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>Dude just eat more lmao
Fuck you, you don't understand how difficult that is for us skellies
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>be skelly with a bit of a fat belly
>get a job
>heavy physical work
>lose a bit of weight, fat belly gone
>still eat not a lot, 1-2 small burgers/sandwiches fill me up at work
my boss and co-workers keep pointing out how skinny i am and assume i'm gonna get gains from this job
>be skelly with a bit of a fat belly
>get a job
>heavy physical work

this is great advice for the robot fatties out there
>be fat
>eat cake
>gain 5lbs

lmao even the cake itself isn't 5lbs

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Chad can wake up in the morning, his hair's a mess, he stinks. But it's okay because he looks cute lol. And he doesn't "stink". That's just him emitting pheromones. You're all just jealous because he's better at life than you are.
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Wow satan, trips AND quads?
I wish I looked like this person even though I am white
uh ok OP forginially

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What is the one thing you feel is holding you back from getting a girlfriend?


Please answer honestly.

I think if we come together as one, maybe we can sort out what our problem is and work on fixing it.
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I look anorexic and I'm pale as fuck
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come on guys, we need more votes to get a general consensus
I picked small social circle because I never leave my room.

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>tfw my only friend was a girl I knew online
>tfw she got sick of me and left

Anyone else have no friends?
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All the friends i've ever had (most of them online) had gotten tired of me and left too. That's Why I love dogs. Their loyalty is unmatched, and love you forever, no matter what.
My landlord wouldn't let me have a dog sadly
No friends here reporting in

The idea of friends is alien to me now

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>meet girl at party
>connect with her like I've never connected to anyone before and since
>talk for days, weeks
>her phone breaks
>no contact for weeks
>get over it after a few days
>get drunk and start to miss her again

I came so close, I guess im destined to be a lonely robot after all

Post similar stories to make me feel better
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Had the same situation too anon we talked for a long time but after a while she got tired of me so I decided to send a message she left me on seen
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Fuck man
Tho she might be at a party I'm going to some time next month so there's a chance

I've gotten drunk again but I'm not at the emotional stage yet

I hope she hasn't moved on from me

The thing is when I met her it was her first time doing E so she was proper attached to me so I hope that left on impact on her, so that she wouldn't forget our connection

Fuck after typing that I'm feeling that

You've probably forgotten about this thread but I need to let it all out somewhere

It's really taken a toll on me

Here's a funny pic to apologize for my essay
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I hope everything works out well for you anon. ' :)

>she's a thighlet
Is there a worse existence?
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what the fuck is a thighlet?
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I got your thighs op

>being a brainlet
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a girl with twiggy thighs, and no there is no worse thing.

Saturday night indoors drinking alone and pensively staring at a noose edition
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Are you ok, m8? wana tal kto somone
What are you drinking lads?

I have two bottle of Bucks Fizz and three orange Bulmbers.

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Show me who your waifus are and tell me why you like them.

Pic related.
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Our personalities are almost parallel, and her actions are very similar to the actions I would take if I were in her situation.

She also becomes the "bad guy" and I have sweet side for villains
not anime, but i like her very much desu
My precious wife (male) Felix is precious.
I'll greentext our story:

>Be me
>A year ago
>Everything is going wrong and life is falling apart
>Be suicidal as fuck
>Planning suicide
>Was watching Re zero at the time even if it was shit because I had nothing else to do
>Episode 12 airs
>Felix appears
>"Yes. He's a knight, Felix Argyle."
>"Despite appareances he's male."
>Guess I'm gay now
>Days pass
>Each day my love grows more
>"I can't die yet."
>Throw away my plan to kill myself
>Get motivated to get my shit together
>Manage to fix my life thanks to him

And that's why my only love is and will always be Felix.

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Lots of normies complain about having big noses, but can having a small nose be bad too? I have a nose which is small and upturned, it looks girly
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>tfw nose is so oily that it peels regularly
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>tfw nose has lots of hair inside and outside
if you are a guy and have a babyface its gonna really hurt you when you reach your 20's

grow beard over it

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How do I meet a guy like pic related but is educated and nice?
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if someone like anthony joshua were educated and nice he wouldnt be doing the exact opposite of those things
He's making millions as a professional boxer, anon.
Yeah but he's still a nigger and therefore is inferior.

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37777777 is upon us
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Seven sevens... now THAT is a get.
Get get get get got got got got

Or i

How do I convince my only friend not to kill himself without being selfish?
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File: suicide brothers.jpg (32KB, 479x377px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
suicide brothers.jpg
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Join him.

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fuck no.jpg
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I might actually, but I wont tell him im gonna do it too because I don't wanna guilt him into life. I really wanna make him wanna live again but theres nothing I can do hes on the other side of the fucking world and hes given me 8 days
It's cliche, but things can get better.
He has to consider if there is any possibility he might be able to improve his situation and live a happy or at least contented life.
Very rarely would it be completely impossible - he's clearly not totally alien since he's managed to befriend someone.

I'm developing eye lines like Itachi Uchiha. Do you have eyebags?
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I bet you also have a weird feeling in your neck lately right?
Check your thyroid before you get tumors senpai.
>I'm developing eye lines like Itachi Uchiha.

This is the single most autistic sentence I've read on 4chan this week
stop posting yourself you neanderthal

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this one was nice >>37734104
we should do it again
>inb4 go to /mu/
mu metal threads suck no music discussion only memes
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it looks like nobody cares to bad i'll try another day
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I really like Sabaton lately.
I met these guys back in 2007 or so. Got their autographs, drank some beers and they gave me a copy of Ithyphallic. I never really got in to them that much though.

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>it's okay anon I won't tell anyone
What do you do?
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She'd be hot if she wasn't missing her balls..
literally looks like a sack of roast...
laugh at that scrotum, I mean heckkk
wtf is wrong with it

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