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i don't know why i can't do anything. it's like there's an invisible wall on everything i want to do. i give up before even trying. i want to learn how to draw, but i don't even take the first step. i just sit here looking at my tablet, thinking about how nice it would be if i could just make myself use it.

this goes for everything. i spend most of the day either laying in bed or sitting in the shower. those are comfy places for me. if i get challenged by i want to go run away and sit in the shower. i can't remember the last time i didn't completely waste a day.

give me your heaviest feels right now. i want to know whats going on with you guys.
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i feel obligated to respond to your waifu with some serious feelz tonnage but i haven't the spirit for it

maybe my distressing feel du jour is even 2DbestD can't move me these days
...but maybe that is for the best
Let me tell you how to not feel like you wasted a day.
Make something
Design something
Put the stuff from your mind on paper
Small things are fine
Clean up or something
Same here. My worst feels have always been about competence, i never was much of a >tfw no gf guy until i started coming here.

I dont want to live a mediocre existance doing boring mediocre shit and barely wanting to live until i die of old age or disease. I dont want to be another grey blob out of 7+ billion grey blobs. I want to do something exceptional, accomplish some kind of extraordinary feat. The worst feel is knowing that i will never be able to fullfil those dreams

How often do you shave?
Which parts of your body do you shave?
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i havent shaved in 7 years
everything, weekly
I need to shave my face about once a month, I just don't grow that much hair.

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>mfw found an extremely cringe beta comic younger me did where my self-insert imagines himself pulling the nice guy routine on my school-crush insert and her admitting feelings to him for it
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Sound like some cringe gold. Post it.

this, post it OP.

You can't say something like that and not post it, anon

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>study number theory
>still can't get a girl's number

>study calculus
>still can't integrate with society

>study discrete math
>still can't find a non-empty set which I can belong to

why eben live
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At least you'll have a math degree and 300K starting.
>study topology
>still the Hausdorff distance between myself and a girlfriend
> study differential geometry
> will never know the curvature of a geodesic on a fat ass

Does anyone else feel like there's more normies on than usual? I mean we've had an influx of normies over time but today in particular feels like there's a lot of normies and roasties lurking.
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It's been getting worse for long time. I fucking hate it because this is the only place where I have found any sense of belonging, and it's being destroyed before my eyes while I sit back, powerless. What do we do?
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not much that can be done, trying to make them feel unwelcome makes their posts more visible and frankly there are too many now
ignoring them just emboldens them
sometime you just have to let a tire fire burn

>Nearer, my God, to thee,
>Nearer to thee!
>E'en though it be a cross
>That raiseth me.
>Still all my song shall be
>Nearer, my God, to thee,
>Nearer to thee!
Define signs normies OP. Are you talking about the obvious trolls who constantly post "MUH GF"?

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post girls you know irl that you obsess over
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shes fat and probably smells horrendous
why would you obsess over a fucking pig
is that edobean?

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Would you die for your country of birth?
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it would have to be a death that basically sets a new paradigm because the current one blows ass/would not die for
Nope. For three or four of my family members, but never for this place.
Conquered shithole that cares more about not inconveniencing foreign invaders than its own people. Three guesses where I am from.
dying for jews, normies and non whites?
no thanks.

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>Best Boards
/r9k/, /fit/ and /fa/
>Worst boards
/tv/, /pol/ and /co/

These are facts.
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>best boards
>worst boards
le ironic shitposting XD
cryptocurrency spamming
weaboo trash
This guy knows his shit.
/pol/ is the worst board on the site, period.

I've never had a normal family. What's it like?
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it's ok

Imagine being able to sit in your room all day and only leaving to eat and shit and nobody criticizes you for it. Family life is nice.
every day is harmonious and inspiring
all external problems are easily overcome when the family groups together to solve them
there is never any doubt that success will be achieved, and success is always achieved
the daily sexual bonding orgy is a sacred and wondrous affair
dinner is always delicious and on time and everyone chips in, in its preparation if able to do so
a neighborhood of such families becomes the cultural capital of the city instantaneously
every night is the maximum of comfort sleep in cozytown of snoozeland

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Continued off thread >>36138462
trips decides what I say next
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yes mom I am high. I'm high on the thought of having sex with you. please have sex with me mom I promise I'll treat you like royalty and please you in so many ways dad never could
Yes i'm high, high on lust to fuck your dried up pussy
i'm sorry mother but this is who I really am

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I have an Asian man/white woman race fetish, but an unconventional one. I don't like any of the stereotyped stuff. "Genocide my entire race with your yellow seed!" valley girls, self-hating white girls: all that is a turn-off.

What turns me on is "Asian male/white female supremacy" I guess you could say. An white girl who sees these two groups as exclusive equals and everyone else as inferior. So she isn't self-hating whatsoever, but at the same time sees white guys as far beneath her. She doesn't want "yellow" babies, she wants fully white daughters and fully Asian sons. She dreams of a society where through genetic engineering these two groups have been fully synthesized, and white female/Asian male-ness are the dimorphic gender characteristics of a single race.

I have a lot of different fantasies that stem from this, from mutually loving sex between Asian husband and white wife to a girl who offers herself up to be gangbanged by Asian soldiers as a form of liberation and empowerment because she sees her white husband as the true alien occupier.

This only makes sense because all masculine DNA is inherently Asian and all feminine DNA is inherently white because Adam and Eve were an AMWF couple: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2I1ryLRVCK0
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/r/asianmasculinity really needs a hug
>t. thirsty Asian who knows inside that whites are best
We whites agree with you anon
White women are the best
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That sub is for faggots because they promote AMAF there. I will never touch any subhuman fugly Asian bitch. I only date beautiful blonde Aryan goddesses. AMWF >>>>>>> AMAF

>White women are the best

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That /r9k/ anon thread

>that anon who keeps posting obama going ooga booga and stuttering
>that anon who is obsessed with asap rocky's face
>that anon who keeps posting tfw no qt Filipina gf
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>tfw no qt Filipina gf
hate to break it to you man but this guy has been gone for months, possibly a year
>>that anon who is obsessed with asap rocky's face

oh, there's a thread asking us to rate him up right now. Never seen it before, didn't know it was a "that guy" thing.

Shit you're right

Yeesh that guy should get a life

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oh shieeet, lads. she's been typing for 5 mins. am i kill?
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Is this language Basque?

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she was acting sad and when i asked what's wrong (because that's what cucks do) she started saying shit like "it's noone of your bussiness" but i insisted that she tell me. she's still typing

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>be me
>start showering
Steam starts to get all over the walls and glass door
Feels like i'm finally away from all the pain of no online friends
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>tfw taking a hot shower
>tfw feel like I might be making friends
>tfw dont want to screw it up
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Add me and we can be friends!

you post all the time but i dont think ive seen any feedback on you

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JK rowling needs to stop
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literally why the fuck would she tweet shit like that

this is canon now
Wait is this actually real??
>group masturbation sessions

why didn't I get to experience this

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