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>People are having sex just because "it feels good"
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It's their choice, it's just the people that put it on a pedestal and look down on those that want to be more selective that bother me.
>"nyeh, well, nobody wants you anyway!"
like good, then fuck off.
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and they'll NEVER EVER get their virginity back


>It's their choice

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my normalfag Stacy psychiatrist keeps pestering me about the neet life and keeps on trying to convince me to get a job at Starbucks just for "personal enrichment"

how do I tell her to fuck off

>in b4 why do you go to a shrink if you don't wanna follow her advice

i go just so I an my psych medications to prevent me from going full retard and think I'm communicating with goblins in the sewer system with messages encoded in my turds

how did you get your shrink to see the glory that is the NEET life?
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Reminder that psychiatrists just try to shame you to make you more like a normie. They work for the state's interests not yours.
do psychiatrists even work for the state...?
how do I tell her to fuck off why can't she just write me my prescriptions that prevent me from going full retard and ending up in county lockup and be done with it

last time I was in the psych ward some rich bipolar told me a family friend of his writes a script for his meds and only sees him once a year why can't I have that

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How the fuck can girls get paid $1k just to go to dinner???

Guys have to work, scrimp, and save every red cent just to pay bills and eat REEEEEE
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t. bitter frog posting virgin
no shit you fucking moron, they get paid in an evening for doing nothing what most men in most of the world get paid for hard work over a month and these whores get just for existing.
>Going on plebbit

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Hi robots, femanon here. I'd like to ask you a question. Why do guys get so butthurt if a girl cheats on them? I've cheated on my boyfriends and I've been cheated on. However, when my boyfriend cheated on me I was able to forgive him and get over it. On the other hand, the guys I've cheated on acted like it was the end of the world. I don't get it. It's just sex, it doesn't mean anything. What difference does it make if I've had another guy's dick inside me? Our relationship is still the same, my feelings haven't changed. I thought girls were supposed to be the sensitive ones, but it's the guys? Explain, please.
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Now this is some low quality bait
>However, when my boyfriend cheated on me I was able to forgive him and get over it
Because you're a cuck
Yeah this is pretty sad. Women reee too if they get cheated on.

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why is it so hard to find a german trap?
I thought the jews took over our country...
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>german trap
Neck yourself.
They're all dating Achmed and Muhammed. You're going to have to become a trap and get ISLAMED yourself if you want to meet other traps.

Godspeed Anon.
Try finding a furry instead.

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Debating on breaking up with my boyfriend.
We were each other's firsts and I fell in love with him thinking he was misunderstood and needed a push to start being confident and most importantly independent. I saw, and sometimes still see what he could be if he just got out of his own head.

But I don't think it's going to happen, my being with him just reinforces that it's ok for him to not look for a good job, or finish school, or make his own decisions. I'm trying to work on myself this year, and now I'm feeling resentful because I'm looking after myself while trying to teach him about life. I want us to be friends, and the sexual aspect isn't out the window, but that title of girlfriend. I don't know, I feel more like his handler.

I'm sure you could see yourselves as the boyfriend here, tell me your thoughts. Am I wrong, can we still work out?
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if someone can sleep at night and live with themselves being a complete leech, then there honestly is no hope for them, they need some kind of professional intervention that removes all doubt.
Just wait like a month or so and if you still feel this way break it off, faggot. You cant force love.
Depending on how active you are in trying to help him, it's really unfortunate he's not making a move to get better. Have you talked it out with him? have you told him you're considering breaking up with him if he doesn't start making moves to get better? is he depressed? maybe advise him to go to a psychologist for mental health guidance and then some one who can prescribe drugs, to help him?

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Who else has successfully integrated into normie society here
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Me and 6 of my friends are drinking over D&D this Saturday, does that count?
>talking like blacks make you a normie
naw but me and my friends are gunna each cheezeburgers and fries over MtG this sat so Im in your boat as well

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>a co-worker tells me I need a gf and tells me he knows a girl that might like me
>he talks to her, and then he talks to me and gives me her number
>i message her and we're into some of the same things
>message her for a few days and we talk about going to the movies together this weekend
>week progresses
>she's incredibly boring, talks about going home after work and doing nothing except for talking to her parents and reading books
>she genuinely has nothing interesting to talk about unless i bring the topic up first
>every text is just her recounting all of the boring shit she does
>"i went to work, came home, had dinner, and now im reading a book :)"
>slowly running out of things to talk to her about

what do? i want to leave this place forever by getting a girlfriend but im running out of shit to talk. please help
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Go on the date and see how that works out, she might be more fun in person.
She might be acting boring because she doesn't like you and wants you to stop texting her. Now if you actually want her to be your gf you have to actually fucking meet and do something. Are you actually going to the kinoplex, or are you still "talking about going?" Make a concrete plan and go from there, you'll have more to talk about once you do things together
Go on a date. Talk to her about boring stuff. Quickly move to hug and give her a peck on the cheek as you meet. Escalate from there. She sounds like a fuck on the first date kinda girl.

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Would you be stacey's fluffer/sex slave?
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how do you not throw up? serious question. Also wouldn't that crush your head?
As long as she doesn't grab and pull my hair like the cunt in the webm, sure. I'm very serious about my hair.
Depends on the stacey, but yes. I want to feel needed and have physical intimacy. I also enjoy oral, and have never had penetrative sex.

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What is /r9k/'s favorite kind of incest?
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Futa mother fucks daughter and cucks son
Futa loli daughter fucks mother and cucks father
30-something-year-old dad and vastly underage son.
Step-son cucking his brother with his mother.

im gonna do it guys
im gonna try to find a gf
im in the process of losing weight
ive just been walking around and eating less and it is working
but then i realized at a gym i can actually meet people
even a girl
i have always wanted a strong weight lifting girl
so im going to go out today and acquire a gym membership
and do my exercising there
if i see the same girl there frequently i will talk to her and see if she is interested
even if i dont find one, i will still be losing weight
the more weight i lose the more my chances increase
even if i never find one i will still be healthier and feel better

the more weight i lose the fewer calories my body requires
fewer calories = less food to buy
the money saved justifies the gym membership

it is perfect
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Picking up a girl at the gym might as well be reserved only for mega-Chad's
even a girl like picrelated? because i basically want picrelated
try intermittent fasting, you both gain muscle and lose fat

holy fucking shit I can barely contain my rage

Young mayor charged with rape

>netflix, chilling, two teenagers alone in their pjs, she's wearing a sleeveless onesie
>guy leans in for the kiss
>she rejects him

>2 years in jail, 10 years sex offender registry, banned from child work, lost and ruined career in politics


>eferring to McAughey, the victim added: "I wake up screaming and sweating with flashbacks of that incident. This is no life - it isn't my life, because I'm no longer living. You broke me more than I ever thought it was possible to break someone.

"I had to give up everything because you made me give up on myself. I will never forgive you for what you have done to me and how you have stolen so much away from my life and for making me feel that I am worthless. I may never be okay again because of you."
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>undid her bra and began biting her neck and chest while she tried to fight him off

fuck you OP. The girl is still a moron for getting so btfo.
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>first I was like

allegedly, and what the fuck its her word against his, she can say he anally raped her and he has no defence other than saying "no I didn't".

now hes going to prison where gangs of muslims are going to sodomize him and convert him to isis.

He denied biting her neck and chest for over a year, and there is no evidence he did.... except her pointing and saying he did.
the lesson here is to equip your house with video cameras

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>person asks to add you
>have great conversation for first 2 days
>they stop talking
>try to initialize a conversation
>they act cold and aloof
>maybe they're just in a bad mood I'll wait and see if they try and talk to me when they're feeling better
>week later and they still aren't talking
>still have me added for some reason yet they don't show any interest at all in talking to me anymore
what did they mean by this?
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The novelty wears off.

These people are fickle flakes. Probably the same type of person to perpetually cheat on their parties because they "get bored" easily
i think you're right anon. Thats kind of annoying.
>start talking to someone
>goes sort of well the first few days
>gets better the days after
>eventually don't talk for a few days
>start talking only whenever they message me because I'm not sure if they'd want to talk otherwise
>has been a week since we last talked now
>think I seen them make a thread yesterday about how every eventually stops talking to them
>scared they're going to delete me soon because I haven't talked to them yet too scared to message them

I'm sorry

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>Anon, come to bed
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Three of the fuckers in my room last night. THREE. It's making me too paranoid to sleep.
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it's called manning the fuck up and murdering the little bastards in cold blood.
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>I love you anon!

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How would you have handled this here situation?
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Stop posting these threads
Grab her ankles, yank hard. Jump on her before she can collect herself after hitting the ground and start pummeling her. No seriously she is currently standing on a single high heel boot, she'd fall over with barely any resistance.
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>1 Timothy 2:12King James Version (KJV)

12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.
How the hell was this not original

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