me to stop feeling compassion all together?

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