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Who are more a slave to their instincts? Men or women?
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Men easily. Otherwise they(I'm one as well but at least I'm not a beta orbiter) wouldn't be so desperate to do anything for pussy so the female ego would be that inflated.
People who are more feeling oriented rather than thinking oriented, kind of like that personality test shit. If that thing is accurate at all, then the majority of women are slaves to instincts, while about 40% of men are.

Also dumb people in general are as well.
It's not the pussy that is exalted.


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>make a thread to try to start a thoughtful and intelligent discussion
>zero replies

>some faggot makes a trap thread
>hundreds of replies

Why is this board such a shit hole
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Why don't we have an intelligent discussion about boipussies?
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your thread probably wasn't as good as you like to think
Still better than half the retarded shit on this board that belongs on /lgbt/

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I'm so sick of jewish tricks
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I'm so sussy of smelling jewish pussy
Existence is a jewish trick in itself. You literally live to serve, goy.
>tfw the USA is one big jewish trick

for all the talk about how attraction is "evolutionary", people are surprisingly immune to actual evolutionary value. You'd think girls would just spread their legs for you when you do something new and innovative, give them courage, or endow them with information. You don't, you get shunned. The question I'm wondering is, how do we change? It couldn't be better that a guy will get laid by spouting knowledge he's heard before, by saying "it's all futile", and blatant opinions when facts are involved, you are literally giving a baby to a person with a death premise, potentially. So what will be that baby's life? Any bitch who'd more open her legs for a male that's not truly independent is a monster and unworthy of sex. So the bitches must have death premises too, or the compulsion runs so goddamn deep (this one) that even chicks of integrity will give up a man for a man trying to be that man and failing.
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"Actual evolutionary value" is simply your capacity to produce as many offspring that will survive and breed themselves so you can pass your genes on. Being able to have a new idea or be smart is not generally going to correlate with having lots of kids who will be socially successful. Don't make the mistake of conflating Darwinian fitness with your own values.
what are you even doing? u know that even if free will doesn't exist that if we're like mendell's peas that we have genetic mutations there's not necessarily a correlation between parent & offspring. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK
you're, based on your values, a racist.I have never met a prime-mover who was racist.

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>be black
>always liked asian women
>be told im supposed to like black or white women
>suddenly thicc asians become a thing

can white or black women even compete?
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If azn girls had more mass in the ass I'd be right there with you. Otherwise the only reasons I list for them now are for completely non superficial reasons.
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Fucking degenerates
JUST let my burry my face in that hot sweaty asian ass.

im numb all over
wish he would like me again
I HATE LIVING I HATE LIVING why does he hate me now
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Diglet Pepe.png
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I don't know, why does he hate you mr.anon?
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ilu aya poster
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>tfw no one will care for me as much as Remi fag will care for Aya

why do I even live

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I am a 30 year old KHV and it just bothers me to all hell that I have not had the opportunity to grasp any kind of a concept and form opinnions about sex, and I lack all the skills, experience and knowledge that coem with it. I don't feel my age or even human anymore, more like some kind of a 15Y old cyborg that is not even supposed to have genitalia.

I want to be like everyone else on this but I have to accept that it's never going to happen and that just makes me want to binge drink vodka until I pass out. What's even the point in being a biological being when you can't fullfill your biological purpose ever?
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You're a failed human being, either accept it and enjoy life as best you can without sex or kill yourself
stop caring? sex is overrated anyways. you have two hands and the device you made this thread with available to you
Maybe he's boed of his hands and wants yours now.

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Rate my Soul Silver Elite 4 team. Only guy I'm genuinely worried about is Lance.
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You should trade with yourself opening 2 emulators and get a gengar

Also play pokemmo and I'll give you 20k to get you started
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Just level up your Mamoswine and Polliwrath a bit more and you can deal with Lance fine.
>choosing worst starter
I love ancient history as well

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Do girls "feel" (subjectively, to themselves) as gorgeous and sexy as my brain thinks they "objectively" are?

Or do girls just walk around thinking they're a mundane meat-sack, like I do?

Do women "feel" any of what my brain thinks they "are?" Or is that all internal to the male sex drive, and women just see their body as "the robot that carries my consciousness around," like how I reflexively see my body?
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They're too manipulate not to be aware of it
I don't think you understand what those words mean. Further research is required.
First off: smoke less weed

Secondly: every woman Ive ever met, even super hot ones are insecure as fuck.

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When I was 14 this happened
>dad tells me to go play basketball or do exercises so I become taller
>ask him why
>tells me you'll thank me later
>ask him why because edgy teenager
>tells me it matters with women
>am bluepilled by mom tell him that the girls that don't want me because something as stupid as height are not worth it
>tells me they do
>tell him I'm tall anyway
>5'9 since 13
>warns me that i have stopped growing since a while, tells me to fix sleep schedule
>ignore him
>tells me one day I'll regret this very much
>tfw 21
>tfw still 5'9
>tfw ALL woman are like that
>tfw live in lanketland where average height is 6'1
>tfw still virgin
>tfw made no progress with women since i was 14
>tfw dad was right
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lol moms always blue pilling their sons. anyway does exercise and basketball actually make you grow? I thought it was just genetics and nutrition?
I wish I had a dad to make me a chad

Genetics are important and without proper sleep/nutrition you'll definitely not grow, but if you're still in puberty then yes exercises help. After that it's all over. The meme is that it's suppose to help as an adult, which they clearly don't.

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>How are those grades?
>How many exams/papers/projects left?
>Do your professors love/hate you?
>Taking any summer classes?
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Daily reminder that smartfags in uni can't be robots. Being a brainlet is far more troublesome than be an ugly socially inept virgin.
What about smartfags studying from home?
Doesn't matter. As long as they're capable of getting a degree or high paying job, they're not robots.

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>tfw it's the stupid weed day
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But it's also the fuhrer's birthday.
But it's the anniversary of the best school shooting ever
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STAY LIT OP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What do you think, should I e-mail him?
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if you want to give up the right to call yourself a man, sure
I'm fine with that, so guess I'm contacting him.
there's nothing to lose from contacting him
do it desu

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This motherfucker is curing my social anxiety one stream at a time, anyone else?

Watching him go out and not give a fuck in social interactions is legitimately helping me.

More robots need to watch him, pretty sure it will help you out.
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Literally who?

is that ice poseidon?

Well first off who is this?

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I'm a submissive Asian guy who's really into femdom, and I've had trouble finding an Asian girlfriend who likes being dominant and bossy. My dream relationship is to be forced to be completely naked around the house and be forced to do chores and errands for my dominant girlfriend and worship her feet as soon as she comes from work or the club. This is basically what my dream is:


Are there any fembots who are into femdom, CFNM, and foot worship? You don't have to be Asian. Other races are fine as long as you are into Asian guys.
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>submissive boy
>dominant gf

why is all this shit so damn backwards. fuck off you fucking pussy faggot. man the fuck up and try again or get rid of yourself
>I'm a submissive Asian guy who's really into femdom, and I've had trouble finding an Asian girlfriend who likes being dominant and bossy. My dream relationship is to be forced to be completely naked around the house and be forced to do chores and errands for my dominant girlfriend and worship her feet as soon as she comes from work or the club
How much do you earn? Finding an Asian gf who will bully you is easy if you make a decent amount.

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