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>oneitis just broke up with her bf
>she says she wants me to come over to her apartment to drink with her sometime
Is this it, robots?
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yeh she is gunna use you as a emotional punching bag to cry over her ex

I pity you anon
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you should do it, if nothing else, it'll feel nice to have feminine contact for a night

just don't let her lead you on or use you regularly, if you must, tell her how you really feel, try to find the courage to
Drinks imply something else, anon.

Do it sooner than later, mate. Before she regrets it, don't force it but stick it in her if she asks you to and try to turn it into a relationship. Seriously, tell her you're coming over for drinks tomorrow

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>Yeah, yeah kiddie I'll be your girlfriend..whatever you say heh heh heh
>Where are you taking me to dinner?
>Got any crack?

Are homeless roasties and robots made for eachother?
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I have no idea where to get crack, guess I could just start asking black people but that doesn't seem very comfy
This guy seemed to think so:
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the fuck is wrong with you faggots

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>Dad found my tranny porn
>Dad found my hentai
>Dad found my gay porn
>Dad saw r9k
>All at once
My dad is a harcore Christian, and he said he will be monitoring my computer activity as long as I live under his roof. I'm too busy with school to get a job at the moment, so I can't move out. What do I do lads?
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didnt you post here about the same thing last week
No? I'm a different anon.
Stop fapping to nasty shit and stop browsing /r9k/ . Boom you've solved the dad problem and you're a significantly better person

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Why would you pay the wages of another man's employees by tipping?
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because it's a social norm (in America) and you're expected to follow social norms.
Why are americans so cucked?
well you pay them by purchasing goods from them as well so it's not that crazy of a concept

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is JoJo worth watching? I like shows like HxH and Cowboy Bebop. The art style of JoJo is kind of hard to get used to.
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fuck off faggot, I don't wanna talk to any fags with such a low powerlevel they can't figure out what they want to watch without consulting r9k.
Jojo is love. Jojo is life.
Yes watch it but most importantly read the manga past part 4

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who /halfvirgin/ here?

>tfw couldn't get fully hard
>tfw dick smelled and had smegma
>tfw didnt cum
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Why the fuck didn't you shower first?
Right here senpai
>have Veno-Occlusive Dysfunction
>can't bone
>but have licked the pusy
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i had phimosis when it happened and i didnt know good genital hygiene im good now though

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Do not reply to "fembot threads".
Do not give attention to "fembots".
Do not orbit "fembots".

>if you haven't gotten the gist, including you're a "fembot" in a thread or reply is a cry for attention.
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Kill yourself, whiny cuck. Fembots are taking back r9k!
There's no such thing as a fembot you fucking retard
Keep telling yourself that. Fembots are rising. Fembots are taking over.

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Could you love a girl with small breasts?
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Literally looks like me with a wig
yes, women are uptight over every fucking thing except their personalities, which we do care about and want them to change so they are not such cunts and bitches.
Only if she let me suckle and nibble on her tiny titties daily.

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>that expression on the girl on the left's face

What emotion is she conveying
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Vagina envy.
That's a dude.
>Oh boy! This is sexy, isn't it, friend?
Who's the right girl? At that side, she looks like Amanda Seyfried

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>Sorry, only robots allowed. Prove you're a robot.
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Right now im in a public place sitting alone at a table wishing i was alone at home
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>diagnosed aspergers at 6
>only 2 real friends
>21 and still a virgin
>massive social anxiety, have an extreme fear of looking others in the eyes
>weekends are spent getting drunk alone and playing vidya nearly 16 hours a day
>still watch cartoons and anime
>wagecuck at ultimate robot job (warehouse)
>uni student with a worthless meme major
>just changed major to something better, but will end up a debtcuck on top of everything else
>parents still treat me like a little kid because I suck at finances and doing adult things
>dad literally won't let me move out from home
>voicelet (sound like a young teenager)
>6/10 on a GOOD day, normally about a 2/10
>only redeeming quality is being 6'
>"y-you too"
>walks off

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Well Robots, off to lose my virginity..

I know I won't be a full Robot anymore after this so
I just wanted to say thanks for everything guys.
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Godspeed. Don't go limp.
I need a greentext fag
link my fucking post so I can actually find it if you make a new thread as well you bitch.

Why is everyone in the White House a fucking cartoon?
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4chan got this administration elected
4chan is a cartoon website
why can't people appreciate all the free entertainment these entertainers are giving us? god damn ingrates. enjoy the show and shut the fuck up. cheer and applaud at the end. that's all.
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fpbp life is a meme

What ever happened to the 2D feet threads? We used to have one almost every week but it feels like it's been months since we had one. Did the guy who was usually the OP die or something?
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it's only been a month since we've had regular threads but it feels like forever
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gonna dump a few
what is it about 2d feet that makes them so perfect lads

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>meet shy qt at work
>"yeah I go back to uni a year from now so just working until then"
>start dating her (both of our first "relationship")
>third date
>"I might be able to go back to uni in Spring!"
>contact to setup fourth date
>"actually let's talk about me heading back to uni over lunch"

godfuckingdammit /r9k/ this is a breakup isn't it
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thanks for the consolation /r9k/ you fucks
This is not your personal hugbox, so go fuck yourself.

Also, yeah, i think that she's gonna breakup with you, don't go expecting anything but be prepared.
>date with qt

Gtfo normie

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non virgin thread

tell us why your deserve to be here despite not being a virgin
hard mode: it wasnt a prostitute

>been kissless since 2014
>managed 2 girlfriends in college due to being in the improv club so i was a micro celeb
>dropped out of college after 3 years
>neet ever since
>gained 100lbs since
>back to being no friend shut in
>havnt talked to a nonfat/disgusting girl since dropping out of college
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You're a faggot

orginally a post
well i do have a trap folder. but i dont feel like im actually gay
I was pitty fucked this year by a girl I liked before I left school we fucked for hours probably the first and only time I kept making holoacoast jokes

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