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>post inflammatory comment on Youtube railing all the people who watch the video
>people call me asshurt while replying to me 500+ times with pure rage
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YouTube is definitely the best place to troll

>filled with retards
>everyone has accounts so you can track them and make fun out of their pp/names
>no moderation
Not /r9k/?

>filled with retards
>everyone is anonymous so you can samefag and pretend to be one of the retards you're making fun of
>no moderation
I post those kinds of comments on videos I actually enjoy just to see the autism bloom in the comments.

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I want new friends. Actual friends.
Where do I find them?
I'm neet shut in weeb/gamer/mentally ill who didn't finish school.

Right now I have 2 "friends". One is always away due to his work. The other one I'm pretty sure doesn't give a single fuck about me.

And no, I'm not asking you to be my friend, I don't want online """friends""".
Certainly not anyone from here.
One mentally ill person (me) is enough in a friendship.
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Why do you think one doesn't give a single fuck about you?
if youre old enough go to bar and try and ask around and see if anyone has similar intrest. Search online forums on whatever topic you like and try find people close to you. Otherwise the only way to get friends is to have them already and get in with the whole group, which is probably why I dont have any

Never messages me first, never asks to hang out if I don't invite him.
I was deeply depressed for 2 years and basically dropped all contact with everyone and I didn't get a single call from him asking what the fuck happened to me. He basically ignored me. He is a relative too and childhood friend as well.

This is exactly the kind of cunt I don't want but I can't tell him to FUCK OFF, even though I really want to, because I don't have anyone else. It sucks.

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>tfw just smashed my laptop out of autistic rage and have to post from the desktop in the living room now

i'm NEET with no money, what the fuck do i do??
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I feel like there have been things that you could've done and could not have done that might have let to another outcome
Why did you break your laptop anon?
You can buy a cheap ibm for like $40-$60 on ebay. Duo core and 4gb of ram though.

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>Go to supermarket
>get cart full of items
>get cashier to scan them
>say i forgot my wallet
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I don't know why but that made me laugh. Well done.
>go to university flat party
>while everyone is drunk
>switch the fridge and freezer off
why it made me laugh?

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how long has your computer been up for r9k?
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Think it ran out of battery a month ago, can't remember when I last actually turned it off.

Close to 3 years, I never turn it off
why do people do this? Like it literally takes less than 5 minutes to boot up is that really that much of a time waste (especially if you're a neet) that you just can't bear it? It also puts unnecessary stress on the components, increases your electricity bill and you can feel bad cause you're not helping the environment.
I'm not hating, do whatever you want but I just can't see the point of this someone please enlighten me

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>tfw pencildick
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It's true though, i don't exactly have a pencil dick but why the fuck does this shut happen.

My issues are very small hands and feet and also receding hairline. It's slowly receding though.

Also penis is average at best.

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>every girl who's ever seen my dick said it was too big for them


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How 2 met grils if NEET?
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Shit sucks.
But I'm so lonely and socially-starved
>>>/soc/ >>>/adv/ sort your shit out

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>Abhor everyone around you
>Make an attempt to be nice regardless
>Get treated like trash

Why even bother?
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Word of the day calendar working out for you then?
people want you to be real, not fake.

some of my best friends started out as annoying fucks and we shit talked each other back and forth.
kind of this

people want to see your emotions or they feel a lack of bonding with your emotions. because normies are emotional creatures. thats how they form packs and the society. why do you think its that easy to control the crowds with simple tactics like racism, nationalism, values etc. so when you be nice regardless, they dont know where to stand. and if you are not accepted as high status and if it looks ok to treat you bad, without being seen like an asshole -thats where the mobbing comes from-, they will do so, with gaining the right to do so from the societal ego. im pretty sure that if you spend some time alone with those people who treats you like trash, with this knowledge now -with not feeling like a loser-, they will have to get their shit together

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> the restaurant forgets your order
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just deal with it you fucking beta
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>boss forgets your existence and locks the door before you leave
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>you get your food 15 minutes after everyone else

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>"Not to freak you out, but there's a virgin looking at us"
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> let's call chad to protect us, this guy is creeping me out
or you claim rape and have him arrested
I'm 32 years old and yesterday I learned that you should never ever look at people unless you are talking to them.

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i'm 25 years old and it hurts that i have to actually ask this question but how do i have a conversation i feel like i never learned how
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Most normies just want to talk about themselves, not converse.

Just ask them questions, pretend you're interested in their responses and ask follow up questions.
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I'm 18 and not too sure either OP, I think you are supposed to talk about something relateable and also let her do most if the talking.
>t. KHHV buying dakimakura bext year
keep mental notes on how normies interact.

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>men and women keep their brains but swap body with random opposite sex person
>there are more female than men so extra females die
I think there would be far more suicides and gay ppl (no shit)
>there would be far more suicides from females in men body
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Probably play with my tits until I eventually got bored of it and then go back to shitposting in r9k.
what would happen to society, politics, human interaction...
Who gives a shit?
I'd have tits, what could go wrong?

Honestly this is the redpill. These girls are loyal, fuck and suxk dick like champions AND WILL COOK FOR YOU. LITERALLY these girls are perfect and if you have a fucking black fetish then this is perfect.
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>tfw fat black girls don't like trannies

; .;
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at least post a hot one
>at least post a hot one

posts a man

What time is it in the zone where you live?
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why wouId anyone care?
time isn't even real
wake up sheeple
this to be quite honest with you all dear robots and passersby

>enemy has a vault
>its the biggest most secure door in the world
>you try crack it after months of non stop work
>inside you find a piece of paper with the word "Lockpick" on it

how many layers of irony is this?
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Doggo can't eat porcupines.

He learned a valuable lesson
Oh poor fucking dog, wanker learned a lesson don't eat a porcupine
Stupid fucking dog i hope it gets aids!!!!!!

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