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>live in a small town full of racists
>not many black people
>graduate and attend diverse state university
>beautiful black women everywhere
>suddenly extremely thirsty for black ass
>whenever I'm around black girls just their smell turns me on
Tfw no thicc qt black goddess gf to ride me
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Just make them ride you. They're basically yours.
>Jimmy Neutron hair
How do I get a thicc black gf? She doesnt have to be qt, just thicc. I'm a white male who's in good shape, Normies say I'm "swole"

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Just came home with a brand new 40$ shirt and realised that the magnetic alarm thing is still on. Is there any way to remove this by myself or do I have to go back and get it fixed?
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If its plastic its not that hard to break.

Some have ink packs that explode if tampered with.
Just go back with the receipt and get it taken off you autist. >>39560828 has a point.

Is there such a thing as an "interesting woman" or are norms just easily impressed by chicks their meme tier takes on things?
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The only thing I'm "interested" about in women is if they make my dick hard or not.

Then a woman shouldn't be worth your time for a few hours before and after sex.
Interesting women is a mangina meme.
Hang with an ugly woman, old woman or your grandma for a while(people you don't want to fuck) and you'll quickly want to get away from them because they are the same as women you want to fuck except they aren't attractive in any way to distract you from their innate vapidness.

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ITT: post your phone homescreen and rate/critique others'
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The clock is really neato.
What icon theme is that?
Delta icon pack
I hereby revive this dying thread.
You faggots all have phones, so post a fucking screenshot. What are you, embarrassed?

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This is what boipucci really looks like. This is what you faggots masturbate to. This is where your dignity ends and eternal shame begins. How do you live with yourself knowing you're attracted to a grown man's ass? That's not pucci in anyway. That man shits from there and you are actively sexualizing human waste.
KYS trapfags
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Errrr.... straight men are obsessed with women's assholes too. What's the difference?

Girls don't originate poop
Women poops smell good. You can clearly tell a man shit from a woman shit. Only attractive women have attractive feces. The uglier the woman, the more disgusting her shits are, though, still better than a man shit.

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Come up with a song that describes your life

Here is mine its a bit edgy but its right

I want my skin to melt
I want it on the ground
I want my skin to melt
I want it all around

Nothing worth living
Nothing to condone
Pain in my existance
Pain in every bone

Sadness and forgiveness
Are a long dream gone
Inside hell is where i belong.

From all the depraved fetishes
To unholy acts
From a young child neglected in the past

If hell awaits for me
Then it awaits for you too
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nice dubs

I wake up right about the mid-afternoon,
With the sun in the sky but night's coming soon,
And I walk to the mirror just to fix myself,
Yeah life gets harder when you love nothing else,
So I pick my pills from the counter drawer,
Pick my self-esteem up off the fucking floor,
I guess I'm a man of no recourse,
As I crack another bottle, got no remorse,
And I'll say a little prayer for the child in me,
I swear I used to be what I truly believe,
That I'm not just a man with these broken dreams,
That even I could go to heaven,
If I part the seas
Good shit anon , nice rhymes , and i can feel emotion behind each word
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Trips has to rap that shit

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>Mom and dad are arguing downstairs again over why I'm such a pathetic loner
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share some key talking points
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go hug them anon
>not doing something to improve yourself or talking to them so they don't have to do this
>just letting it roll
you pretend to be apathetic, but you enjoy the attention, don't you?

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I had a paranoid episode and deleted most of my accounts on social media
Obviously that won't do much but it'll stop Facebook from tracking me
How else should I remove my digital footprint/become a paranoid mess
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If you stop using Facebook and uninstall all apps related to it there's no way they can track you down.

Really, that's all it takes. Take a deep breath, robot, you're not being watched. Is there anyone that would have a good reason to spy your life in particular ?
go live in the woods
I have an army of bogdabots tracking your every move, anon. I get perfect 3D replicas of your shits made seconds after they come out of you, that's how closely you are being watched.

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i am falling i am failing i am drowning help me to breathe i am hurting i have lost it all i am losing help me to breathe
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I had a dream like this yesterday
Dead guy here. Don't fall for the dying meme, it gets even worse where I'm at.
Last night I had a dream that I was at a party and a girl wanted to fuck me

She was sitting on my lap and we were feeling eachother up and shit

My high school friends were there and they were all happy for me

I remember thinking "wow, this is what it's like to be happy and wanted"

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>get in the bus
>commit the mistake of sitting in the seat next to the window
>a very cute girl sits next to me but I don't think much of it
>starts getting anxious when my stop comes closer
>I think of a thousand ways to make my way to the door
>see my stop pass
>visibly cry and wait until she gets off
>I have to walk more than a kilometre
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Now that is some quality autism.
But I'm not even autistic, my man. I don't even know what happened
What happened is that you have some severe anxiety,my man.
I'll assume you have a diagnosis on that though.

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>anime picture
>childlike entitlement

checks out for underage tranny
i wish i was a tranny then i would have a bf

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>tfw you have a superior patrician fetish
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God damn. People are weird af. Have they no sense of shame?
What are you going to wear for tonight?

I wish I knew
Cant help it, had this fucking fetish since i was a kid. Id definitly get rid of it in a second if i could. Its basically ruined my sex life

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There was once a mother who had a very hard time indeed, emotionally, inside.

From an objective perspective, it would not be inaccurate to say that this mother-to-be had had some very heavy psychic shit laid on her as a little girl, and that some of this shit qualified as parental abuse. Her childhood had not been as bad as some, but it had been no picnic. All this, while accurate, would not be to the point.

The point is that, form as early an age as she could recall, this mother-to-be loathed herself. She viewed everything in life with apprehension, as if every occasion or opportunity were some sort of dreadfully important exam for which she had been too lazy or stupid to prepare properly*. It felt as if a perfect score on each such exam was necessary in order to avert some shattering punishment*. She was terrified of everything, and terrified to show it.

(*Her parents, by the way, did not beat her or ever even really discipline her, nor did they pressure her.)
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The mother-to-be knew perfectly well, from an early age, that this constant horrible pressure she felt was an internal pressure. That it was not anyone else's fault. Thus she loathed herself even more. Her expectations of herself were of utter perfection, and each time she fell short of perfection she was filled with an unbearable plunging despair that threatened to shatter her like a cheap mirror. These very high expectations applied to every department of the future mother's life, particularly those departments which involved others' approval or disapproval. She was thus, in childhood and adolescence, viewed as bright, attractive, popular, impressive; she was commended and approved. Peers appeared to envy her energy, drive, appearance, intelligence, disposition, and unfailing consideration for the needs and feelings of others; she had few close friends. Throughout her adolescence, authorities such as teachers, employers, troop leaders, pastors, and F.S.A. Faculty Advisers commented that the young mother-in-waiting 'seemed to have very, very high expectations of [her]self,' and while these comments were often delivered in a spirit of gentle concern or reproof, there was no failing to discern in them the slight unmistakable note of approval - of an authority's detached, objective judgment and decision to approve - and at any rate the future mother felt (for the moment) approved. And felt seen: her standards *were* high. She took a sort of abject pride in her mercilessness towards herself.
(In fact, one explanation the soon-to-be mother's own parents gave for their disciplining her so little was that their daughter had seemed so mercilessly to upbraid herself for any shortcoming or transgression that disciplining her would have felt 'a little bit like kicking a dog.')

(Her parents had been low-income, physically imperfect, and not very bright - features which the child disliked herself for noting.)
By the time she was grown up, it would be accurate to say that the mother-to-be was having a very hard interior time of it indeed.

>Everyone who's white, please report to the gymnasium

I'm scared guys, I think my time has come.
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Gonna Get You On The Flipside
the school shooter probably brought 2 many guns and wants to arm his fella hwhites
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Naziism is an ancient religion that emphasizes coexistence within an ecosystem and living in harmony with nature, rather than egotistical and unsustainable domination of the environment.

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I have gone down a dark path in life , i have gone for so long that i no longer condone myself for what i have become

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i ain't clickin' dat shit
Ur fucked if you like that gay beast shit.
I cant see why its bad though , the animal clearly enjoys it because it isent resisting and it is pleasure for both animal and human

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