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"If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you"
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What version of the Bible are you using??
Stop posting this verse christcuck. There is no 1st century evidence of Jesus, all sources are christian or jewish.
>That is why the world hates you

christians are literally the chad of the world.
they are the richest. the world certainly doesn't "hate" them.

the world hates muslims, it literally wants them wiped off the face of the world. (for good reason)

Post home screens of /r9k/ itt
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i am but a simple man
you for sure have your priorities straight
I'm still looking for the perfect wallpaper. (((resized)))

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Come here and post your types and talk about them. Then have fun getting made fun of for said types.

>INTJ Edgelord
>INFP crybaby
>ENTP will never shut the fuck up
>INTP forever alone
>ISTJ the ultimate NPC
>ESTP Chad
>ENTJ your future boss
>INFJ the ultimate form of horse shoe theory. He's either hitler or an SJW
>ENFJ sjw or normie

MBTI tests
>Beginner level
>Advanced level
>Bonus test

discord: 39dbhaY
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INTP bingo
this works for INFP as well
>be ISTP
>literally the most lazy type
>only thing you're good at is reading people and breaking rules
>tfw want to join a mafia and make big cash and wear suits and shit and commit crimes and smoke cigarettes and look super cool but at the same time sorta dont want to fucking die
Why is being an ISTP so hard, fug

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"If I swim with this shirt on, no one will know how obese I am", thought Anon.
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i just didnt want them looking at my gyno. i wore a black shirt so it sort of helped
but thanks for reminding me about swim class in PE and all those qt grills in one pieces
>I wore a black shirt so it helped

No it didn't

All everyone did is notice you're wearing a shirt, and then they thought to themselves, "Hmmm . . . why is anon wearing a shirt . . . is it to look like a surfer wearing a rash guard? LOL! NOPE! ANON IS A FATASS! HAHAHAHA!"
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49er pepe.png
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I haven't went swimming for years because of this. i loved the water too.

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no greentext has resonated with me as much
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What about this one, originally?
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that's good, but watch this kiddo
>thinking that im going to read all of that

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She blocked off most of her social media. How did this happen desu?
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Because shes my girlfriend please stop bothering her.
>mfw I followed her on twitter before she made it private
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It's the same girl.png
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this fucking happens way too much

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Voo 2.png
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Post your vocaroos, requests, judge voices, etc.:

Here are some ideas on judging:

>What's their accent sound like?
>Is it deep or high pitched?
>Rate it from 1 to 10 in attractiveness
>Is it nasally? Guttural?
>Judge their character

I'll start:

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It's literally just static
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I'll help you out a bit.
Never liked my voice.
I guess it's annoying

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1. Use a name in the namefield.
2. Do whatever you want.
3. I may or may not be around.
4. Expect me to be useless today.
5. Beware of impersonating troll; my tripcode ends in xdtt; anyone else is a troll.
6. I will provide a list of regulars and their tripcodes.
7. It's my birthday.
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>i can teach you the quick method for napalm though

Fuck yeah! Not sure why I would ever need to make napalm, but fuck yeah.
First for me, myself and I

Or so you think.

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ITT: individuals, fictional characters, or concepts/notions that inspire you.

For me, it's Light Yagami.
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For me, its kenpachi zaraki
captain my captain
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Holy shit...

its true tho
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Does pendeja mean baka?
>more of us everyday
Tell that to the ICE lmao

Are you still talking to your family? why or why not?
Do you tell them you love them?
Do you ever cuddle with them?
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The roll, you bastard!
Right, nobody would ever hug their family. Obviously larpers. Thanks for telling us.
Did somebody make a roll for last thread?
if they did i'm sorry I missed it. I don't have any of the previous rolls saved. would you mind posting one so i can have it for next thread.
Only normie have sisters they get along with.

Hissssss! Your virginity....IS MINE!!!
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No no no no no, fuck that shit, you just suck me dry and end my misery please
>But aren't you a vampire?
>I get vampires are sex symbols, but aren't you going to take my blood and turn me into a vampire?
>what does my virginity have to do with your supernatural powers and needs?
Sounds pretty chill to me. Can I be a vampire? Will light fuck me up? I want to be a badass vampire hero/lord

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okay r9k i need a way of taking money from people without them seeing my identity. does paypal work for this? if not is it easy to make a paypal burner that i can take money and put onto a personal paypal?

ive never used it before so i have no idea. bitcoin wont work because these people probably wont use it.

need some ideas pls and thanks, if worst comes to worst i think i might just take amazon codes and shit and then sell them on reddit or something.
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How about you get a job like a normalfag would.
This why don't you get a job?
write a payment script that takes a fraction of a penny from every bank account on earth. Their bank statements won't reflect the withdrawal. No one notices a thing and you will have several million dollars.

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What is wrong with you absolute niggers
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>No gf
This is the concept of this board
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They don't know how to shake hands to get a job. I WILL TEACH THEM
>not on r9k

What's wrong with you absolute nigger

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>tfw chad refers to you as Boss or Chief
fuck this patronizing shit
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context anon?
I do this all the time to people, what's patronizing about it?
It's just kind of redneckish. Like wildly weaving in and out of traffic in a big truck.

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