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You know what the difference is between men and women?

Women are only sexually attracted to men, they are never emotionally attracted. They always list things like confidence, height, charisma etc. Those are all things that sexually excite women.

A woman will never actually be attracted to a balding manlet even if he does have a great personality.

tl;dr Women can never be emotionally attracted to men, only sexually
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Uh, the guy that I'm dating is 100 pounds overweight and I'm attached to him emotionally.
Not opee but would you still love him if he's the same person but homeless and has not a single cent?
I couldn't date him if he was homeless when I first met him. If he went homeless now, I would help him out because I care about him a lot.

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>Be scandinavian
>Be 5'10
>Supposed to be average height for males
>Average height for females is supposed to be around 5'5 - 5'7
>Walk around my town
>Literally see women towering over me on a daily basis
>Almost every woman and girl in my town is atleast 5'9 in height, and several of them are easily over 6'0 tall
>Forced to go on vacation through Scandinavia with my family
>Almost no girls my age are shorter then me
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Try being 5'7, snownigger
Older people, try looking at average height on your age range
>Average height for females is supposed to be around 5'5 - 5'7
You've been misinformed, all my Scandinavian friends tell me the average is taller than this
Add heels to that and it's no wonder they tower over you

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>that kid who took two stairs at a time
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My entire school? It was pretty normal I think
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>that kid who put both straps of the backpack on
File: 1473457257960.png (50KB, 318x308px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>had to physically exert his entire body because he was also a manlet

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The cashier won't think I'm weird if I only buy alcohol, right?
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>implying that they care about any customer items
>caring that they care
just buy the thing. nobody cares.
I'm a cashier, it is easier if I just don't think while I work. You'll be fine.
>don't think while I work

This is how wagecucks cope LOL


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what did u mean by this?

I think he meant that "rook rame me so sorry" ladies are attracted to dudes with beige and pink. Even more so than the "rook rame me so sorry" guys.
I think he meant asian men are less valued than white men in a sexual context in the eyes of asian women

Anyone here is taking hydroxyzine? Doctor prescribed me this because i have problems falling asleep. I still haven't bought it becasue im afraid to take it.
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"Other contraindications include the administration of hydroxyzine alongside depressants and other compounds which affect the central nervous system.[24] and if absolutely necessary, it should only be administered concomitantly in small doses.[24] If administered in small doses with other substances, such as mentioned, then patients should refrain from using dangerous machinery, motor vehicles or any other practice requiring absolute concentration, in accordance with safety law.[24]

Studies have also been conducted which show that long-term prescription of hydroxyzine can lead to tardive dyskinesia after years of use, but effects related to dyskinesia have also anecdotally been reported after periods of 7.5 months,[25] such as continual head rolling, lip licking and other forms of athetoid movement. In certain cases, elderly patients' previous interactions with phenothiazine derivatives or pre-existing neuroleptic treatment may have had some contribution towards dyskinesia at the administration of hydroxyzine due to hypersensitivity caused due to the prolonged treatment,[25] and therefore some contraindication is given to the short-term administration of hydroxyzine to those with previous phenothiazine use.[25]"

And as always, give it a month. If the side effects are too severe, just ask for an alternative. Your individual biochemistry is a factor after all. If it doesn't work (after a month) or if the trade-off sucks, stop taking it.
What's the worst that can happen?
You'd die?
Big fucking deal, give me a bottle and I'll down it in one go right in front of your eyes, I don't give a fuck anymore.
>What's the worst that can happen?
some minor but very annoying side effects might occur

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Why is there much less of a stigma towards young adults who still live with their parents in Europe compared to the USA? What makes their culture different?
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Another graphic here
not much space in europe

Its mostly girls in the uk so 26% is about right

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momma ordered pizza it should be coming soon
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I too just ordered a pizza, does this make us pizza broskis?
>ordering your own pizza
no, youre a normie

Momma ordered me a pepperoni pizza and a pepperoni and jalapeno combo
Plus one liter
but you just ordered one pizzza
lol loser
I just WENT OUTSIDE and drive to my local pizza store, I'm a regular there, best pizza on this side of the country.

Make way for the king of the betas.

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>Had a job for a few months now
>Try hard to make friends
>Everyone is cool to me and all
>Co-workers constantly have get togethers/parties
>Never get invited

What am i doing wrong?
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Means they can see your autism anon
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Just yourself bro
stop being nice, see job as a job
people don't know why they might not like you but it is your nice behavior
stay neutral not nice bro

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>decide to go for a ride on my bicycle
>mostly use bike roads but need to go through a segment without it
>ride on pedestrian path
>path is wide as fuck, but there is 4 fat idiots walking side by side
>as I'm approaching from behind, one randomly moves and gives me an opening to go through
>as I'm passing them the fat bitch says under her breath "maybe should have said excuse me" with a bitchy tone
>turn my head and shout they shouldn't take up the whole width of the path
>they are probably too stupid to understand anyway
>ride away

God, people blocking the whole path, doesn't matter if I'm riding or walking, make me rage like nothing else. I was mad for the whole day after this incident. Got any rage stories?
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Did you ring your bell OP? This is important
I am glad you at least said what you did, you would have probably regretted saying nothing
Nope, it's considered rude in my area and if you ring, idiots rage even more because it's so hard for them to take one step to the side. There is just no solution. However, when I'm outside I am aware of what's happening around me, but they just focus completely in themselves.

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Now this is the #1 reason why I can't bring myself to lose weight: I use my obesity to keep people away and I'm terrified I'll be surrounded by normies who "just want to talk" once I stop being disgusting.

Right now it's only the occasional creep that stares while 99% of people is quick to look away as fast as possible. How do I keep this once I'm normal weight?

Help me, /r9k/, you're my only hope!

>pic related cause ghosting
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I'm slim as fuck and I might as well be a ghost.
Just be a manlet.
I'm taller than most women (5'11) so that won't work either.
You get to be really mean to people and their feelings will be more hurt because you look good, which give your opinions credibility. What's the problem?

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>tfw playfighting with bf almost turns into a trip to A&E when he loses his temper
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I hope in homo murder suicide
Get out you normal shit
He's a robot too though so I'm not a normie we met on here

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Reminder that crossdressing guys are wayyyyy better than traps
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What's some good twink porn?
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reminder that ur gay and need to be purged from planet
I got my neighbor arrested for beating his girlfriend

fucking nigger was the worst neighbor in the world. I was so happy to see a young white guy move in after he got kicked out

What's the point of life if you are ugly? No mattet how much I improve myself in sports or academic activities, my derpy face cuts my value in half so every so often I plunge into a depression with no way out.

Why live if you can't be a positive force in the world?
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There is none
You arent strong enough to kill yourself so society WILL take advantage of you however they can

At this point in society attractiveness is all that matters, and you can thank Hollywood and Mass media for that. Are you a good musician? We'll have some tall black dude lipsync over your stuff. Are you a good writer? We'll use some dumb bitch to promote your book for you and say she wrote it to empower women

The average attractive person literally has everything handed to them while you work for them.
Pretty sure you're not actually physically fit and realized you're pretty mediocre once you got to college. If you had either or both you'd realize how much they help
This is the time, OP. Shun them. Become the villain they want you to be. Take your revenge on the world for it's cruelty.

.....or don't and kys. That could work too.

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11 am.png
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According to /r9k/, having a job, living on your own , and being a relationship means you're a normie. A lot of people don't realize that you have all these things and still be a robot. You can have a master's degree or trade skill and still be a robot.
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>you have all these things and still be a robot
cant have all 3 but i guess its more of the mentality
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You can have living on your own and a job and be a robot, but you can't have a relationship and be a robot.

Being a robot by definition means you're dead inside. Having a relationship invalidates that because you still have an emotion called "love".

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