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>play video game
>never win because of teammates
I wish people would just get on my fucking level
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>want to win game really bad
>start directing teammates to do what we need to win
>nobody talking to me and nobody listening
>suddenly mic gets turned on
>get called a faggot
>lose the game
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>play TF2
>Chad plays as Demo/Heavy
>his gf/the only girl on team pocket-medics for him the whole time
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>try to give a player that's obviously new some advice in a friendly manner

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>tfw I lost my virginity today at last
I'm never coming back to this shithole, bye faggots
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I lost my virginity b4 the leaving meme was even around, this place used to be normal
Good. You should take all the other normie shits here with you
>implying all robots are virgins

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Does Goldie still visit here anymore?
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my penis is confused. is that a girl or a guy?
you decide
Doesn't matter, would fugg

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>tfw wearing tracksuits because im poor
>tfw i will die a virgin
life should not be like this
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whenever I see someone wearing a tracksuit I instinctively think of them as subhuman
lots of chads wear tracksuits my dude, especially at college campuses
>that picture
>adidas tracksuit and shoes
>he doesn't look too old
I'll make a bet and say he's one of those faggots buying expensive stuff on mommy's money, geez I hated these guys on highscool.

Why don't you ERP? It allows you to save your virginity while exploring your sexuality.
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because it would be disrespectful towards my waifu
I don't know how and want to learn but no one wants to teach me.
Because it gets boring after a while when you realize how much you'd rather be doing these things irl than pretending

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How easy is it to find a building to jump from, ending in suicide? Where would I find these places if I don't have an apartment on a high floor?
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Killing yourself is not a solution to your problems. You can fix them and yourself. Trust me, I've been there. Get professional help.
How about you kill yourself in your own room and not ruin someone who would have to witness that
Because I don't have a gun, and no other way is gauranteed death. I'd make sure the streets are quiet at the time so it's not like me falling on someone kek.

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Got married when she was so hot man let me tell you. Now shes almost 40 and looks like shit. Totally let herself go after having our first kid. I swear women use that as an excuse to eat and eat man. She aint got no job to save her life, ive been taking care of her the whole time. Didnt mind it then, now im just tired of having most of my money go to keep her fat and ugly. Kids are almost out of the house, trying. To make it til then..
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Hello normalfaggot, my suggestion is leaving to a place like reddit. saged
What the hell are you doing here? You do realize that this place is filled with virgins and autism?
sad shit bruh

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ITT: Describe how you feel in one word

Me: Meh
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>Describe how you feel in one word
>Describe how you feel in one word
>Describe how you feel in one word

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I know I'm not the only uneducated friendless virgin poverty stricken NEET on here and you're going to tell me you're in the same situation so I can feel better.
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i am in the same position except im an artists so its ok when i do it
pretty much (however I read constantly)
no but I probably wont be getting laid ever again
>poverty stricken NEET
Sorry you're the biggest loser on the board

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ITT: 25+ virgins only

How are you hanging in there?
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Planning to kill myself next week. Bought a R. 870 a few days ago and got some slugs.
Sad, but ever since I got a daki it's no longer world-ending, just a gentle touch.

There's just no way for me to get a gf, or even a one-night stand. I don't drink, tinder and other such apps require facejew, and I don't meet any girls anywhere else either. Nobody is on the old dating sites.

"Start a girl-filled hobby then", nope, I can't stand shit I can't stand, just to meet women.

No way out, so here I am on r9k.
27 here.
Ended my semester with good grades.
Been unemployed for a bit, but now will have to actuvely look for a job, or otherwise the unemployment agency will get annoying and give me homework/send me to courses etc.. Would like something between 20-30 hours, because university is tough enough already and being in my low enrgy sate from chronic, clinical depression makes me burn out easily. If I have to work 30-40 hours I will probably use the extra cash to fuck hookers regularely, because who am I kidding, it's not gonna happen naturally in a normal relationship.

How are your hooker experiences 25+ anons? How was losing your virginity to one?

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you're not a true robot if you haven't actually and unironically thought about shooting some place up before
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can we all stop saying "unironically" please
>not telling your oneitis about it too
Get on my level.
>not telling your oneitis you've had thoughts of killing her as well

sit down kid

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Why do you guys have to refer to women as post wall, as if not being 20 years old was a terrible thing??
You guys are always complaining how women are shallow and you are the ones dismissing them for being a bit older.
Women in their 30's are still attractive and much more knowlegeble and mature.
Wouldn't you wanna be with someone with whom you can have meaningful and engaging conversations and who also has some interesting life experience??
Also women in their 30's tend to value relationship more and be more serious about it, wouldn't that be a good thing in a romantic partner??
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lewd posters are the worst
i dont wanna talk about my feelings i want massive std ridden orgies with teenage swedish supermodels
>You guys are always complaining how women are shallow and you are the ones dismissing them for being a bit older.
Turnabout is fair play.

It's ok for women to judge me about my dicksize + height + race, but it's not ok for me to judge women for things that are similarly out of their control (their age)? Wow that really warms up my brake fluid

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>I enjoy being depressed now
Is this the final stop?
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No depression and just sadness are often pretty comfy. That's one of the things that makes it so hard to get out of if you want to get out of it that is
Depression is not just a sadness, at least for me not anymore, it's more of feeling totally indifferent towards everything, nothing really sparks any strong emotions. Not that bad I'd say, though you don't enjoy anything as it all seems bland. Only sometimes I just have a surge of despair/sometimes even I'm angry, but it only lasts a moment.
If it were true depression, you wouldn't enjoy it.

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How can I remove all of my social inhibitions and start doing whatever I want to do?
I'm tired of this shit.
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Increases test level
You have to embrace the weird. You can't do this without having people think you are weird. But by ignoring what others may think of you, you open so many doors for yourself. You have to learn to enjoy being weird. This is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
How do I do it senpai? Do I start dressing like an weirdo or some shit and ease my way into it?

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just got a letter from the PAF
I can't serve in the military
because of my squint in the left eye
had it since I was a kid and it never stopped me
why can't disabled people be in the army too?
and ontop of all that
keep getting nexted by qt3.14's on omegle
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Stop posting Jules, you'll always fail in life because you are, at the core, a failure
Your disability isn't your squint eye, it's the fact that you don't know how to construct a sentence.
Because most disabilities can get people killed retard

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