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Is this guy really cucking his own country?
What is his endgame?
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He wants to create a melting pot to spite his Japanese heritage. Also to distract all the chads so he can get into some Stacy puss puss.
He just wants to help gaijin achieve their dream of living in Japan
This guy is making money off beta white males because he knows why most of these bottom of the barrel guy go to Japan or Asia for that matter, in other words guys like that are basically his cash cow.

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Why is liking teenage girls considered 'pedophilia'?
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To keep men away from them, plain and simple. Being attracted to teens is 100% normal but society has decided that they don't like it so they use pedophile as a detractor. It's a powerful label that brings with it disgust. It's just a way to keep you in check and keep the pool of men concentrated on older men.
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It's hebophelia actually and I could really use a non sexual sugar daddy like you people right about now
>non sexual
>sugar daddy
hahaha fuck off faggot

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Is porn Jewish or anti-Jew?

On one hand:
>sexually degenerate
>makes men docile and fatigued
>more likely to stay at home and gap than go find a wife and have babies and propagate

On the other hand:
>gives men autonomy over their own sexual release
>men can satisfy themselves sexually without being forced to bow over to a woman and kiss her ass and spend shitloads of money on her
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Look who owns the porn industry. Jews. That is all you need to know.
Please don't make me fap. I get triggered very easily.
every time you bust a nut, a Jew gets his cut.

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How we holding up? What's new? Younger anons *about 4 years younger* may post on this thread. Share your current life situation with us.
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I do not have friends
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>have degree
>no job
>no gf
>live in parent's basement
>somewhat lazy and very unmotivated
My first day at my new job and I already miss being a NEET. I wonder how long I will hold this job for but I'm not betting on lasting the year. I was lucky to get a job like this though and I doubt I will ever get another opportunity like this. But at the same time I don't want my NEETlife to end. Becoming a NEET in my mid 20s was the happiest time of my life since my dad died. First time since his death I was able to feel truly content.

But fuckin reality and shit, need money just to fuckin exist. Fuck.

Let's see what bites.
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Gonna be a tough facade
Tinder is proven hypergamy tool though, you're SOL if you're not top 20%. Better to find a girl that wants monogamy and a family and put some babies in her.
It's like the thing with the three types of lizards
Your second sentence is really weird. "My personality is serviceable at best, but I'm sure the odds are that yours isn't much better."

Parallel structure

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I've been offered a job which I is great because I've wanted one for a long time now.
It's very easy work and pays well.

The problem is I'm getting serious anxiety from this whole ordeal.
They are sending me off to do 3 courses, none of which are complicated and only go for a couple of hours each.
Not only that but the guy who I'll be working with says he wants to have coffee with me first.
They've already given me the job so it's not an interview which makes it even worse because it's more of a "get to know each other" thing.

In addition, having a job is going to radically change my day to day routine which terrifies me.
I'm such a fucking loser. This anxiety really makes me want to end my life. I don't know how to function in normalfag society.
It's been a while since my suicidal feelings were this strong. Ironic since this is the first good thing to happen to me in years.
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drugs, you'll be getting wage slave money soon
what kind of job is it? sounds like it is half decent.
>Not only that but the guy who I'll be working with says he wants to have coffee with me first.
Bro, this is a great opportunity to make a work friend, he sounds like a cool guy who'll help you assimilate into the work environment. Just be casual, ask him what it's like, his hobbies, and dreams/goals etc.

>I don't know how to function in normalfag society.
This job will make you function. You already have the support of the guy you'll be working with; the fact that "
It's very easy work and pays well" means you'll love your job and be able to fund a comfy personal lifestyle.

Just don't sperg out; if you talk about yourself, share normie behaviors e.g. what you read or watch, at most what you play (not to your boss, but maybe coworkers). I believe in you OP, you're in a way better position than most of us, now you can find a way into an even better life :)

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Are you dumb? I think im pretty dumb.
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hello pretty dumb I'm kinda dumb
ooo are we long lost siblings
You're probably not. People on average prefer making their peers feel dumber than they are rather than smarter, so it follows that if everyone is exerting this effect on everyone else, everyone who is influenced by their peers will feel dumber than everyone else.

This is assuming that you give a fuck about how others evaluate you, of course, which is neither here nor there regarding its validity imo because people are spiteful pieces of shit.
I've smoked weed since I was 15, daily since I was 19 and now I'm 21. I've fried so many brain cells I can barely fucking do basic math, if you think you're stupid you haven't met me.

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Someone give me the red-pill on diet/zero calorie sodas.
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They're far better than regular sodas, but still not as good as plain water or even skim milk. The artificial sweeteners can spike insulin (though nowhere near the extent that normal sodas do), and the acidity can harm your teeth.

That said, switching to zero cal drinks can do wonders for you if your soda intake is higher than one can per day. After making the switch, consider trying things like zero cal green tea and zero cal drink mixes that come in little powder packets. Add a teeny bit of powder to each glass of water to give it a light, fruity flavor.

Remember, fatbot: the fastest way to obesity is to drink your calories.
they are OK but I've heard they're just as bad as regular soda you'd be better off with regular trying to ween myself off both types

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>tfw no innocent gf
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Those don't exist anymore
it gets annoying after a while
doesn't she have a pierced cunt?

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>be me
>an aspiring musician
>get house in the middle of butt fuck no where to be left alone
>one day wake up to find a brand new bright orange house next door with new neighbor already inside
>neighbor is the most annoying fuck you can think of
>full on, complete, and total tard
>he is friends with what I can only assume is a hobo who also lives out here in a shelter he built for himself out of what ever shit he could find
>he has this annoying as fuck pet who always leaves this weird sticky trail where ever it goes and it always fucking has to walk on my lawn
>work as your standard sad fast food worker
>only one other worker here, and of course, it has to be that tard who lives next to me.
>he may be annoying as fuck but he is one hell of a chef
>my boss is the greediest fuck you can imagine
>he only ever hires 2 employees at a time to save on money
>everything here is expensive as fuck for what it is
>the weirdest thing how ever
>is right across the street, there's another fast food place
>the owner is the only worker and lives in it
>he is banned from the restaurant
>everyday we catch him trying to steal one of our burgers or something else
>and as such were forced to work on sundays to make sure he doesn't try shit
>boss refuses to call the cops for some reason
>this is my fucking life
>and I can't be happy when getting off work because I have to walk home right next to this yellow fuck who even when he goes inside you can still hear his fucking laugh for miles
>and when ever he gets the chance to he will insult my music

still, this little guy can really cheer you up when you need it.
just making it through life right now.

one tentacle at a time.
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The Krusty Krab doesn't look that busy, it might be a relaxing job if Spongebob left him alone.
That's a nice cello you got there
I was half way through when I realized it was SpongeBob

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I just had the 5th nightmare in a row about my ex tormenting me, I no longer want to sleep, what do I fucking do /r9k/?
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Off u're self
I can't, as much as I want to die, there still must be a reason for me to live.
Because you haven't killed ur'e self yet you faggot

Do girls actually go on this board??
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I come here to laugh at you and your toils.
Yes but supposedly females are overreported in visitor statistics because of all of the single mothers that finance the internet services of the numerous NEETs that browse this board, so it's a bit skewed.
joke's on you this board is my ego boost too

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well it took me 4 fucking hours. but I did it. I cleaned my room.
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feels nice doesn't it

at least now your depression will be cleaner and aesthetic
I had so much shit from the past 5 years lingering around in neglected corners and boxes

it's nice to not have that stuff around anymore. Particularly the box in the corner with four year old homemade bongs
Post your room dood

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>tfw no quindecimviri sacris faciundis bf
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speek english fag
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1 (21).jpg
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speek you english are fag
>tfw no equine dick is very crass fecundity gf

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Who the hell is Aya.
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.ayA si lleh eht ohW
File: ass.jpg (17KB, 230x307px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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aya is petite. aya has small breasts. aya has a small butt. aya has nice hair. aya has a nice face. aya is the perfect shade. aya is the perfect height. aya has the perfect personallity. aya has it all. do you have it all, no. you will never be aya
This is my post but backwards

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