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>bowlegged and underweight
>it makes my hips like wide af
>tfw getting free video games from guys for sending them pics of my "girly" legs
Why haven't you become a low effort trap yet?
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i still have the dream of selfesteam
not sure I believe you, maybe you should post it here
consider this a freebie

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>I hate anime, but I like stuff like Cowboy Bebop, Black Lagoon, Death Note, Attack On Titan, One Punch Man, Space Dandy, Outlaw Star, Samurai Champloo, and Spirited Away
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okey???....go on.....

he's mocking people who say that
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Not Anon but I didn't get it either.

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>walk into big sister's room
>see this

Wat do robots?
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Something to the effect of
>hey do you need untying or are you good
I'm a nice big bro.

Smashing pic btw ropes and grool really perk me up.
>untie her
>tie her up properly
>see that she's tied up
>throw a blanket over her head so she won't know it's me
>fuck her pooper
>leave and act like I arrived home hours later

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>friend who was a loser like me starts to fix his life.
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Fix your life with him.
>friend who was the ugly one starts to get fit
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surprised wojak.jpg
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>make progress on fixing life
>post about progress on /r9k/
>robots call you a normie and scream for you to leave

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>tfw a woman in her forties is literally paying me hundreds of dollars to spend time with her and call her mommy
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Where'd you find her I could use an arrangement like this
Tinder but it was very, very lucky. I can't recommend it anymore than playing the lottery.
What else do you do?
How hot is she?

Why do white women age so horribly, robots?
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That's a jew

I see plenty of milf white wimminz so I don't agree
Amy was an alcoholic and a drug addict ... it aged her

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How common is it for women to sleep with their boss?
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Very common. Even more likely if they like dominant men, because he is dominant with her every minute shes at work. He could tell her to go print out some documents and it would make her pussy wet.
It is the single most common form of a cheating that women commit. Seriously google it. Even my own mother did it.
>that girth

Those jaws are going to get sore under the desk

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he he where are we going today, anon?
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she's not really attractive
Back in the sweatshop, whore.
She died in a car accident a long time ago you faggots. This is how I know you're both underage newfags.

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>makes three 3 minute videos per month
>half of the video is some announcement or company shilling
>other half is her briefly talking about some non-problem that she and other neurotypical idiots experience
>500k-1M views per video
>almost 2M subs
I don't get it.
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her nose is so hideous
don't know who she is, but she's pretty. if she does videos that are easy to relate to (you mention 'non-problems', so i'm guessing shit like 'muh anxiety lol') i can see how she's killing it.

you're the dumbass who hasn't learned to expect this kind of stuff

It's called being a moderately attractive woman that was once attached to a famous guy (RWJ)

What are the prereqs to being a robot?
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It's easier to say what disqualifies one from being a robot. For example, if you have ever had consensual sex you are not a robot.
At the absolute minimum:
>virgin (barring prostitution)
>very limited desire for social interaction
Anybody who seriously disagrees with this criteria is just being contrary
spend your entire life being mocked and have less than 3 friends

>tfw bf isn't online
no one listens or talks to me like him. I need someone to talk to..
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Fuck off roastie slut/faggot. GTFO of my board
fuck off roastie

You could have prevented this if you picked a bf in your timezone and who is clingy.
He's cheating on you by the way.

Tell them if you like to. Please don't be mean to each other.

I saw my older sister licking our dogs dick one time i walked by her room several years ago
I never saw something again with her & now i have a fetish for this kind of stuff.
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I tried to make out with my sister once.
How did it go out?
My whole life is practically a secret. I never tell anyone anything more than they absolutely need to know.

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Have you abandoned all of your empathy yet /r9k/?

The world is much easier to deal with when you do.
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actually my empathy has gone up
I've never really understood the need for empathy. It just causes useless emotions.
>implying I had any to begin with.

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>Go outside for the first time in weeks yesterday
>Got mugged and beaten really badly by 3 guys
>Bruised and bloody all over
>Had to go to hospital
>Got several stitches and pain all over
>Wondering why I even try anymore
Why am I so unlucky?
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If you present yourself as easy prey, then expect to attract some wolves.

Add my discord, oki? OP
What race were these guys OP?

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How does a girl's butt smell like?
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woowie! P.U.! stinky!
The correct question would be: "What does a girl's butt smell like?"
Smell your own asshole and add the smell of pussy to it as well

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