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Consider the following:

> rejected by oneitis, she doesn't see herself being with you romantically
> start picking up hobbies
> travelling
> lifting
> becoming a man
> after she sees what you've made of yourself, she wants to get involved
> she's still your oneitis after all this time

Do you get together with her now, cause secretly you've been doing all of this shit for years to get her attention, or do you reject her now, disgusted by the fact that she couldn't see you were the same person deep inside even back when you were a twinky boring little faggot? Is she in the wrong for only wanting you after bettering yourself?
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If a previously fat bitch who was thirsty for your cock but you turned down lost weight and got hot, would you accept her?
>she's been getting dikt down the whole time you were putting in work

no, fuck that whore

Go find yourself a younger, hotter girl that looks similar to her. Trust me.

That's actually an interesting point, anon, cause see... I like "investing" in fat bitches that I feel have potential to be beautiful. I'll fuck 'em a couple of times and then suggest they start working out for me. If she's slightly chubby only and I can see she's got amazing genes, I'd even be willing to be with her and sculpt her all the way.

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>...and this right here is my son, he's a little bit shy, say hi anon
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What do they talk about, you think?
these people aren't old enough to be my mother, what the fuck? are you 10 years old?
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saving the white race probably

>For over a decade I have excelled at and quit action adventure jobs, always end up bored. (Cage fighting, parkour, street fighting, football, videogames, ...etc.)

>Joined US Army infantry to escape boredom and learned about the overt and covert world of warfare, and now bored again after seeing all the boring shit we do and not getting to kill for the right reasons. Contract almost up.

>please help. What should I do next? Anything illegal that is worth it?
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Join the FFL, it's way different than the US army
there is only one thing left to do...

You could join the YPG in Syria, they're US supported and have US military embedded with them so it won't even get you in trouble

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Which MBTI type is masterrace?
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not that lol

Debate me, faggots : I will ignore you
You cannot debate me about it, for that is my domain.

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Only people 6 feet or taller are allowed in this thread.
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I'm in the thread... now what?
Glad we can have a thread of our own.
What did you guys fuck lately?
I picked up this 2 bitches at a bar last night than went to their place and fucked till sunrise.

Sorry can't hear you from down there.

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i don't want to be seen naked by anyone
sex is disgusting
any one who likes to have sex is a normie
leave my fuking board reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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exactly my thoughts.
i don't want to seen naked by anyone. i don't trust anyone. also i am insecure as fuck.
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look its me nakedlol
I love having sex and being naked. It's what nature intended for us

U tried it yet? It helps with depression and anxiety. Like a lot.
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I haven't. It's illegal in my country.
What shithole do you live in that made it illegal?
got my order monday and its already gone

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wew, thats one more week down, wagie! now you get your two days of freedom before you're back onto the grind making money for shekelstein! Me? My bux just came in, woke up at 11 today and had a nice, comfy afternoon. I wont keep you long, I know you need to spend your nice hard earned weekend getting some rest.
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wew lad i will
fuck you, you're fucking worthless and you're going to die alonne
Daily reminder this guy spends every waking hour either making these threads or defending himself in them. Any wagecuck has more actual free time than he does. And more money.

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>tfw no ENTJ gf

It's not a good feel anons
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I'm an entj girl but I'm not bossy at all and I act like a dumb isfj around the very few people I care about.

At least I get stuff done and I'm organized and logical, right?

>I'm an entj girl but I'm not bossy at all and I act like a dumb isfj around the very few people I care about.

Sounds like you're ENFJ desu
Geniune original bump

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Has /r9k/ ever eaten butt before? How did it taste, and would you do it again?
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Hell yeah I love to eat my wife's ass I do it like every day.
Hell yeah I love to eat my wife's son's ass I do it like every day.
Yeah. Not vigorously, just a couple of stray licks while eating pussy from behind. I've only gotten to do that to one girl a couple of times before she cucked and ditched me but it was the most enjoyable thing I can imagine. I would be happy if I could just eat pussy and ass for an hour a day. Wouldn't even need to cum.

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It's friday night shitheads. How are you holding up ?

Jukebox: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuyL2NdUPV8&t=765s

To the memory of Jack.
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Bumping my own thread yet again.
Had a crush on her for more than a decade, her "no" sealed the whole story and I kind of got over her and lost my entire soul. I could at this point probably watch a person close to me die and not shed a single tear. Yet knowing that she's probably getting married soon makes me very uneasy.
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Do you still suffer or are you just numb ? Please order something.

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With the epidemic of sexual failures in this generation, and the attendant depression and suicides, has the time come to teach pua in the school system?

Younger boys could learn to approach by doing role plays with the girls, while teens would learn more advanced concepts like negging and frame control.

Do you guys think you could have been spared the path you're on now if you had this kind of teaching available to you?
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Yeah and let's change the uniform to give everyone a Trilby hat and a trench coat with those little straps on the shoulders.

You fuck.
It would be fun and you know it
Lol wtf? The only failures are the losers who infest this board. Men have lived for hundreds of thousands of years not needing to be taught how to fuck women. It's natural. If you can't convince a woman to sleep with you you deserve to be alone. It's not even hard lmao

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What was the best moment of your life?
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black ken dropping
hearing blackened death metal for the first time
Probably graduating from college.

/r9k/, how was your experience in middle school and high school?
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I literally did not have a single friend. In high school I probably said less than 100 words within the 4 years I was there
It was like sticking a knife up my asshole
Popular in middle school. Was in the basketball, volleyball and track teams.

Lost all my friends in high school because of some stupid drama shit, became friends with the pot heads. One girl from my former group of friends kept talking to me and I fell in love with her. She said she liked me, too, but that I would be bad for her. I stayed in love with her for all of high school. A couple years later, my friends bumped into her at a bar and pressed her for reasons why she didn't date me and she said she didn't find me attractive. I spent 3 years chasing a girl who thought I was ugly.

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And if you don't:
Do you have overbite? A recessed jaw? Asymmetry? Spine problems? Too much computer?

>tfw standing up straight makes look like a deformed, double chinned blob
>skin and bones

Is it because my parents told me it was okay to mouthbreath? I still have a chin when I line my teeth up the way they *should*, but I have neck fat that hangs.
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I've actually taken great care to make sure that I am always properly postured
I wish I looked exactly like that girl
but her skin is bad and she looks over 30

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