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>tfw so lonely i started to lose vocabulary and even the simpliest conversation became a challenge to me.
it's hard lads
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same, I repeat the same unimaginative phrases and sentences because theres no need for me to be creative. Its not going to impress anyone into wanting to talk to me or hang out with me

Fucking normies have no idea how much better they have it
>mfw the last time i talked to a stacey on the phone she told me that i sound drunk cuz i take sometime to respond and i talk slowly

truly normies have no idea
That really is a bad feel, man. When you're in conversation and you want to express something but you can't because you forgot the word.

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>Wake up from a long night's sleep
>Look up
>See this

wat do?
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i wish this angle was more appreciated
is it milky time already?

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Just shaved my pubic hair for the first time
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Annon I am tell you the real pain comes later

Prepare for a real itching sensation until your pewbs grow back
Don't listen to >>38741298

Only people with inferior genetics experience this. I used to heard guys in highschool complain about this too, but the rest of us would shut them down and tell them that's not normal.
Hope you shaved against the grain
>that smooth feel

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Why do stoners not mention the cost of weed? How do stoners have tons of weed? I mean dude it's fucking TEN dollars for a tiny useless pinch of weed and it's like 50-60 for a small handful literally enough to smoke in one day easy alone.

What are these faggots doing just spending every dime they make working on pot? Probably since they're always broke. I can't believe this shit costs that much as a medical patient who has to spend 10-15 just to smoke a few drags it's getting pretty fucking rediculous.

Everyone says just quit like fuck off

>just overcome ptsd bro
>just live with unbearable nausea bro
>just take sleeping pills bro
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As a loser stoner, with stoner loser friends, I will say that we spend most of our spending money on weed. Thats how we afford it. It's fucking ridiculously expensive.

I wish I could grow the shit but its too illegal and risky. By the way, the nausea and sleep problems go away after some weeks of quitting.
You are all retarded, as long as you use efficient smoking methods such as using a bong or vaporizer (basically anything other than joints or blunts) you should not need much to get high. Unless you are a faggot who only smokes all day every day, you should be able to get high as shit for a large part of the day on like 1/2 a gram max. And that costs $5 or less usually
>I mean dude it's fucking TEN dollars for a tiny useless pinch of weed and it's like 50-60 for a small handful literally enough to smoke in one day easy alone.

Do you live in Siberia or something?

Here it's 5$ for enough for a joint (more or less a gram) and when you buy in bulk it costs less. I would buy by the ounce and it would cost me more or less 150$ and that shit would last me for months.

Also these are canadian loonie dollars, so even less in American Donald Dollars.

Plus those are street prices - shit is going to cost even less when it gets legalized by next summer.

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How does /r9k/ feel about white girls with dreadlocks?
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Eh indifferent, wouldnt make or break my interest
probably smells like weed/BO and only dates Caribbean dudes
never met this kind

How do you guys like shoegaze music?
Also should I buy a jaguar or a jazzmaster
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shoegaze isnt a real genre mate
How so?
What makes this genre fake?
What is a real musical genre?
shoegaze sounds alright from the link. a jazz master is more versatile famalama

Why arn't more robots into fishing?

>Nice to be outside (especially in the evening)
>Don't have to interract with anyone
>Have a few smokes and a few beers
>catch your own food (economic and masculine)
>Peace and quiet, can hear your own thoughts for once
>Can say you've actually got a hobby

Well, /r9k/?
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Fish would reject robots too.

They would be able to sense that robots are icythogynists and would stay FAR AWAY.
Might just pick up fishing anon
That's actually a pretty good idea, I liked fishing as a kid anyway.

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How do I get a mommy gf?

Is this original now?
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Be young Chad
Never fucking knew how hot those tights were until now
be attractive or be successful. Women get very bitchy as they get older though, and they expect you to have money. Over 35 they want Chad level duck or money, they dont want to hear about struggling

heheh, you fags belive that MBTI crap?
how about you man up and take a REAL personality test, boy?
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Bumping so I didn't just waste my time taking this shit will post in a bit
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5 (wew lad)

Notable ones
>activity level
>artistic interest

Notable ones

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Hey anons. A britanon here.
Here's my thoughts. I'll be brooding over it and should come to a decision next week.
Soldier pay is terrible, unless you're an officer, or trained to do a specialist job, like a radar guy on a sub.
Dying. Who am I dying for? Politics that suits the interests of corporations and bankers? I don't consider the UK to be liable to be overrun by jihaids anytime soon. They'll just get lost to another country.
Unemployable if you spend 10 to 15 years in a role with no plan/goals; all the skills are directly relevant just to the army. They claim to help you pick up a trade- surely just being an apprentice would be an easier route.
Physical tolls. From what I've read (articles/forums/videos) there's a real risk of getting some disability and having your life rekt.
PTSD. Already cold, unfeeling, and empty. Not convinced PTSD will visit my mind.
Can't swim and basic training here with might make mince out of my spaghetti arms.
Again, if I choose a right corp to fit my skills/passion then I'll be able to continue in that after I leave the military. IT, engineering, medical stuff, and chemical work seem like good things to get stuck in with.
But this may leave me with a hard time saving up for college or even just working at a dead end job since the army pays terribly; I could just stay in the army for life but that was never an option.
Another option could be to join the police force afterwards.
30% convinced the army would be good for a NEET to get out of the house. It's literally just being surrounded by other guys, mostly, and I might meet other robots there. Then again I'll be in there for at least 6 years and if things don't go well, I'll be another 6 years behind people of my age. Plus the military seems depressing in some ways. No internet freedom.
I'd appreciate your thoughts on this, or evenmusings on the military if you have any and care to tell them.
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You'll be young, financially independent, in shape, having sex with foreign hookers, spending all day with your best mates all day everyday, and not having to think about tomorrow. That's why people miss the Army after they leave.
fuck that noise, im not fighting for the people who made my life hell.

if i was you id join the easiest branch and do the least amount to not get fired,

whatever your version of the air force is, and the job where you dotn really have to do any work, or can fake work, like a clerk.

Oh, and if you do it, make sure you do take a job you can go straight into the private sector with. Besides cop,
better off going to >>>/k/ as there are uk armyfags currently serving. Check the /meg/ generals before starting a thread.

What are my fellow robots drinking tonight? Pic related.
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>tfw drove to the local kiosk earlier to get myself some vodka
>it was closed already
I feel like such an idiot and now I can't even drink
Franziskaner beer
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Not Your Father's Root Beer. It's pretty damn good. 5.9% alcohol by volume.

All memery and ironic shitposting aside, what do you actually want anon?

I want to be invisible to the world around me, never having to talk to anyone ever again, and I wanna die in my sleep after a nice night of drinking and listening to 80's music alone in my room.
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A wife who'll breastfeed me and some kids.
Do you want a wife who'll breastfeed you and random kids or a wife who'll breastfeed you and give birth to some kids?
As a woman, I want a manly man. That's the biggest thing for me. Everything else I can get.

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>tfw you like big feet with long toes
>tfw you have tiny feet with short toes
Any other fembot share this feel?
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I love small feet, post pics of qt soles
fucking orbiter shit this dropped all the way to page 7 before your thirsty ass. GO BACK
>he thinks I give fuck
Pics please

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>this fat leech can get a qt asian gf but you can't
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As a Hapa, what you are doing is risky (not impressive btw, Asian grills only want you because you're white and they are self loathing - it's literally the same thing as white grills who swear to only date blacks). Bringing a mentally insane self loathing mutt into the world who is never accepted by either race is indescribably deplorable. Fuck that chink all you like, but if you ever have kids out of your own selfishness and unwillingness to conquer your fear of women of your own race, I sincerely hope you kill yourself.
looks like a tranny m8, i'd rather have none, or an actual tranny that's passable
leave underage b&

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Who the hell has caused the normie invasion?
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/pol/ with their kekistan and HWNDU shit
The US Presidential election. Fucking pol got 4chan into news headlines and made pepe a right wing racist

donald trump election basically and /pol/

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