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>tfw you realise you hate all of your "friends"
Fuck people.
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What makes you hate your friends anon?
the real question is...do you hate yourself? If so then figure out why and adapt.
A lot of them are just bullshit posturers, they also don't listen and talk shit for absolutely no reason. They don't talk shit to me necessarily because they know it doesn't get to me and I ignore them but one friend in particular picks on the weakest friend in the group. It's fucking disgusting.
I also just played a game of CS Go with a friend, he said he had to go soon, but he would stay in the game because what he was doing wasn't urgent so he promised he would stay in the game and not leave. Then out of nowhere he just disappears, no goodbye, nothing. So not only did he break his promise to me and fuck me over, he fucked the team over. Everyone was annoyed. This isn't an isolated incident either it's typical of him to do this shit.

Not really, I used to when I was a teen but I've learned to accept myself.
I now just hate most other people.

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I like to piss into my shirts and towels because I don't want to get up to use the bathroom. It started when I got a uti a few times, this is how I would solve the burning and constantly needing to pee. Now I just like pissing into my clothes or towels. It is pretty great to sit there and watch a movie or play games and do this. Is that too weird? Would someone still want to be with me knowing this? Anyone else do something similar?
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That is weird to me. But I wear diapers for similar reasons. I'm lazy and have poor bladder control but would rather contain the piss.
Currently going through my second item of the day I piss into. The other one is on the floor. I wash them both and dry them and repeat everyday. I don't think I could ever give this up.
I thought about getting diapers but I am just not that into it. How often do you wear them?

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doggo saddo.jpg
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Can I pay a qt femanon to be my friend? I just want to have friend who's a grill, I won't be lewd I promise.
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can you show dick first then?
i need friends too, you wont have to pay me
I'll totes be your friend. I'm a fembot. Add me. Killua#7218

>can't stop thinking about big tits

What kind of areolas you guys like? I love big darker ones. The bigger the areola the better. Post your favorite if you got a pic. Also share experiences, coworkers, classmates, family, etc.
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can you keep posting big areolas?
Those niggles are disgusting
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nina doll.jpg
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crash. mommy made pancakes

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Hey femanon, wanna have a sleepover?
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>can't decide between them

I'll just take them all
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>Ywn get triple teamed by huge chads
far left is the objective best you stupid faggot

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>may all robots be happy
>may all robots be healthy
>may all robots be free from suffering

How goes your day, /r9k/? I got an x-ray on my foot today and picked up a book while I was out. I also bought some mead which I thought was cool, so I'm gonna enjoy that later tonight.
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went to the bottle store when it opened at 10am and now it's 3pm and i'm piss drunk
good day overall
Make sure to drink a lot of water to avoid that hangover, anon!
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im p fuckin crossfaded, hanging out with my dog.

he's super old

good dog tho

dogs are so innocent, and i love them so much.

may all robots by happy healthy and free from suffering

Let's play a game, /r9k/.
1. Go to http://rateyourmusic.com/charts/top/album/all-time
2. Roll in this thread for a number
3. The last two numbers of your post number will determine which album you listen to (explained in 4)
4. If you roll 01, you'll listen to album #1 (OK Computer). If you roll 14, you'll listen to album #14 (Paranoid). If you roll 00, you'll listen to album #100 (Everybody Knows this is Nowhere)
5. Enjoy listening to the album
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Rollerino origino

/totally original post

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Be honest does this make you hard?
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yes I love seeing hard cocks shooting hot sticky cum loads
I find it kind of mesmerizing to say the least.

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>go to gas station this evening
>get my giant polar pop full of blue powerade and a 7/11 hotdog for $2.50 with tax
>go to the lottery machine
>buy one 2$ card
>win nothing
>buy another 2$ card
>win $3
>eating my hotdog on the table near the lottery machine
>bald nigger girl who looks like a man comes up to me
>"excuse me sir im 20 but i forgot my card can you-"
>say "im not gonna buy you tobacco"
>she says "i have the money you just have to buy it"
>say "not my problem"
>she yells "ok you dont have to be a lil bitch about it"
>she walks out of the store yelling "lil ugly ass nigga"
>i say "have a great day" (should have said evening) while laughing

Did i handle this like an autistic? I used to dread these conversations and when any social confrontation would happen I would think over it for hours and feel shit, but I think I pulled my only conversation besides buying stuff today well
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You BTFO that roastie, good job OP. Be proud, and keep beating out the normies.
Thanks, the ugly part kind of hurt my feelings because I didn't shower this morning as I did last night, and I'm working on improving my appearance, but I think I did the right thing by not saying nothing or trying to compensate by yelling back
Sounds like you handled the situation well to me. I don't suggest gambling, but you didn't lose much. Sounds like you had a nice snack, and didn't have any trouble with that scumbucket by maintaining your cool.

Come be cool with me, cool dude.


Memes aside, why does the average person have a real hate for people who aren't 60+ that don't work or go to school?

I mean, it's a real passionate kind of hatred, not like "Oh I hate you", it's like it really hits home for them and they cannot comprehend it at all.

I mean people literally hate NEETS more than they hate ISIS.
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pure, unadultered, jealousy
>it's like it really hits home for them and they cannot comprehend it at all.

I realised this makes no sense, but you get what i mean.

NEETs are treated like lepers or some shit.
I don't fully hate neets, more so of a pity. Put aside all the wagecuck memes, it's really sad how many people have just given up on a shit life and instead of trying to improve it just give up and rot.

Everybody's looking at you and they know.
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bumping your thread pink eye
know what?

My deadeyes are a giveaway

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Tell me the story about your first true love

I know you're fucking pathetic and haven't forgotten it
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3 years and I'm still chasing her
inb4 underage, i was a late bloomer okay
I'm 99% sure my first true love was Crash Team Racing
>be 15
>end of year at school
>friends sister crying cause her favorite teacher is leaving
>realise I hate seeing her cry
>next year, I finally get up the balls to ask her to the school dance
>get my friend to play my favorite pink floyd song for us to dance to
>we don't kiss but I don't care
>I hang out with her in school but she lives far away and I have no car so we don't hang out outside school
>she claims we are dating but we aremt
>I delude myself into thinking we will marry some day
>Valentine's day dance comes, we go together
>halfway through my mother, who works at the school, shows up to do some shit
>then a teacher walks in on us alone and gives us this look
>I lost my nerve
>don't kiss her
>a month later she dumps me
>I cry through the entire night
>feel like crying the next day even though I'm out with family
>feel nothing but pure self hate rage and an aching feeling in my chest
>cut my wrists and my friends get mad at me
>I spend the next 1 year miserable over her
>then she gets a new bf
>I drop out of high school
>about a month later I am talking to a friend on gChat
>he copypastes half his chat with her bf (who was also my friend)
>graphic descriptions of them fucking and taking her virginity
>suddenly I get hugely erect
>go into bathroom (it was my grandpa's bathroom cause I was at his house when I read this) and cap
>blow a huge load after about 10 seconds
>suddenly I realize I am over her
>start masturbating to her fb pics (I didn't even masurbate thinking about fucking her when we were ""together"")
>finally start listening to the song again, that we had danced to and I had refused to listen to after we broke up

Don't have feelings for her anymore, but that aching density in my chest is still there, I don't even know how to describe it. I'm a 23 yo kv now.

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>Hey Lois, remember that time I posted on r9k?
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this is a better thread than any other thread currently active on /r9k/
>he downloads all of the frogs
>he posts a lot of frogs
>he starts going REEEE in real life (cartoon life)
>he goes on a shooting spree and kills just Meg
He was such a jackass but i still love him

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>known a girl for a while
>been DMing her on Instagram lately
>she messages me
>"what did you do today???"
> right after days "jk I don't actually care"
>if she didn't care why didn't she just remove the message
>she's never really shown hate towards me
>never been so fucking confused in my life
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you are being strung along because she likes the attention

just remove her and go on with your life desu

>still trying with women
>still looking for answers
>still surprised that you're confused
This here is the right answer. Saying "jk I don't care" is blatant disrespect. You just make her feel good and wanted. Cut that bitch off and never speak to her again.

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why are normies so polarized now? its happened with going to the gym, people listening to rap - anything. they find something most people do and then make it their entire identity.
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it's just an extent of the depressed modern world.
today's culture has eliminated so many identifiers people once held dearly. national pride is now considered racist, religion is seen as outdated, the family is slowly falling apart, and even the economy fails to give people the necessary participation in the world. a lack of participation is probably the best way to summarize it. with the globalization of the world, one's impact on a community seems entirely negligible. no longer can someone take pride in the fact that they are a member of their society--they don't create an effect as obvious as someone would in a small community ~5- years ago.
so, they create new communities. they identify with hobbies and interests rather than interactions. they try to talk to their gymbros or whatever to make up for that lack of community. we even do it on 4chan.
I bet you like to jerk off into your own mouth
thats just your perception from a very surface level. I'm sure they look at r9k and go "lol all robots hate women and hate themselves, thats the identity theyve chosen."

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