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>be me
>21 y/o kissless virgin
>regular afternoon but don't really feel good
>lay down for a little nap
>9/10 qt sitting at some table
>I sit down at that table
>9/10 starts flirting
>implying sex
>thinking its wierd
>say no and go away
>waking up, slowly realizing dream
>mfw +100 autism

I don't even know anymore...
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Do you prefer bois?
>Do you prefer bois?

Hell no!
Had two dreams once where a guy sucked me off. One felt disgusting but the other one was good.

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am I going to end up like the Wendy's chef from /b/?
I'm getting old, I really am. these days I can see it in the mirror
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Well, that's entirely up to you. Sort yourself out
>Wendy's chef from /b/?
6'4" with a 9 inch cock making $130k a year?
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54 y:o virgin.png
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If you continue doing nothing, yeah. You better do something soon if you're feeling this now because it isn't going to get better. You can always take steps to making your life better, which is good, but also as you get older you'll fall behind and have less time to build a career, and people will be less forgiving of your inexperience. Which shouldn't be taken as an excuse to give up, but should light a fire under your ass. I assume your 30-40ish, so you still have entire decades left. Do some thinking, do some research, and get going

I can post more of these types of pictures if you like

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What song really got you into music? I know it's a difficult question, and most of us don't remember it, but I know some of you know what I'm talking about.
Any song that you heard as a child that you loved and thought, 'damn, I want to hear more music like that.' For me, it was this track.
It's such a dated song now, but I love it. What about you, anons?
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Run to the Hills. All it took was those opening notes to totally captivate me.
What got me into music? It was a song from sonic 1 iirc it was a stage where youd slide down sewers forever unless you timed the jump. Fought a boss in a vertical tunnel filling up with water.

My love for all kinds of music began there.
i discovered this motherfucking song at 13 and since i m fucking listening to shitty 70s psych-rock H24

Also >>>/mu/

I've got a question and really want to talk. I went to college last fall and did nothing but drink in my room all the time. I got dragged to a couple parties by a gay friend of mine (who I am in love with) out of pity, but everyone started making fun of me and calling me a buzz kill and a sperg. I got super depressed and stopped leaving my dorm, and I completely failed the year. Now I am taking a mandatory year off and am working, but my only friends are back in school (they lived in other states to begin with, but now they don't message me or play games online because they are busy with parties and classes). I feel so alone and have had a history with depression (I got sent to a place called Sundance Canyon Academy my junior year of high school for a suicide attempt and drinking), and I am starting to have thoughts of suicide. Not, like, planning it out or anything, and not even concretely suicide, just thinking about dying or not living and how weary I feel and I don't know if it is something I should be worried about. Is it going to get bad again?
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Focus on working and getting a education and a good job those faggots are going to burn out or get a good life.
Either way focus on yourself nigger.
I just feel so alone though. Through middle and high school I was really strange but I was in marching band and I had a dnd group, it was nice, but then I went to that rehab place and I lost 9 months of my life and it scrambled me, but I was surrounded by other guys who were just as sad and angry and done with it as I was, now I have nobody.
You need to stop drinking alcohol and never touch it again.

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>tfw not that old but feel like you're surrounded by kids everywhere online
>tfw was a teenager during the cynical ironic meem xd era instead of the nice meme era of today
>tfw everyone online seems more rude
i don't understand why they are rude. if you point it out they will sometimes say not to take it seriously? why be hostile if you know the other person isn't going to even care. it doesnt bother me when people are mean it just seems like they are only acting that way because someone else did or to fit in with a crowd.
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being rude is fun and cathartic, that's why they do it.

it's fun to reciprocate too
there's nothing good about me that I can share with you. I can tell you when you're being retarded but I can't fix you or myself. I didn't even want to post in your thread at all, but I am here on /r9k/ and I am lurking and I am a loser
i grew out of that at like 14, shame some people don't have a constructive outlet

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is it easier to get laid if you have a popular sister? i imagine you could convince your sister to get her friends to fuck you.
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My sister used to be a total bitch and I hated the people she hung out with by association.

Why do women stockpile clothes and shoes like they're food? You will only ever need a few pairs of each article of clothing to get by. Having thousands of pieces of clothing won't help you when shit hits the fan.
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because if she's seen wearing the same outfit twice her friends will mock her endlessly because women are terrible people in basically all regards. also, a womans chief hobby and primary interest i usually her own appearance.

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on the wall.jpg
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My boyfriend is considering putting up high resolution canvas prints of album art on our gaming room wall.
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yes you are right, he has very bad taste. (not sarcastic, he actually does)

If you're anywhere from 13-20 and you live in a two story home with a basement you literally have no reason not to have a girlfriend, as it signals that your family has their shit together enough. You also have a basement, probably with an entertainment system, enough room to hang out and do shit, etc.

If you have a backyard with a pool on top of this and still don't have a girlfriend you're a straight up loser and need to get on fixing that STAT

If you have a large family on top of all of this and you haven't slayed pussy then it's basically over and you're past help

Living in a small apartment, with one room that is quarantined because your brother basically died in it, with your father and dog, is just not gonna cut it. I've had girls approach ME multiple times throughout my life, but everytime they ask if they can come over they immediately sense my unease and then obv they're done with me, because I don't come from a stable family or one that appears to be stable. They know immediately that my family is broken, and therefore my DNA is broken.

Basically having a nice house with a nice family increases your attractiveness exponentially to women, and having a broken family decreases your attractiveness.

The only way to counteract the unnatractiveness of having a broken family and small apartment is to start smoking cigarrettes, wearing cut jeans, and maybe even consider shooting heroin. You have to become the damaged person that your living situation wanted to make you. You can't be a decent human being and live like shit, because it conflicts in a woman's head, and then they think there's something deeper that they don't know about you.

Women like absolutes and despise nuance because it scares them. I'm a really funny guy so I'm funny in public 24/7 and that I think is what some girls like about me, I'm pretending to be an absolute and therefore stable person. Meanwhile in my spare time I write sad love songs and perform at small cafes for hipster chicks.
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Dont care I wanna grow pot and make my own wine.
I can get a house to attract gold diggers but I dont care.
I wanna get high and drunk all the time.
A gram of really good smack goes to 80 to 100 a gram.
If you can afford coke and smack you dont need to worry about bitches.
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Man kids who grew up with their own rooms and areas in their house that are somewhat separate from each other don't know how good they have it. You can comfortably have friends over without your family lurking 2 feet away from you. And if you have your own room you can just go there when you're feel like being alone. God I would kill to just to have my own room

Anyway, I think you might be reading into this too much though. Like if you're visibly uneasy about having girls over to you're house, she isn't thinking about your DNA but she's thinking that you're uneasy about having her over and whatever conclusions she draws from that.

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facebook really makes me search gud
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No replies in the DB for this post!

>sitting at a pizza place waiting for my pizza
>one of those kids that sell postcards (third world country) enters the place and leaves a postcard on my leg (if you don't buy it they pick it up later)
>some people give him food
>some people buy the postcard
>he comes to pick the one on my leg
>"sorry kid I got no money"
>he replies with "why are you so skinny?"
>"I-I don't know"
>the night has been ruined

How was your day skeleton friend?
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I ate two heaping spoonfuls of peanut butter for breakfast

Nothing looked appetizing for lunch so i took a nap instead

Im about to eat dinner, Southwest rice and pork chops doused in siracha.

Last week i hung out with other 4channers and was called an Auschwitz resident.

Honestly I dont care. This is just a shit post for a shit thread.
Are you skelly for decision or genetics?
I got a shit thyroid and fast metabolism.
>Last week i hung out with other 4channers

what the fuck. why?

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just fuck my shit up senpai

acne has single handedly fucked up my confidence and social abilities. It's incredibly difficult to just socialize when all your brain thinks about is what's on your face, chest, and back 24/7. I'm pretty average when you look past my acne, but most people are probably immediately turned off.
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Literally the worst desu, being tall doesn't even give you an escape. I'm 6' and people regularly tell my I'm 15-16.

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>sitting on computer all day again
>so many countless days like this
>heart rate getting jacked on and off
>too busy shitposting to care
>losing faith in my life
>will probably die like a gamer in an internet cafe from cardio problems
>say "just fucking die already" when my body tells me to move now
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fucking destroy your router OP. All it takes is a moment like this to have an impact when you revert back to your pathetic self.
I'm pathetic if I'm on the computer or not

my life is a mess you have no clue, we just ended up being one of the many people contemplating suicide daily.

this world suck and I'm at the bottom, this computer is the best thing I have

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how you guyus doin tonight
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deciding if i should set myself aflame desu imo hbu

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>tfw most everyone is going to have a horribly prolonged and painful last few months to a year before you die, but society solves this problem by having everyone pretend dying people don't exist
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yep sucks thats why i wanna find someone wholl do m in from the back of the head with a shotgun

i doubt theyll even let you chew tobacco or drink when youre in a hospital
end of life doctors go into hospice and get morphined to death as they know it's the best way to go.

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