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Who else /wet dream/ here? Fuck. I can't go 3 days on nofap without jizzing myself at night.

Does this happen because I'm a testosterone demon?
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What the fuck happened to sammy?
More like a porn addict.
yes thats why it haapens

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>Go outside
>It's nothing like being on 4chan
>People are radically different, and most are fucking stupid

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>and most are fucking stupid
Just like here
you trust more in angry, bitter idiots than you do in normal, well-balanced idiots

why is that? theyre easier for you to associate with
What happened to make this animal look that way?

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>tfw you realize that Chads are Chads because they had a loving family that actually cared for their mental and physical development and didn't let them sink into seclusion and eat junk and play video games all the time
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Yeah, sure, brah...it's not your fault, it's someone else's fault.
Yeah, meanwhile my parents give me life long anxiety and low self esteem because they emotionally neglected me all my life and only punished me and never made up for it.
It's completely true though

Most people who are well adjusted grew up in a good environment with loving families.

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>tfw thinking about to when you were 14-17
>tfw so many missed opportunities
>tfw you will never have a chance like high school again to meet people your age and get a gf
>tfw you missed it
>tfw you wasted those years playing video games and being a loner
>tfw the only thing you want in the whole world is to go back and change things
>tfw university was more of the same, only you were even farther behind your peers
>tfw girls you liked back in high school are married and have kids now
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They were the best of times, they were the worst of times.
how do i get over it. there's nothing i can do to fix it
You gotta accept your fate. We'll always be on the periphery.

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Thread for posting:
>what in your life needs sorting?
>why did it become unsorted?
>what are you doing to sort yourself out?
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how do I develop a desire to want to sort myself out?
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this is the best thread on /r9k/ all year
pay heed to OP
for they shall receive original content to inspire us all
>what in your life needs sorting?
direction + the devil finds work for idle hands to do
>why did it become unsorted?
various childhood issues, ongoing issues, mainly externally caused.
>what are you doing to sort yourself out?
starting an internship in 2 weeks as a data analyst

how are you going to spend your night today?
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I spent my night playing video games, drinking beer and listening to misfits
Getting ghosted by all my friends lmao. Also getting ghosted by this one guy whose car I want to buy. Giving that fucker another few hours then I'll text his ass.

Drinking whiskey and beer while regretting my entire fucking life. I hope I get crushed by a collapsed ceiling or some shit.

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My whole life is escapism
>I write lewdfics and a lot of fiction In originaru universes I've spent years on

>My entire sexuality exists as escapism I only jack to 2D porn and that's what "sex" has always meant to me, I don't connect it to real life and I have never felt a crush or attraction to another human

>In my head I have a job and a 2D waifu

My life is shit but... I don't tend to give a shit because I can fantasize something better and forget about it aren't I experiencing my thoughts the same as real life? aren't they just as real?
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See I don't see why you can't do both. Why can't you fix up your life, and have a 2d fantasy world?
Because one is better than the other always, I can't wait for the singularity, just stick me in an AI tube to dream infinitely desu.
Well, yeah. My entire inner life is just 2D fairy tale nonsense.
I also use and abuse a lot of drugs and spend my time sleeping or watching tv. Real life is shit and must be escaped.

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I'm turning 21 soon boys. Who here /alcoholic/? Recommend some tasty alcohol. ok thanks
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Budweiser and Rolling Rock are quite drinkable and affordable. I like Yuengling Dark and Tan, Guinness Blonde and Corona with tequila and lime if I have money for that.
Buchanan 12 and cranberry juice

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What kind of girl would you be?
> cute vs ugly
> outgoing vs shy
> dumb vs smart
> qt vs roastie?
would you date ppl like us? Or go for chads and tyrones?
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I'd prefer to be cute, outgoing, smart, and qt, but in reality it would be ugly, shy, smart (really lazy though), and qt.

I'd take a beta over a chad any day.
id probably be just as socially anxious and might even still be fat.
>ugly if i retained my physical features?
>smart but there is always dunning and kruger effect
>stupid question that doesn't make any sense, why would anyone choose to be roastie?
>would you date ppl like us?
Hahahahaha no
>chads and tyrones

If i had the misfortune of being born a woman i would probably devote my life to a religion and live as a hermit somewhere far far away from civilization until i die of infected scratch

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That's right. Get in here for your very own waifu that will love you forever.
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OP please give me the perfect waifu.
giv waifu pls
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Here you go
Her name is Chihaya. She's one of the most perfect ones I have.

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I'm 22. Is it too late to attend community college and transfer to a university?
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Most of the people at community college are old people
If it's a good college and a good major, you'll probably end up better off. If false for either one of those two, it's not worth it

What about the people at a university?

I hope you are all familiar with the drill;


The theme is TES.
Normally we play this on /bant/ but that board is empty af so today I am trying out if it works on /r9k/.
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Oh also state your
>your comment was unoriginal
risk really shouldn't be on this board
Just trying out something.

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>tfw internet friends all leaving one by one
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>tfw join a discord and try to make Internet friends, but always get nervous, causing me to start sperging out about how Trump is saving America, causing everyone to leave the discord
>tfw you are the sole reason people stop enjoyinf the server
>tfw everything you like you destroy
How do I make internet friends?
How do I find cool discords to join? Every server posted on /r9k/ is horrible

ITT: Post where you are and why with a timestamp
> Be me
> Want to leave Europe (my home is in Scandinavia)
> Whereto.tif
> Decide China due to fear of them being a big power and because I want to learn to speak it
> Streets smell like shit
> Everything is dusty and old
> Girls like me because white, tall, slim and curly hair
> Feel rich

4/10 would not recommend
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Consider clorox

>Nordic male
>Living in asia
Living my fucking dream. How do the girls treat you? Are the guys jealous?
One of my favourite things to do when on the street is find a couple. Then look and wink at the girl and watch her face get shy and smile and the boyfriend sending me eyes like he wants to kill me

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>My name is Roastie
>I live on the second floor
>I live upstairs from you, yes I think you've seen me before
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Name's Chad Thunder

I'll come fuck you sometime, so give me your number and I might call you later if I have time
Your name is gay lmaoooooooooooooo
laughing my ass off off off off off off off off off off off off off off

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