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Is /r9k/ a left-wing or right-wing board?
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we get a lot of failed normies so it can swing either way really
Depends on the thread.
It's not about politics, this place is about feels. When will the /pol/tards and shills learn this?

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>"H-Hey, I saw you were checking out that book. That's so cool! It's one of my favorites. I-Is it too forward to, um, ask for your number? "
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hehehe I need to stop thinking
She dyed her hair, att whore spotted, gtfo and let me read in peace, puta
You look lost little girl did you come here with your class?

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Does smoking weed really make you retarded?
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No, it just takes away your stress.
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Sometimes it makes me feel/look like pic related
No, not retarded. But it can make you prone to idleness and laziness, as well as increase the likelihood of suffering a mental disorder like schizophrenia in the future.

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My sister on the right is a lesbian dating the girl on the left. I dont get it. She could have most guys but has to dyke it out
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>she fell for the lesbian meme
Thanks, Jews!
many she hates all men so she is gay
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I don't get how neither of them are ugly or hamplanets. I have never met a lesbian in real life that wasn't morbidly obese.

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How did this scene make you feel?
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I laughed because I was 8 the last time I watched cartoons
This is a Japanese animation fan forum
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true statement.jpg
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>had to redpill my dad about female hypergamy and Chad Thundercock
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>chad thundercock
this looks like a pokemon move
What did he say op
What did he say? My dad asked if I was a faggot after I tried to tell him about it.

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Man her facial structure is perfect. Unlike these ugly, hatin ass black bitches with their rotting moldy weaves and fat bloated cheeks and masculinized faces.
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>"her" lol
Bitch looks like fucking Mr Robot
But Britney is a black woman
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She really is beautiful. It's sort of like play-do, when you mush together different colors and sort of end up with a hodgepodge, but charming mess.

In this case it works

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>that kid who would throw up nazi salutes in the hallway
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Turns out he was off his schizophrenia meds
Bitch niggers at CNN can never get on our level
Never ever
Never ever ever
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I knew a kid exactly like this, talked about running over protestors blocking the road to...

I hope he's doing well.
neo nazis are literally the school shooters or white identitarians, this faggot proves that.

Nazis are losers, why people are obsessed with them is beyond me.

Ok /r9k/ help me out here.

>married long time
>wife hates sex
>makes me constantly feel like im fucking up or ugly, even though shes over weight.
>decide to get /fit/ so shell want me
>lookinggood. Bmp
>beautiful woman in some fb groups
>she likes the same shit i do
>we talk more
>she plays the same vidya i do
>we talk more
>she tells me she loves me and sends lewds.

Pic very close to what she looks like. Pls send help.
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Even though there's probably no chance any bitch that looks like your pic related would be interested in you, you still need to dump your pigwife. Make sure you get a good lawyer. Btw, your wife doesn't hate sex. She just hates sex with you.
Do it man. Dump shitty wife if she makes you feel shitty.
>Btw, your wife doesn't hate sex. She just hates sex with you.

And bingo was his name-o.

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Depressing anime thread? Which animus give you them deep feels?
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I watch whatever Moe shit school setting and i love it but then it ends and i feel sad.

Anyone know any good yuri. Need hot yuri kissing
Yosuga no sora got me pretty good.
Why not just play VNs? Much better yuri than anime.

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>tfw 20 years old
>tfw 2nd puberty starts kicking in

Reminder that there is hope for you robots
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Dude, I'm 20 as well and my dick is still growing. 2 years ago I was 5.5" now I'm at 6.6". Holy fuck I hope this ride never ends.
>tfw 20
>tfw still have acne
>tfw hair falling out
>tfw I thought there was supposed to be a sweet spot in between these two
>tfw I still have acne from puberty but am already balding from getting old

wtf is this can anyone relate?
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>tfw dick is already 7 inches

I don't think I want it to get any bigger than that

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mP_mhDzN2SE wtf is with this guy and traps??
Expectation vs reality of having a trap gf.
This is fucking gold. Is that really eggman?
how do you know that's the egg man?

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>google "why shouldn't i kill myself"
>get a bunch of buzzfeed esque lists
>"you shouldn't kill yourself because dogs are AWESOME"
>"you'll never have ice cream ever again!"
>"you'll never hear a queen song!"
>"we'll all miss you, i'll miss you."
>"persevere, life is worth living. it get's better, i promise."
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well at least now you know you should, and dont worry its not as bad as people say
The internet isn't going to actually save you from killing yourself. Talk to a therapist, fix your problems somehow, or just kill yourself. Those are your options.
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What if someone was allergic to dogs, lactose intolerant and hated dad rock?
What then?

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dubs and I text her
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post results pussy
You gotta do it op show results too
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ahhhhh shit i was not prepared for this

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get wisdom teeth out tomorrow

nervous as fuck i despise surgery reeeeeeeeeeee

what happened? how were you after getting them out? day 2? etc
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My step dads sister was crying from the pain day but she wouldnt take the pain killers they gave her so ye. My friend seemed perfectly fine after she had hers done tho. So 50/50 op gl
Both sides or one side?
I got them out for free while I was in the military.
I took local anaesthesia and did them one side at a time. I was awake for the operation, they wrapped your head in cloth so you just lied there while they operated.
The first day is shit, non stop bleeding and swelling. One of my sides was much worse and ended up getting a lymph node which took almost a week before it stopped hurting. I couldn't lie on one side to sleep.
fuck those odds

both all 4
you didnt go under? the fuck, I am thank god

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