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would you date a girl with a weird hairline?
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idgi wheres the weird hairline? if you see anything its prob the way she tied back her ponytail
She's a girl. I would date her.
I'd shave her hair and bully her

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This is a thread for homosexuals
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>tfw no muscle right wing bf
You fucks ruin this board

Because we all remember what a success the last one was.

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Who else fucking hates this show
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get schwifty lol
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only retarded normies like this show
pic related
4chan hates popular things

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>ctrl+f "comfy"
>nothing found

lets get a comfy thread going anons, whats your favorite tea? im a big fan of chamomile
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Tea is trash desu senpai
also bump
what about coffee?
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I used one of those presses to make me some coffee sludge that is really caffeinated and makes a great babby speedball when combined with weed.

bumping for more comfy

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How did this get 62k likes?
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I don't know but it really activated my neurons, i.e. made me think.
I'm what way to girls get held accountable for their actions. They literally get a free pass in life. What a dumb nigger.
>have a lot of followers
>post something stupid

>you will never cum inside of a woman's vagina
>Not consensually at least
How do you control this feel?
It makes me feel violent.
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Your feelings are irrelevant, you're too much a pussy to act on them.

Girls reject you, often harshly because they know you're a bitch who can't do shit.
>tfw had sex a tonne of times but never cum inside a girls vagina
I'm still a virgin right guys?
I suppose it might bother me if I weren't regularly giving creampies to the women I date

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Super ebin ultra mega gooder edition deluxe!

I THINK I've finally done it, its taken a lot of time, a lot of deleted threads, and just straight fuckery; but, I think I've (we) done it.

Build you Waifu Anon, and make her well.
If you want

If you want a Husbando, see >>38195249
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list of dere.jpg
2MB, 3820x2350px
List of "dere" types to use
I'm going to not use any of my credits and instead kindly donate them all to the next anon
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A generous sacrifice

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How you been lads, I'm back from a vacation and taking orders. Share feels, have a few drinks.
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Hey barkeep, can I just have some water?
I just want to escape my desire for women. I yearn for a relationship and yet can't bring myself to do the required work to achieve one (i.e get job, move away from mom, get friends/hobbies)

Is there a way to become completely disinterested in women? I don't have money, so I can't castrate myself safely
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I'm all agitated because I'm basically competing with my best friend for a girls attention right now, though I don't think he's taking it as seriously as I am. I'm going back and forth between thinking she's interested in me, or interested in him. They're going to be hanging out 1 on 1 soon, but from what I can tell it's not a date I think? Maybe I still have a chance? He's completely been cock blocking me though, and I hate it. I just want one dinner with her, and after that I'll be satisfied even if she doesn't want another one. But God damn, I just can't get her by herself.

Can I get a Dark and Stormy, a little light on the bitters please

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Do any femanons have fetishes for fat guys/fattening up guys?
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No. It's gross. I prefer a ripped Chad with a monster cock. If you're fat it tells me that you probably have a small dick, too
anything over 20% body fat is barf material.
best if they're chubby/fat or skinny and androgynous. muscular is fine to an extent, but looks like tumors and makes your head look stupid and tiny lmao.

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>tfw you ate weed brownies on the 4th of July and now you're getting drug tested

should i just kys myself now?
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Go to a headshop and buy fake piss my guy.
Serves you right you fucking junkie.
It depends what it's for. But your most likely pathetically rekt, kid.
Don't do drugs folks, you'll end up like this loser who can't control his habit

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Living here sucks, don't move here robots.
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Yeah especially NW FL. I'd love to live farther south
i agree
total retirement community
Miami sucks... I hate living here

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>16 has sex with a 16 year old and everything is ok
>20 year old has sex with 16 year old everyone breaks the seventh seal

WTF i hate america now!

Picture not entirely related.
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I'm 19 and told my brother I would date a 15 year old and he said I was a freak
im 23
i fell for a 17 yearold
fuck my life.
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i unironically fucking hate the american people.

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special police.png
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Do you think your parents are proud of you?

>Work hard
>graduate college with little debt
>want to save up for grad school
>apply to become a jail guard since my degree is in pre law anyway
>Got the call today
>I start next week
>Call mommy
>"I got the job"
>Oh honey that's great, but what about law school or grad school
>"I still want to do that but I want to save up"
>Oh be better than a guard... your cousin...

Why do I even try???
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I sort of have the opposite effect. My family is constantly proud of me and expect amazing things, as if I'd be written in newspapers or some shit. I think I'm just mediocre as fuck and will probably be a dissapointment to everyone. I'll just probably cut all contact later on.
I'm the example my aunts and uncles can point to and say "don't end up like anon, kids!"
You should tell your dumb mom that if she wanted you to go straight to law school she should have not been a stupid poor pleb and saved up.

What the fuck is happening with Systemspace?
I signed up and now there's a timer and I'm scared.
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ITT: We predict what will happen.
What if it's actually real but we've all just been treating it like a joke?
It's not a joke. It's mentally ill people killing themselves. Fucking tragic, but why shouldn't they?

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>tfw have life threatening illness that is gradually getting worse over the next coming years
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What illness do you have, OP?
hahaha you're sick hahaha
Chronic asthmatic
>can't breathe and will only get worse
>struggling to move

It will get worse over the years and I am going to kill myself around 30 if it doesn't get any better

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