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I think I'm in love with Aggy /r9k/

Help me
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>watch her recent video
>she's talking in Japanese
>close it instantly due to cringe
>tfw no autistic lesbian jewish weaboo gf
Never heard of her. How old is she?

I wanna know so I'm not weird for saying I wanna fuck her senseless.

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How do I go about getting chemically castrated? Im pretty sure no doc would let me do it. If you have some good alternatives then please post too
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Splash some acid on that dick.
just drink a lot of inorganic milk senpai
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step 1. go to psychiatrist step 2. get on antidepressants and antipsychotics step 3. wait one year
voila, its actually a huge relief to have no sexual drive at all, plus i actually need the medications so

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post pics of food that make you go hmmm
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Another picture in the "Beans" collection.
i love a good hmmmpost
hmmmmmm okayy

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>95% of adult males are not virgins
>/r9k/ blames women for the 5%
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>1% of the entire world population is on the autism spectrum
>women, being social creatures by nature, tend to like men that aren't socially inept
>/r9k/ is full of people with asperger's, and most of them aren't socially inept by choice

Try again
well women do reject the 5% so it is under their control
To be fair I have dirt low confidence and never approach women due to pounding fear and not really knowing how. I'm guessing some robots are the same

ITT: post the shittiest feel you ever felt
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Waking up.

I'm feeling it right now, basically knowing that you're wasting what little you have of your youth.
The worst thing that I've ever felt is that I am a generally awful person that drives people away by being me. I will never have a fruitful, cozy life with a wife and kid(s). I'm not allowed to. That isn't my future, and I know it.

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So after getting bored of reg sex I now have a fetish of impregnating women. This is my latest one, also have two others. I've never had a more powerful orgasm then being raw in some 30 year olds pussy while she screams for me to get her pregnant. The best part is I have signed legal documents which means they can't come after me for child support. I've been in heaven these last few weeks. Something so primal about being with a women who only wants to use you for your genetics.
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Good for you anon, love this.
originally how do i do this
Thank you, it feels good getting this off of my chest. I can't tell anybody IRL.

You just earned $2 million (USD). None of your relatives or friends have any hope of knowing about this unless you tell them. How do you proceed and what do you do with the money?
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Buy a $2 million dollar gun and kill myself
Pay you 2 million dollars to delete this thread
assuming it is after taxes?

take it to Vanguard probably, have about 1.9 invested in dividend stocks. Live off of the dividends.

take another 80 grand, have it invested in high risk stuff, bitcoin, ether, gold, silver, and be day trading with the other 20

And. Pretend to be fucking broke.

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Who /bad teeth/ here?

>tfw can never smile/laugh
>tfw hate talking because it reveals teeth
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>teeth full of mercury fillings and cavities
why couldn't I have a loving family

I haven't been to a dentist in 6 years ;/
if it bothers you so much, have it fixed,

A few thousand bucks is going to be worth the boost in confidence for you.

I'm male and live with my parents. I do not have access to a proper dildo. What should I use instead?
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just move out

or toothbrush or lube up a carrot
You should be using a bible you filthy sodomite.
You'll need plenty of lube
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ROSE (607).png
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borrow your mom's dildo

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>be me
>have vivid nightmares every night
>wake up frequently because of this
>been like this for years

I'm honestly considering sleep medication at this point

Anyone else?
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I see THIS THING in my dreams
Describe some of your vivid nightmares, OP. Your most horrible, please.
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I've had horrible nightmares my entire life

sleeping pills, good ones at least like benzos/z-drugs, are effective at keeping them at bay, but they build a tolerance quick and withdrawals are pretty bad

non-benzo-like sleeping meds never took away the nightmares for me, some of them make the nightmares worse

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What would cause others to call you a slut and a whore even though you're a virgin?
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Making gay posts in r9k
I don't do that though
There is no reason why anyone would be calling a virginal male a slut or a whore.

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Would you be willing to do porn?
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I'd be willing but I don't think I qualify
whats wrong wit you?
Average-sized benis

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I have constant anxiety. I've tried exercise, meditation, medication. Nothing works. Anyone else deal with this shit??!!
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maybe you have anxiety because you are a complete fucking failure at everything you do. Everyone is laughing at your misery and you are going to fucking die.

bumping thread because I'm in the same boat.
I'm going to kill them don't worry
Try some self-discipline

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mental problems, poverty, low self-esteem, and so on
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please provide proof of your successes OP
>mental problems

Everybody has em, I myself take pills for em.


I work a commission sales job that while making good money that helps pay the bills is not rich money so I don't get gold diggers. In fact I don't use my cash to get laid.

> low self-esteem

Definitely don't have that. I'm chubby myself but I'm still able to score girls 7/10 and up.

Here's my protip to get laid. Get a job or at least some source of income so you have some cash to go out. When you go out present yourself out there and be confident that you can bang any chick you want. Girls are nothing special, they actually want the dick so you are just doing them a favor by supplying said dick.

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How many years since you inserted your penis into a vagina?
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Will be 10 months in 18th.
I realized the gf dream and lost the whole KHV pack with one girl.

But I was too beta for her, so she kicked my ass after 4 months.
Started, but inactive sexual life since then.

6-7, I forget exactly.
it's been about 16 years
sister used to coerce me into eating her out and having her sex with her when i was really young

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