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ITT your current favorite porn actress and actor

>Jynx Maze
>Manuel Ferrara
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Harriet Sugarcookie

Yes, yellow fever I know
Eva Lovia
Rocco Siffredi
> having a favorite male actor

I literally only jerk off to interracial and even I think that's pretty cucked

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>have an older woman fetish
>realize I'm already too old for cougars

Feels bad
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How old are you anon? You can probably still go for them
literally 30
What is the prime age for cougar hunting? Is there some sort of online repository of cougars looking for young Blackbuck fucc n succ that I can sign up for and be queued to mate?

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Why are all the most beautiful white women going black these days? Black men are naturally alpha, white boys can't compete. I'm a pathetic tiny dicked white boy that could never please a woman.
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nice to hear, son :^)
how about we talk about pic related instead?
no weapons on either side
that's true, but a lot of white women are afraid of white men or they have preference for their own race
You mean you are a beta. Chad is doing just fine

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Um, wagie, shouldn't you be working or something?
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Thank you for reminding them fellow NEETGod
>wagies laugh at us because of our GBP
>they basically do the same and even worse, more degrading things for Good Goy Points

kek, wagecucks truly are the lowest lifeform.
No I have the day off and I'm going to go fuck a femboy

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why don't you guys just get out and get a gf
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Because I don't want a gf
wow pretty weak bait, try adding (male) after gf.
I don't live in the city, and I don't go out.

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>tfw not intelligent enough to know when to stop drinking
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>implying you need intelligence for natural bodily functions to activate

You don't feel thristy when you have had enough to drink
I think he means alcohol
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I don't drink. Images of Wojak and his brain have never been a part of my camera roll.

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How many (you)s do you get a day?

Myself, I'd guess about +-60
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Like maybe 1-5. My replies almost always get ignored. If I make a thread I can typically get 1 reply. But the replies normally just call me a faggot.
Don't get any (you)s but i probably get around 20 (You)s a day

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>"people who focus on celebrities are vapid cunts"
>knows intimate details about famous youtubers

Really makes you think
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the way he talks , his actions, feels so smug. i hope it's not intentional
Ethan Klein Cough (tm)
>Not knowing anything about anyone anywhere outside yourself
>Only knowing details of inanimate objects and nature

Now what?

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Guys lets make this the best rainbow gathering ever.
If you dont have any camping skills, lurk on /out/ to brush up.
I am giving all robots a gaurantee that you will touch at least ten women.
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Not big on hippie chicks?
The dont hate robots like stacy does
thats actually true.
robots dont realize they only strengthen the chads by fighting against leftistst and hippies.
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Rainbow gathering?

Existential pictures and quotes similar to pic related.
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dumping some of mine
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aka 2016 normie memes?
im in.
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good old garjack comic maybe

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I'm turning 30 this year and I'm scared that I've missed the boat entirely to ever have a happy, satisfying relationship. Younger men and women aren't interested because I'm too old and everyone my age are used goods looking for someone to settle down with after riding the cock carousel. What are my chances /r9k/? Is there any hope for a pure virgin 5/10+ that isn't instantly turned off by my age??
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Absolutely not. It's over.
Buy a young third world wife pay a bit extra for virginity
Ain't over yet,
My father married a 22yo at the age of 40. He's no Chad either.
>Mfw dad married a woman my age

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>Tfw you've fallen so far that you legitimately call a girl a "Grill" irl
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>Tfw you've fallen so far that you legitimately call your boss at work a "kike"
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tfw you don't even talk to girls irl besides while at work because of work
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>Tfw you've fallen so far that you legitimately call yourself happy

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>You missed out on innocent teenage sexual experiences
How do you cope?
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by browsing on /r9k/ obv
Having depraved sexual experiences now
it is not that big of a deal. I have a functioning dick and it is only a matter of time before I get laid. Currently I am focusing on my career and making a somebody out of myself.

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sad crying connie.png
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>just stopped 5 people from completing a task
>4 of them left
>30 minutes later and the last one still hadn't left
>tell him i wont let him finish his task until he makes me feel better about myself
>took him about 10 more minutes to agree
>gives me generic "you're a great person, seek help if you need it. dont let other people drag you down" shit
>eh good enough

>this was on an online pixel drawn multiplayer game
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What's wrong? Do you seek assistance in dealing with your troubles now?
did u really have to reply
I m sick of this nigga posting his ugly cartoons
more cringy than anime posters
You have to go back >>>/r/eddit.

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>talks with millions of people on the internet daily
>has social anxiety and depression
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>faceless internet communication is just like talking to people irl staring in their eyes and having them judge you!

stirnertards everyone
I don't have social anxiety. I get along with people pretty well. Look them in the eye when I speak to them and all that other good stuff.
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>can't keep a conversation going
>can't look people in the eyes
>walks with head down
>consant nervous sweating

I can chat to you guys cause you don't judge me... right guys? right?

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