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Come on! I cashed in some GBP to make some tendies! But I need your help.

We need to gather different ingredients and we can fry these in the kitchen.

Don't mess this up!
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Some flour? Don't mind the clumps. I think they were always there.
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I brought dis. Mommy says you need this for delicious tendies

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Ask me whatever. I'll be here for an hour max. To know it's me who's replying, I'll link to legit answers in this imgur album description:


I'll give you the first Q/A:

>How long did it take?

4 years. I'm calling my starting point to be when I first started actually changing my life via actions, and the ending point is when I finally lost my virginity.
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Firstly, once a robot, forever a robot.

What are your stats?

>how many friends?
>how close are you to your friends?
>do you lift?
>do you fap?

Maybe you can think of more.

One more question. What exactly was the turning point? What led up to it? How did you force yourself against the gradient?
>Firstly, once a robot, forever a robot.
Sadly, yes. BUT you can still make changes

>What are your stats?
>how many friends?
hard question - there are about 15 different people I'd be willing to do something with just us 2. probably triple that equals my normal group of acquaintances outside of work
>how close are you to your friends?
not very, unfortunately. a major downside of changing your life is losing touch with your old friends, and making friends with people you don't really share a common thread with. that being said, i do do a lot of stuff with these friends.
>do you lift?
>do you fap?
2-5 times a week
~100k in 2016
>Maybe you can think of more.
still here another 30 mins or so
>One more question. What exactly was the turning point? What led up to it? How did you force yourself against the gradient?
had my first taste of independent life via a semester abroad. loved it. also realized i was terribly unprepared for the real world. had months of miserable self-introspection.
motivated me to change everything about myself. i forced myself to change by ignoring all my inner sensibilities and throwing caution to the wind multiple times a week, for years. just took every opportunity i had to do different things, even if i didnt want to. i was uncomfortable most of the time for those 4 years.
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>I will do retarded reddit shit instead of just using a tripcode

checks out

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Why not just get a retarded gf, anon?
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Do retarded girls know how to have sex?
If this thread gets 300 unique posters, population density says that there should be only one retarded girl.
You see those dubs? Start reporting in

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A girl just spoke to me today for no real reason at all to say my little brother is a step up from me.
I don't understand what I've done to earn her disgust. It's about two hours later but just now thinking about it makes my eyes water. Hold me, robots
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you do realize most girls are morons who spend their existence in a haze and don't ever really think about stuff, right? once you realize this, all their insults become meaningless.
It means your little brother learned from the mistakes you made. Congrats anon, you helped develop a true man.
Don't think about it. Women like to pit men against each other for entertainment.

You should compare her to a hotter friend and watch her melt down.

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>be 18
>last year of school
>somehow get in a group of friends that are freshman/sophmores
>meet women that are not my age
>somehow a few of the 15 yr olds like me
>know enough that i don't go with them
>i am cucked by age
>i will never meet a good woman my age
>might as well end it

Why the fuck does life do this to me?
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More like why do you do it to yourself? Is a 3 year gap so significant in your eyes that you have to willingly stop yourself from pursuing a nice relationship or even a quick pump and dump? How about you get over yourself pal
3 year age gap isnt that big a deal especially if you're on the verge of robotics. Just go for it faggot
Dude, i am 18 if i do a quick pump and dump or have a realationship that could lead to a pump then i will only end up screwing myself. I am considered an adult.

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Superior black race wins again
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>Muh bbc
this board is the same thing every day
>muh white dick fugg chink pussi
>muh bbc u mad whiteboi
>cuck cukc uckc ckuc
>why don't girls like me
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I discovered this image and couldn't resist to create this thread.

>be me
>be 22
>Started dating bf 6 months ago
>Used to send nudes to a mutual friend before we started dating
>Last night he asks for pics and I just send him a couple shots of me in my underwear
Would my boyfriend really be mad if he found out?
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depneds; are you a girl (female) or a girl (male)?
He certainly would
If your bf had a friend who sent him pics in her underwear how would you feel?

happy st. elliot's day!
rejoice on the eve of our lord's great sacrifice.
join the rabbit and
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origami masen.
could it be, that he was, quite possibly
/are guy/?
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wrong... he was most definitely
o u r g u y! ! !

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daily reminder that I, Eduardo, am a cute boy and deserve a cute bf asap t b h f a m
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show nudes

I post nudes all the time where have you been

yes im
maybe when you do im just not there to see.

and idc if you're fat.

id probably prefer chubby bf over skele

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How would /r9k/ do when society ends?
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Rolling rolling rolling orginarolino.
>when society ends?
It never really ends. Even molluscs have social interactions and they pre-date trees themselves. It only gets shittier and less comfy.

Probably we'll end up slaves mostly. Some sort of military force will come in and conscript able bodied men who they believe they can trust enough to be in the slave army, but the rest of us will be industrial and agricultural slaves. Or we'll be shot, or hanged or left to starve and evicted from whatever shelter we have for being so useless. But the vast majority of us will be enslaved in one way or an other. Probably not even with shackles either. Probably just a single pair of cloths, a tattoo on the forehead or neck, and we'll be shuttled off to a guarded strip mine or a farm or a lumber mill or a quarry or a shipyard or a factory or a steel mill, ect.
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Depressed Cat.jpg
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you make me sad anon

>You have been muted for 8 seconds, because your comment was not original.

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Do you think you will leave this board once you have a gf?

I think I would (even though I'll still be depressed as fuck).
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I'd leave this board w/o a gf. You're like /pol/ in denial.
nah man

its not this site thats holding you down
its your mentality

How I see it is, if you want something then go get it.

This isn't fucking hollywood where the girl next door secretly loves you and yall get married or you run into some beautiful girl and knock her shit down and pick it all up and shes all glossy eyed smiling and shy

women are just like men, they want dick just as much as we want pussy. Look around when you go out in a public space. Look at the men with a wife. I work at a department store and see married couples all fucking day. What makes you/me any different from them? Ive seen fat sacks of shit with wives, but see their wives are fat. Start off within your bracket. If you feel you're a fucking 0, then dont go for a stacy.

Rejection sucks, I try to practice what I preach but listen, its nothing. You move on. Go to a bar if youre old enough. If you have atleast one friend, go out to a bar, dress pretty nice, not like crazy nice, just wash your face, dont look like you left a anime convention with a game t shirt on or some shit. A polo, jeans, sperrys or some normie shit will suffice

Get drunk and see what happens. Alcohol is liquid courage man, you will do shit that you would never do sober, but it could get you laid, or a gf but never trust a woman you meet at a bar

tl;dr if you want something, go and get it. Fuck everybody and everything
I never came to this board because I was an incel. I came because it's a good general discussion board with a slower pace than /b/, less bullshit, and an archive.

That being said if I got a gf I wouldn't leave, but I wouldn't post in ">tfwnogf" threads or trumpet my success like some megafags that I've seen.
>implying sticking your dick in a wet hole after investing large amounts of time, money, and energy will change your life

Why does noone bother talking about depression in men.
When I try to open up to people they'll always give me a funny look or even make fun of me when I tell them that I depressed.
How the fuck should I get help when noone bothers to help?
Also depression general
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Become an alcoholic, like every depressed man does.
It's because you're a pussy.
Men don't complain
Boys complain
You're acting like a child
Weed will kill you slower

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>Oneitis calls me creepy for asking her if she's going to a local con
>Has a brother who's in jail for trying to get with a 13 year old and having CP on his computer (including toddler porn) and she probably still unironically thinks he dindu nuffin
Why are roasties such hypocrite bitches?
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Drop her and move on.
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Lel, she blocked me on FB last month for trying to join voice chat on her Discord (obviously not before I found the proof of her being a lying gook bitch, pic related to OP pic)
stop using terms like "oneitis" like ur a lil millenial shit and grow up. you deserve these bad circumstances

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>live rent free in return for manual labor on farm
>screamed at and abused daily by roommates
>landlord tells us we have to start paying rent
>no money because i was counting on not having to pay rent and was not getting paid for my work

I have nowhere to go. What should my course of action be?
I am thinking:
>buy shitty camper trailer
>take my stuff
>go really far away up north where an acre of land is 20k
>save up money living frugally in trailer
>buy land
>build house

I get $700 a month in disability money. thoughts?
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Join the military

Yes go live in your cuckwagon out in the woods.
I'm in the same boat anon, about to get kicked out but nowhere to go. I quit my job trusting my parents saying they were getting a plane ticket for me to fly home. I'm scared to look at my bank account, I've got maybe 250-280 dollars. I'm not in college anymore so I'm supposed to start paying back student loan.

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When did you throw off the shackles of 3D pig disgusting whores and embrace the purity that is 2D?
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what's the point of idolizing 2d over 3d if you're drawings are shaded, use illusions of volume, and depict something close to 3d women?
The point isn't about getting as close to literal two-dimensional women as possible, the point is that they're artificial, so they can have as much or as little of the traits we like or dislike as we want.
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implying thicc 2d isn't where its at

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