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A 13 year old that is completely in love with me invited me over. I am 100% sure her dad's away. I am fighting with myself. Any encouragement to refuse?
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Do it, keep it to masturbate only
She wan's to watch American Pie. Jesus Christ anons. help me I am thinking with my dick here
Anime does not equal RL anon. Don't go at all, or risk jail and a permanent record.

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Where do you go to do romantic/erotic roleplay with people?

I used to use Omegle because it was random, 1-on-1, anonymous, and took no investment, which made it the least embarrassing, but unfortunately it was also awful and it would take on average an hour just to find a remotely interested partner, and longer to find someone I could mesh with well, and even longer to find someone who would actually want to do an ongoing story with me and continue talking with me, so I stopped doing it at some point. Now there's so many bots it seems it's just not worth the time at all.

I'm starting to crave doing it again to help stave off the loneliness, but every single roleplay site seems so fucking gay and based around shitty fandoms, and I would rather be able to spontaneously come up with and be exposed to new prompts, however shitty, and be guaranteed to at least match with somebody by random chance, rather than putting a stale character on display publicly in a community I don't want to be a part of and having no one ever message me. It's made infinitely harder by that I'm very vanilla and I don't like fandoms. Surely there are some robots that do/have done this.
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Bumping a topic of great importance.
I just do it on discord with friends I've met through 4chan.

It would be nice to find someone to get real with though. Like, issuing orders that I actually follow irl for them. I've had that before a few times, one relationship in particular was amaaaazing.

Everyone wants to just roleplay though...
I go to roleplaychat dot org. It's filled with traps/futa/ shemales, but a pretty good amount of girls, too.

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>he isn't a nihilist yet
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If nihilism is true it doesn't matter whether someone is a nihilist or not.
>he doesn't have a wicked sense of humor yet
You like skrillex? Or else you can just G.T.F.O

I'm speaking for all of us

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are robots into chastity?
what are your thoughts about it?
would you ever do it? for who and what?
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Chastity is hot as fuck. I would do it as a lifestyle thing for a girl that I found attractive enough and still allowed me to eat her out multiple times daily.
I want to try it but I'm not sure if it would be worth the cost.
I was looking into buying one a few weeks ago but I'm afraid of getting pinched somehow or not fitting it.
just try it with one of those cheap 7$ ones
then if you really like it invest into a high price one

>You're getting your haircut
>Barber starts talking to you
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>"so what grade of high school are ya in, sport?"
My barber is one of the few people I talk to. Real cool guy.
My barber is kind of a robot. I believe he's still a virgin (although he looks 40).
We usually talk about TV shows. He was the one that recommenced me "Mr. Robot".

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Okay guys I finally joined OkCupid and all the girls are vegan, hippie whores with colored hair and their sexualities are either pansexual, demisexual, bisexual or asexual or whatever the fuck.
What did I do wrong?
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>I finally joined OkCupid
>What did I do wrong?

OKCupid is literally for people who are so socially retarded or ugly that they have no other options.

Those types can only try to meet folks online because no normal person will want anything to do with them.
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>asexual grills
>using a dating app

>go to take benzos
>mom and my weekly pill bottles look the same
>mindlessly take two because panic attack can't concentrate
>read pill bottle

i just took two oxycodone
now i'm freaking out
am i gonna be ok?
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Yes, you'll be fine. That amount isn't even going to give you a buzz. It's basically prescription Tylenol
RIP OP you're going to be sooo fucked uo lmaoo
Yeah, just chill out and enjoy it man

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>go to shops
>two little girls keep staring and snickering at me
>old dude's head literally does a 180% rotation as I pass by him
>store clerk asks if I'm healthy and says that I've been seeming shaky recently

who else /anxious to go outside/? I feel as if everyone is staring at me.
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I used to. Keep going out and force yourself to talk to strangers, (while mentally saying good things about yourself) and you'll heal.
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did you stick your hand down their hotpants and feel their slightly prepubescent pussylips?

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Why aren't you a loli kind of guy?
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That loli is fat, gross.
It's just a little chub. You have to help her work it off


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When was the last time you saw a troll face?
(other than right now)
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l can't remember to be honest
I was walking home from work when I saw some kid wearing a hoodie with a coolface and the text "u mad bro" on it
There was a troll science thread on /qa/ a few weeks ago.

Any other robots like to grow thetheir nails? I rarely if ever go outside so it's not like anyone can make fun of me for it. I also take good care of them and if I try hard enough I can pretend they belong to a cute girl. (cute girls with cute hands is my kink).
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No that's quite disgusting.
No I do not, and thanks for the reminder that I need to trim them. Shit grows like crazy.
No, I keep my fingernails short but I do paint them (matte black).

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if you went on a shooting spree how would the media portray you? would you leave a manifesto?
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I'd only go on a shooting spree if I had a chance of getting a high score.
>if you went on a shooting spree how would the media portray you?
White supremacist, even though most of my victims would be white.
>would you leave a manifesto?
No, because I'm not a politician. I'd leave a note or something.
Breaking News: 38 year old KV who didn't left his home in 8 months finally goes out and kills X people.

no manifesto, no porn, no anime, nothing, only videogames
>only video games
Did games like Call of Duty and GTA make you do it, Jimmy?

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ITT: Confess things you've done that were extremely unethical but got away with

>taking psychology in high school
>end of year essay is called "who am i"
>not for grade, just something for teacher to understand us as individuals or whatever
>said we could be as personal and deep as we want and they would be seen by no one but him
>fast forward to after papers were turned in
>classroom computers are on a local network that all of us can access
>go on it to do spellcheck on a doc I had posted
>couldn't remember where I put it, searched deep into the files and accidentally stumbled across the file the teacher had put all our who am I papers in
>read every single one of them
>find out super personal stuff, like how one person had been homeless, how another's dad has been in jail since she was a kid, and one kid I found out was secretly gay

that was some juicy reading but I do feel a little guilty
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That's only mildly unethical.
Were the papers signed?
If so why do you think your teacher has a right to read them while if you do it's such a bad thing?
It was voluntary but everyone in the class still did it but if they didn't want to share with the teacher they didnt
And yes, the papers had their names on it

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is there a name for this kind of taste?
please rate it
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>is there a name for this kind of taste?
>is there a name for this kind of taste
>is there a name for this kind of taste?
Yeah, paedophilia. They all look underage.

Fembots, how is your relationship with your sister(s)?
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Bump for female sisters getting along
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were super close, basically my best friends
Do you ever cuddle while sleeping? It's top comfy

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