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How do I get a girlfriend like Ruby Rose?
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You don't need a gf If you have milk
Is rwby actually any good? I'm enjoying camp camp and loved rvb way back when so I figured maybe this will be good too.
Women are evil creatures. Unlike anime, they will never be attracted or even talk to people like us.

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My sister is dating a fucking muslim Chad.
It's over.
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Your sister must be a pretty sexy goat.
almost same
>tfw my step sister is pregnant to an illegal Muslim guy who only wants to have a kid with her because he can't stay in the country anymore and she's too retarded to realize it.
meh, i couldn't really give a shit but having a muslim in the family pisses me off. they'll probably get divorced in like 3 years since they have nothing in common and the kid is going to live with a single mother.
>tfw the kid's a future robot.
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don't fret goy, you cant judge her. you arent a bigot are you? I might have to report you to the ADL, oy vey.

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>medical ethics class
>learn how people with disabilities have a right to sex
>sex is a human right etc
I'm sitting there thinking what about me...
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Just make it your defense in court
Just fuck your mother and stop whining.
I thought you robots would care... this is modern ethics you dipshits this is your future.

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Share what you got out of the genetic lottery and/or your physical demeanor. I'll share mine.

>not balding (yet, but it's unlikely I will)
>good enough vision to not need glasses
>IQ is above 100
>not fat

>skin is incredibly sensitive; acne, burning, and dermatological issues are common for me
>teeth are majorly fucked up, not straight at all
>various emotional stability problems
>not very strong, muscles not well developed and it is hard to gain muscle
>body build is built ideally for running, but my lungs and breathing are fairly fucked so my stamina is weak as well
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>Not balding, full set of nice blond thick hair
>IQ of around 150, got tested twice because they didn't believe my score at first
>Not fat, can build muscle easily but doesn't show as much
>Good looking face, 8/10 at least
>Good in Sports
>Charismatic, no problem getting a girls number or getting accepted for a job during an interview
>No problem giving public so or presentations
>Learn languages easily, speak around 5 in total of which 3 fluently
>Mild form of paranoid schizophrenia
>Only interested in a few things in my spare time
>Get obsessed easily, if I like something I'll be like a salesman trying to sell it.
>Sweat a lot during exercise, especially hands
>Depressed when I overthink things despite my life being more than alright
>Can be very jealous and envious
>muh jawline
>nice eyebrows
>ok body

>acne problem
>jew nose
>not bald

>speech impediment
>iq of 90

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why not a whore?

WTF with all those memes "never a whore", "a whore is the rock bottom", "not even a robot will go to a whore", "the man who pay for sex is not a man"... sometimes I think there is a group of feminist protecting their business with all that nonsense bullshit

let me tell you, most women are soulless sluts, specially those young super hot ones you use to fap on instagram, think about it, their way to survive is to take advantage of the insanely high biological attraction men have for them to enslave them for their willing
women get it all just by using their bodies... money, social status, comfort, traveling, luxuries, delicious food, whatever a hard working or rich normie man can provide
let me add that those whores WILL NOT HESITATE in leaving the normie if he gets sick or lose his money or status and can not provide anymore for their luxuries, hell they will even ditch the man if they find a better deal, they are absolutely soulless manipulative sluts that learned they can get whatever they want in this world by using their pussy

the fact is EVERY MAN PAYS FOR THE PUSSY, there is no exceptions and be sure a pay whore is WAY CHEAPER than a girlfriend whore

paying is the smartest way of fulfilling man urges, you get to actually choose what stunning girl you want to fuck, you do not waste time with bullshits, you do not waste money in gifts, luxuries or whatever shit girlfriends demands, you set the rules of whatever you want to do, for the time you want to do it... the only requirement is to make enough money to fulfill your monthly pussy quota...

personally I had been having sex with countless different young stunning women since 2010 (when I gave up of "real" women)... let me tell you SEX IS ESSENTIAL for us men, is a hell on earth living without fucking at least a women per month and I can assure most of your "mental illness" and "depressions" are due to the lack of sex

so make $, fuck beautiful girls and enjoy this stupid life!
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Has anyone actually made calculations for how much it costs to keep a girlfriend around vs a whore? I'm interested in what the price for pussy actually is.
>Why not a whore
Already have girlfriend who puts out like once every two days, and every day in the weekend or holidays. Being sex deprived really fucks you up, I didn't have sex until I was 18 and I thought very badly of myself until I had sex. It was with a Korean girl in Madrid when I was there, she was in the same hostel as me and had massive tits. We started dancing in a nightclub and things progressed until the point of making out and me grabbing her ass, afterwards to the hostel to fuck in the shower rooms.
Having a girlfriend isn't that expensive as many people think. Given the amount of more sex you get from a grilfriend than from a whore. Let's say a whore costs 100$ every time you fuck her, I fuck my girlfriend around 15 times a month, no way my girlfriend costs me 1500$ per month or even 100$ per month. Plus she also spends money on me so it evens out.

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Post baffling images.
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kind of hard to have an image thread on /r9k/
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It's good on r9k because the most baffling images are rarely posted anywhere.
That picture is perfectly understandable

H-How many of us are guilty of this?
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>stutter type
definitely you
come on anon let's see the chad version
Before seeing this image none, after seeing it, all of us. This fucking image has the power of convincing everyone they walk that way.

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>Takes pleasure in few, if any, activities
>Does not desire or enjoy close relationships, including family
>Appears aloof and detached
>Avoids social activities that involve significant contact with other people
>Almost always chooses solitary activities
>Little or no interest in sexual experiences with another person
>Lacks close relationships other than with immediate relatives
>Indifferent to praise or criticism
>Shows emotional coldness, detachment or flattened affect
>Exhibits little observable change in mood
True robot master-race.
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basically me, dunno if I'm schizophrenic or not cus I don't hear voices but everything else is there
>tfw part of the mustard rice
Kek at all the retards that are going to fall for this and post

its another bingo thread except people will judge the kind of person you are based on what you got
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OP here, ill start
File: Capturesss.jpg (9KB, 338x226px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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tfw wrong image
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what are my results like??

Who's more alpha? The Chad who's genetically and socially superior to other men and fucks women in a daily basis, or the Chad with all the same assets but chooses to reject women and stay a virgin to go beyond his primal urges?
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He ain't a chad if he doesn't get the pussy. That's what I say.
The most alpha is the man who starts off shit and learns to conquer his shortcomings to fuck women on the reg.
Sounds like me, Im flattered

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You all know what's going to happen, right?

>Years ago, it became 'popular' to like video games, superheros, and other classic dorky things
>Recently, normans have been invading, trying to assimilate
>A few more years into the future, and..?

All I'm saying is, Tumblr and Reddit and other garbage sites are watered down versions of what we've always had. If things keep moving the way they are, logically, women like pic related are going to crave the average r0bot. Chin up, r0b0t, our time is almost here!
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Oh sick, an RP thread! Nice!
no fuckwit. normalization pushes us further into weirder shit outside the mainstream.besides the fact that they turn everything we like into platforms for sjw bullshit.
I remember a interview with forum moderator that I used to hang around by a teen magazine in 2004. It was the first time that I saw media going for this niche and I would never imagine that it would destroy it but the number of people that took this as OP is saying was really high...I would love to see those guys today

>no benis
>micropenis with orchiectomy(no ballz)
>giant BBC to slurp on?

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Wtf Korra is not a trap????????
best choice
>Wtf Korra is not a trap
Korra being a trap is canon from the comics

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Post yr homeless camp.
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Is he taking that picture with his mouth?
That florescent tube looks a bit black, I bet it sputters a lot when turned on.
I wish I had some pictures of my old "apartment" I lived in last winter. I'll green text some events.
>Only source of heat was corn burning stove
>Only heated one corner of one room out of the three.
>Kitchen was always bellow freezing
>I couldn't leave the furnace on while I was gone, would burn out and fill the entire place with black smoke every 2-3 hours and need cleaned.
>Usually only lit it if it was super cold and nighttime
>Blanket fortress on futon in corner of the room
>Would run PC games on my laptop on ultra settings to create heat inside of the blanket fortress every day.
>Bathroom water froze out week one of winter
>Had to have a 10 gallon bucket of water filled every day to use to flush toliet or make ramen in microwave
I have some more but those are most memorable.

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I haven't kissed a girl in three years. Girls always view me as creepy. No girls ever want to talk to me.

I'm depressed and unwanted. Is this where I belong?
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The girl on the right has a man's face.
Bitch I haven't kissed a girl my entire life stop complaining
>3 years

Holy shit boohoo for you faggot. That's soooo long, I can't even imagine the pain you're in! I bet it's been 3 whole weeks since the last time you had sex! Are you feeling sad and depressed because your 100 friends couldn't make it to the club last night with you? So sad

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Is it autistic to wear a pullover hoodie like pic related?
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If you don't skate or listen to hxc then yes
Why would it be?
I don't get your line of thinking.
I see a lot of people on here say that wearing hoodies when it's not cold outside is autistic. I wanted to know if skater/pullover hoodies were viewed the same since they're less bulky and worn more for style and less often by autists from what I've seen at least

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