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there's so much cool shit to do in this world and all you guys do is cry about girls.

why? girls are boring. they're dumb and they don't like cool things like you do. why aren't you doing cool stuff that you enjoy doing, RIGHT NOW? why are you crying on an imageboard? live for yourself you fucking dinguses. paint and play video games and run a marathon and masturbate to gross hentai and build a computer and stuff. play tabletop games and ride your bike somewhere, go to an art museum or cook a meal, go swimming, fucking do something other than worry about girls or sex holy SHIT sotp being such a fucking SIMP
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>trying to escape biology
let's all love lain though
people have been doing it for thousands of years

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can crying get me a gf?
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I haven't cried since 2015. My eyes are dry.
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Not having a girlfriend doesn't even reach my top 10.
I don't wanna die, but I can't live this.
Last time I cried was when my dad called me worthless for not doing something I didn't need to even do.


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I wish life wasn't shit.
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Me too. At least there's sleep and dreams. Price Is Right is kinda fun. Today is also new music day. Roger Waters album is kinda cute. Some other good things but no way in he'll is it worth it. Life is horrible.
Life is miserable, anon.
Do you listen to Syd Barrett?
This is too much even for me anon

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>tfw gonna turn 20 this month and I got nothing to show for it

I can't handle it, I feel like doing something crazy I'm probably gonna regret later, but goddamn it, I'm TIRED of standing around doing nothing, I'm TIRED of my life being the same shit, I'm TIRED of not talking to anyone
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ur only 20 omg...ur life isn't over, it's just beginning. Take a mutafuckin chill pill
I'll turn 21 in about a month and I don't even give a fuck at this point.

Last year I drank 20 beers for my birthday. Guess I'll break the record.
go be a robot somewhere. try being 29 friends moved at the point where people my age are getting married.

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draw a picture of donald trump
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Go learn to draw before shaming the god emporer
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Covfefe motherfucker
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people are harder to draw than structures. I might make a wall in ms paint for you

What drugs should I mix for getting a suicide cocktail?
Drugs you can buy in a pharmacy and not in excessive quantities.
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Whiskey enema
Why did you post the logo of the french socialist party ?
o shit I was just searching for that! Awesome!
I was thinking about xanax and alcool, what do you think?

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>live in new york
>laying in bed and suddenly feel a weird sensation on my face
>scratch my face and feel a squish
>there was a fucking cockroach on my cheek and I just scraped it along my face killing it in the process
this is my life.
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Your a fucking liar
why would I lie about this
i woke up to a spider on my face once. didn't catch it til later tho.

found what type of person people mean when they say "reddit"
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>using chrome
>using reddit
>having 4% battery life

this is really original man

Erm... ahh uhh.. hmm..... heh heh... sry o_O /blog /rant

For real though dude charge your phone

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This board should be deleted again.
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u shuld be delet
I mean 4chan in general should be deleted.

This isn't a good place and good things don't really come out of this.
I was deleted?


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>be me
>be 5'7 97 lbs with long hair
>really self conscious about the way I look
>decide to wear one of my Pink Floyd shirts today
>get done with work so I get on the train to go home
>sit down, the train stops at the first stop
>skinny blonde qt with big breasts and a tight shirt sits next to me
>there's other open seats but she chose to sit next to me
>start shaking really badly
>start sweating
>face is completely red
>go through about 4 stops before I begin to black out
>get up to leave 3 stops before my stop because if I move to another seat she'll think I'm being rude
>everyone watches me
>I'm shaking so badly my knees give out before I make it to the door
>another qt tries to help me up
>she grabs my hands but they're too sweaty and I fall again
>the second time I get up and run out of the train
>go to the restroom crying
>eventually get on a new train to go home
Why do I get like this?
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because you are most likely a virgin and your cock being that close to a hot chick gets the better of you.

Plus you instantly start to over think and get yourself in a state.

You should had just smiled at her and look out the window, then look at her sometimes, if she has eye contact with you then she's into it.

you could had just said you liked her shirt after that and play it from there, if you end up not having a clue what to say after it dies down a bit just ask for her number so you can talk later
You need to gain weight quickly. You could die from malnutrition.
Did you like the Roger Waters album that came out today?

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give me mmo to play
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Tamriel unlimited
original unlimited
Real Life

oregano toast

A genie grants you the opportunity for one sexual encounter with Poison. The catch is one of you must be the top, one must be the bottom, and there is no switching.

Do you have Poison suck your dick then fuck her in the ass, or do you suck her dick and get fucked in your ass?
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depends on how drunk I am
I don't take the deal. What are you some kind of faggot.
Better believe I'm gonna get fucked in the ass, and I'll love every goddamn second of it

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>it's another "I'm an INFJ and emotionally retarded Thinking types don't understand my feelings" episode

They aren't that fucking complicated.
(This is a passive-aggressive thread against a robot who pissed me off on Discord earlier today.)
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Personality types mean literally nothing.
Can I get an invite to the server though?
Infj a cute
t. Entp
Astrology for nerds.

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For a company all about acceptance and shit this video is pretty hatefull. Making fun of beta males is pretty low hanging fruit. Also there is nothing more beta than working/watching buzzfeed.
We should let them know that a personal attack with us is the dumbest thing you can do.
Flag/dislike and shitpost in the comment section.
The war has begun my robots.
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fuck off buzzfeed, you're not fooling anyone.

>directly attacking 4chan
Yeah cause that's always ended well for everyone involved. I hope they got a real kick of of this one
Flagged and disliked.
Let's do it, senpai.

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>imagine being a dumb woman
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God bless I'm not a dumb woman. All women are dumb
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But imagine being a smart woman
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>smart woman
you mean a whore

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