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I want to dedicate my life to the cause of antinatalism. Wat do?
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We need to find a way to help stop the breeders. Some kind of charity of 'activism'
kill many
Do like Schoppy and don't reproduce, it's that easy

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I have to pass a drug test in 8 days and I HAVE to smoke weed tonight.

What can I do?
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Do some cardio a couple of times before your test (some jogging or just go for brisk walks) and drink plenty of water. Eat fruit and veggies with your meals
Also avoid fatty foods or oils. This will speed up blood flow and new blood creation
Niacin, it will help flush your system, also sweat a lot and do cardio, thc is stored in fat.

Ultimately it's a risk since thc can stay in system for months even.

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>abused in childhood
>now 6'6" top 1 percent wealth ivy league educated valedictorian
>don't trust anyone/incredibly "cold"
>turned down girl I liked because she wasn't tall enough (short children, didn't say this obviously)
>live in a normal house, all money is for children not me
>old HS friend messages me if I want to meet up
>see him and his gf/kids (teen mother)
>absolute degenerates but they were truly happy
>get home
>realize my life is a complete fucking joke
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Hey dude give me some of your money since you don't enjoy having it. I just bought a house and I want to decorate a little.
I don't enjoy having it, but it gives me security knowing i can handle issues just by paying out my ass.
You'd probably feel better if you donated a generous $100,000 to me. I need a new couch to fit in my living room.

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Can any of you robots lucid dream? What's it like? I feel like it's the only way I can get a girl to touch me
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Closest thing I've gotten to sex in a very long time. Lucid dreaming is the real deal; exactly as anyone would describe it to you. There are many ways to obtain this property of consciousness, and plenty of guides as well.

When you lucid dream for the first time look into a mirror. When you wake up don't tell anyone what you saw. Ok?
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imagine a place, write a story, tell it to yourself as you go to sleep, you will get tired when you think of the perfect place, in your dream, you will awake there, fully aware and lucid. good luck
But i fall asleep imagining my crush every night and she's never in my dreams.

Are you guys really satisfied with an online relationship? I mean I want a gf or bf too but I actually want to be able to hold them and be able to do stuff together, not just erp it up. I NEED PHYSICALITY.
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I just met my 2 year long online gf 2 days ago.

It was literally the best day of my life.
It was exactly like our Skype convos and it was so comfy and also very lewd.
Same. LDR isn't real unless you regularly meet in person. Online is just a fantasy.
Props to you but I wouldn't be able to handle "dating" to see eachother a week every 2 years. That shit sucks.

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What is your biggest sin?
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Once believing in human exceptionalism.

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>tfw you realize globalists are trying to make us as uncomfy as possible
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>tfw you realize you're a cuck

C'mon OP
No they're trying to make us comfy and sedentary so we wouldn't dare revolt or give a damn about what they do. Read Brave New World and Society of the Spectacle.
you have to admit that
watching plebes get fired up
over slavedriver shat spooks
always killing across or down
but never up
is an endlessly amusing jest
i would play along just as well
if i were a moneymaster

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My Parents are making me see some shrink because they think im depressed.

How should I play it? I dont want to be medicated or reveal how fucked up I am mentally
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Lie your ass off.
Tell the good doctor about how your parents beat you
and bully you emotionally

Tell him the complete truth.

Show him 4chan and r9k.

You'll be on neet bux for mental issues in no time.
Do anti depressant work??

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I'm not sympathizing with isis, but don't they just want to rid the world of evil degeneracy such as pedophile rings and immorality?
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But they *are* pedophile rings, among other unpleasant stuff
Do not be fooled by their propaganda, they're just as rotten and degenerate as their enemies
>pedophile rings

that's what they say but they just want power, free shit and kafir pussy

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why is "who's theme" by nujabes so fucking alluring
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bump you fiucking cunts surely someone else is hyponotised
AAAAAAAHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhfeoifnoi; oiu3hoi3o
Hope you're still in this thread.
I love nujabes, and who's theme makes me think of happier times. Good taste, OP.

What happens when we die? Is it truly just eternal darkness? Is our life just a triple helix spiraling into an abyss of darkness?
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you've not existed for most of the universe' life, like when the planet came together and when the pyramids were built. I dont remember it being bad, and you probably dont either. thats what we're probably going back to
Spirit mindlessly follows what it knows best, probably back down to earth.
Just dreamless sleep forever

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The only way I can get turned on is if I'm imagining being a girl. I'm not transsexual or gay - I don't feel any attraction towards men, and in my day-to-day life I'm pretty happy being male. But the only way I can get off is if I imagine myself being a girl doing really feminine things. Not necessarily sex, although that is a component, but basically just BEING a girl is what appeals to me. I roleplay with people online pretending to be a girl sometimes to satisfy this urge (although the guy I've been talking to recently has been really shitty at replying lately, and I don't really have anyone else to message) and I read a lot of stories about this online - mostly being forced to become a girl through magic or hormones or whatever bullshit. Even when I'm jacking off to a picture of some girl, I'm not imagining fucking her, I'm imagining being fucked AS her. Am I the only one like this?
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Done that like twice both times when I was really drunk, think it was a phase for me desu
Done what twice?
Also I don't think it's a phase, I've been like this for almost a decade now. First time I jacked off as a kid was about the same thing, I remember it pretty vividly. I don't have any issues being like this, I'm just wondering if anyone else is like me

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>You will never experience this.
This hurts so much.
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Is that a baby shower chair?
ass licking is disgusting to be honesto.
not my thing.
That's right because I'm a loser that no woman wants to fuck

I'd be better off killing myself if I wasn't such a miserable coward

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Well, she didn't say no.
Let's be as obscene as possible.
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She wants to fuck. Invite her out for a beer you doofus. Also post a picture of your profile
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Also, Johanna might be on to something.
What if i told ya I'm using a fake profile just to give random chicks the illusion they're cheating with some random chad?
My goal was to get some random pussy pics via Snapchat but Idk I don't want to catfish the shot outta them.

>gaypost with cute pictures
>die a little each time because i'm 29 and way older than the homos here
kill me please
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Can you please not grandpa

I'm 19 and my target bf demographic is 18-23 year olds
if you can't accept your inevitable manliness, then you are a tranny and should've transitioned.
>if you can't accept your inevitable manliness, then you are a tranny and should've transitioned.
or, you know, he could just be a fag

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