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Why haven't you got laid yet robots, it's this easy
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post her fucking face, faggot
Uh oh! Should I go
If you wanna get raped, then yes

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Comfy server where people like to hang out and chill. and remember to be nice~
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Do people on r9k actually have the courage to go on these or is this just a fucking meme?
I've been a long member of this one and another one and we usually have around 10-20 people join in from invites done on r9k
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Anyone got that Chad/Robot test I seen a week ago?

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Cute virgin girl I loved all my life told me she had sex with a random stranger and it was great.

How do I not end myself in the next five minutes.
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do it
it's not worth it
trust me
Do it. Kill yourself. Don't think, feel(yourself dying).
Just do it, end yourself

>tfw I slapped my oneitis because she was talking shit about trump

Cheer me up, please.
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>people still urironically support Trump

my sides
So you resorted to violence because you were too weak willed to engage in a debate? You're as shitty as antifa.
>unironically being a /pol/fag IRL

Autism thread

>Tim the chad
>6'3 220 lbs of muscle, sexy girlfriend
>he's not me
>he's a major fucking asshole, assholes calls me names like fatty-fucks-his-hand
>Got his whole chad class to gather their cum and pour it on me at a party (i tried)
>Be me
>tubby, have a beard that's not fully formed
>I'm getting tired of his shit so i hatch a plan to strike back
>walking to biology one day, go down a corridor in my school, its the lowest hall in the building, no windows, they call it the dungeon
>Tim walks up to me, calls me a lardass virgin
>Its time for revenge
>pull out pocket knife i brought to school for this one purpose, i knew it had to end today
>He asks me wtf its for, laughs at me at beckons me to stab him
>I've been watching attack on titan
>grab blade
>slice my hand to the bone while screaming "Dare ga ima shibodesu ka?!!!"
>I've been practicing japanese
>mfw i dont transform
>he doesn's even hit me, I think he feels sorry for me
>Go to hospital, 29 stitches, almost cut a tendon
>He doesn't look at me in the halls anymore
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This was a very entertaining and worthwhile story, anon.
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..y-y-you too senpai. Are we friends now?
i want both of you to die

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I want anal instead of vaginal as the main dish. I watch vagina porn and it doesn't turn me on and I can't see the appeal of getting to the vagina. Anal sex porn turns me on.
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So basically you're a closetfag. Also, there are no females on this board.
what about building up butt points or something
like four butt cums can be exchanged for a required vagina excursion
compromise is the name of the game in relationships or so they tell me
No. Originalis original.

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What would you do if you had this nose?
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be an accountant
Acquire currency as fast as possible.
Gibe me Shekels

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>calls himself a robot
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>calls himself a robot
File: 1393685919113.png (566KB, 704x538px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>he doesn't at least shave his mustache when it gets long enough to get wet when he drinks

come on anon have at least a little dignity
>calls himself a robot
>doesn't shave his entire body

Continuation from Archived thread.

First clear response decides messages/replies.
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no one cares fuck ur thread
"yeah, you"

original comment my man
It's so funny how women just say things without knowing the meaning. It further confirms my belief that all women are adult children.

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Would you ever love a cute futa girl?
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Only if her penis wasn't bigger than mine
Nah senpai I'm not into guys
I'm not really into futa. The idea of a girl being attached to the penis is weird.

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>tfw no gf to tell me to stop smoking because she's worried about my health

How do I deal with those feels?
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I had the same thought like 5 minutes ago while smoking, I feel you anon
be your own gf and stop
But I hate myself. Why should I start caring about my well-being now?

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Anybody got any stories about times you drove girls away by being overly obsessive?
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Extreme anxiety I just started college
>be me
>Never had gf or real true friends
>1 year ago
>Start of last year of school
>meet 10/10 redhead in school
>She looks interested in me
>I make move to ask her out
>I fail
>She made a playful joke but since I had such weak confidence it broke me
>I gave an awkward response followed by silence
>I thought she thought I was a stupid unmanly bitch
>Felt like shit
>Two weeks later in class she sits behind me and starts talking to me.
>Substitute teacher so free to talk
>I was feeling confident in that moment
>I told jokes and she laughed!
>Had deep conversation
>Then came a crushing defeat
>A group sitting across the room
>Talking amongst themselves
>I them noticed they were all looking at me and taking about me with the girl
>My confidence started to become turbulent but managed to ignore them mostly and keep talking
>Then 10 minutes later an overly confident girl shouts across the class
"Anon, why are flirting with (girlsname)" as a joke
>I hear them laughing
>I was broken
>Confidence left me completely
>I pretend not to hear
>Try to keep talking
>She stops looking at me and feels uncomfortable
>The bitch shouts the same sentence again
>I have to respond this time
>Everyone looking
>They could hear the anxiety in my voice and see it in my face when I said "aaaa....No"
>Nobody laughs but everyone just thought I was a retarded faggot or something and looked silently
>That was my chance gone
>I looked like such a pussy
>The girl I was talking too looked away
>I turned forward
>Put head down on desk
>Went home that evening
File: 1504148934136.jpg (8KB, 250x201px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>At that moment I was utterly defeated and I've felt like shit ever since
>On the day it happened I deeply considered suicide, I didn't obviously
>Then I felt completely shit about myself
>Then I felt hatred for the bitch who uttered the joke at me which turned into a hatred of everyone except people who were underdogs because everyone else seemed to be a sadistic braindead cunt who only do what the media tells them and have no real goals in life other than fucking reproducing more shitheads like themselves
>I can relate to the victims and underdogs though and I respect them for puntying up with this shit
>I was using 4chan since I was 14
>after this all I browsed was r9k because I could relate to people here in a place were people don't wear masks and hate popular culture
>/r9k/ literally stopped me from ending my life back then so now I look forward to college and adulthood where I can try to make real friends and gf

Thank you guys, you kept me sane!
If they called you out like that they must have been protecting a sister from a low value male. You could've been her orbiter but nothing more, so don't sweat it.

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Either be rich or famous
Remember: looks>money>status
she's a lesbo you retard
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Chads have a combination of primarily two things: charisma and looks. Sure, you could watch a few videos and try learn how to be less awkward, but even with effort and practice, it would still be a farcry from Chad's magnetic (at least from a roastie's point of view) personality. You could work out and improve your physique, which would give you a confidence boost while slightly raising your charisma. With this, you could become a pseudo-chad: having some traits of what you wanna be, but never really becoming the real thing. Just like a tranny.

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I want to fuck dindu pussy so bad!!!!
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does anyone have a source? please I've been asking for ages
File: 1503877522018.jpg (31KB, 540x351px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You're saying you want to penetrate black cunts with your white cock?
File: 1498439003353.jpg (87KB, 861x578px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sounds to me like he wants to give seminal reparations anon

File: 1503525020392.png (42KB, 542x498px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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There actually isn't ANY difference between a virgin and someone who has had sex once/twice/thrice but hasn't had it again in many years since then.

They are both heavily inexperienced. They both probably don't know how to speak to women. They both are probably depressed about their situation. The only reason the latter had sex is because of luck.

All of you virgins who complain about "normies" who have only had sex a couple times when they were young and are now lonely don't realise this. You don't realise that if you lost your virginity tonight and then never had sex again, you would STILL feel JUST as shit about yourself. You need CONSISTENT sex and relationships in order to be a normie.
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Thank you.
I'm tired of the worn-out debate on what's a "failed normie", "robot", or "cyborg" when they are all defined by the same failures.
File: 1503500936738.jpg (15KB, 378x365px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It just annoys me that many depressed virgins don't realise that one day they, too, might get lucky.

What will they do then? What will they do when a month has passed and they have yet to have sex again? When 6 months have passed? When a year has passed?

Unless you fix the issues that make you a virgin, your life will remain the same. All that will change is that you won't be able to compete in the /r9k/ oppression olympics anymore.
Where did you get that pepe? I'm the author.

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