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Please, feel better!
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What a shit thread tbqh.
Mate, let me tell you a secret, I may be only 22 but same results can be achieved with something stronger than 60% in much shorter time and with much better chance of feeling better.
my thread is great you fuk
I dont understand

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Post 10-20 songs (Youtube) and let others rate your music taste and make assumptions about you. My music taste is super wide so I'm also looking into new stuff. Show me what ya like anons.

Alright. Here's my list:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrErq4QGjzM (Not English)

Whole DAMN. album and also OK Robot.
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>literally i-discovered-/mu/-2-weeks-ago-core

you're garbage.
Can les delete this thread?
these threads are awful because people just start posting huge ass lists and no one actually ends up rating them.

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I've been browsing that sub for the last few days and I always get excited when someone makes a long list about all their ugly features. 9 times out of 10 they end up being conventionally attractive. It's just full of people with BDD. I will post my face in that sub tonight and hopefully it will cause truly ugly people to post once again.
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I wouldn't bother. It's literally just an attention board for roasties and nu males. No one there really cares about truly ugly people.

I'm sorry lad but you are
Is that pic photoshopped? kek
No way this is real

I love being original

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well well well, what do we have here?

I have no shame boys
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Sorry for what? Our daddy taught us not to be ashamed of our 6.
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>four times two equals
check me out boys

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>beddit/tumblr/buzzfeed/lolcowperiodfarms and /lgbt/

Keep raiding this board, and you all aren't doing anything about it? For fucks sake i don't even see a woman hate thread here, i only see a bunch of tranny/trap and femanon threads. Are there any actual robots left?
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Did you made it ?
>implying that we care

but i miss the woman hate thread
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Everyone is free to use this site, stop being rude. Loser.

What is a trivial thing that really ruins your day?
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basically the spiraling thoughts of how futile and pathetic my life is
When I wake up at 1pm and have work at 5pm.
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Seeing a couple getting intimate ,bonus points if they're young/same age as me

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Are you supposed to use virus protection on your smartphone?
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I kinda feel like everyone would know if there were viruses that exploit android or ios. Because normies would REEE.

It makes sense you should though.
i also wonder this

i give zero fucks about my smartphone but it does have all my shit in it

i just dont like them but you kinda need them these days

>tfw when you were a 'nerd' back in the day but teenage girls know more about smartphones than you
why are smartphones such a big thing for women in particular?

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Imagine a digital clock like the one shown below. How many times will the clock display three or more of the same number in a row over the course of one day?

In case you were wondering, the clock in this puzzle displays time on a 12-hour scale, not on military time.
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I don't understand.
Twice? During the 11:1-?

I don't know, man. I can't be bothered. Just give the actual answer.
16 times in a 24 hour period

why dont we fuck with buzzfeed by calling there advertisers and telling them we wont buy there products because they support racism against white people and making fun autism
could be fun might even unite all the boards with a common goal like the good old days
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Oh, man. I have so many questions as to what reference this picture's of.
>Wojak Napoleon in campaign in reddit's fields.
That would imply there will be a a battle of waterloo

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>"nya stop! anon...before we go further i-i need to tell you that w-well i'm actually 15"

What now?
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Nope, no pussy is worth jail, sorry.
It's not worth the 5-10 years in prison and going on a list where everybody who googles your name will know your crime and your home address. Bye
So? The AoC is 14 here in Germany.

Get naked you stupid bitch.

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Feel free to discuss when you found out you were a socio/psycho

Psychopaths are born into psychopathy. It is a thing from birth

Sociopaths are made into sociopaths via upbringing or environment. This does not mean that there is a guaranteed way to make a sociopath.

Not all symptoms are shared by all psychos/socios. It is best to research and get diagnosed but that is up to you.
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You're not a sociopath you're just a sperg like the rest of us faggot
The psychopath parts sound like the guy who stabbed two people in Portland on Friday.
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Do you think of yourself as either or OP? Out of curiosity.

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>tfw I will never live in ancient Greece
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Seems like he has a early form of a basement there
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Before homeless people came in refrigerator boxes, they used barrels instead.
Why are they bothering that man?

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What's the obsession with height? Is it really detrimental to your life? Why is that? Is it difficult looking up the chin of a longer person? What are your frustrations "manlets?"
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people love blaming all of their problems in life on something they can't control because they don't have to feel responsible
all of /r9k/ summarized into a single post
It's an evolutional thing
Females feel more protected by tall males
That's why tall often implies manly if you aren't a weak faggot
Longer limbs mean you can run faster and swing your axe with a bigger range

In the animal kingdom it's the same wherever you look
>t.196cm sperglord

fucking this >>37351642

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Do Indian girls even browse this place?
Nah they are too busy shitting in the streets
>Wanting a tittymonster Stacy Desi girl and not a qt manga-loving Desi girl who browses 4chan

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How do I get a 6'3 bf?

t. 5'9
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You do what every gay does, which is get a new fuckbuddy every day. Sooner or later he will be 6'3".
Carry a tape measure with you and every time a guy approaches you, take the measure out and check his height. If he's not at least 6'3'' you should tell him to fuck off.

Oh wait, you're a faggot. Boys don't approach boys because it's fucking gay. Kill yourself, idiot.

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