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Depression doesn't exist, you're just lazy.
Grow up and get a life.
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Swallow 3 straight razors and drink a pint of bleach.
0/10 too obvious and not original


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>tfw you know you're gonna end up with a fat wife or gf one day
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probably not Anon. Even fat roasties can get reasonable looking Chads if they have a pretty face.

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>tfw listening to nigger (c)rap music again

Post your best, r9k. Want to test out my sound system. Also general Rap thread. Post songs and discuss










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>tfw no one likes UK hip hop
>tfw people think Stormzy is UK hip hop
>tfw people prefer aggressive rap personas over flow and wordplay



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been listening to these lately

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>Watch latest Better Call Saul
I wanted to be entertained not feel
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which one? i thought this season ended already
I want to creampie Kim so fucking bad.
the old lady and kim are jimmy's cucks, sorry not sorry

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Tell me about yourself /r9k/
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>Stacy making fun of me for the last time
>Throw her on the ground, she's lying on her belly
>Strip off her pants and panties to mid thigh
>Get my cock out to rape her
>Can't get hard
>Try rubbing my limp cock against her anus
>Can't get it up at all
>Wake up defeated
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REEEEEEEE stop ignoring my thread normies

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Has anyone ever dreamed of being an international criminal, drifting from town to town, hiding your face and paying for everything in cash.

Maybe eventually move to some 3rd world shithole in Asia, smuggled in by a cargo ship or something, with a new identity in a small village, isolated from the rest of the world.
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I don't think I could handle the constant danger
That last part sounds nice, though

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>finally got a gf
>losing money

Holy shit am I doing something wrong? Its my first ever gf.... all we do is go to the movies once a week, maybe eat out once, a coffee like 3 times a week and my wallet is like water running through a colander

I feel like im being kucked, but women arent expected to pay right? Ive never seen that happen. Havent even had sex yet and its mainly hugs and kisses. I dont know how to ask for sex.

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How many threads or posts have you thought about making, but decided against it after finishing what you were about to post?
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sometimes, if i have a good idea for a thread, i note it just in case i forget. then i come back to it and realise it's retard

>sex was an emotional rollercoaster
>you could break out into tears or start laughing like an idiot in the same fuck and it wouldn't be a problem for either of you
>looking into her eyes, smelling sebum on her hair, intertwining hands, playing footsie, and saying "I love you" all gave you butterflies just as hard as actually fucking did
>you could say her name, and she said yours
>kissing was a highlight
>you actually liked the taste and smell of her morning mouth and her sweat
>nothing was a performance and there was no pressure, only joy and fulfillment
>you loved her
>holy shit, you're inside HER
>you could be goofy and spastic as fuck and it wouldn't matter
>it felt like pure joy and light
>it meant something

>nothing's the same
>they don't want to kiss or look you in the eyes
>it'd be fucking WEIRD if somebody started crying
>your body has to look and smell perfect
>there's no love
>you're going through the motions
>you're either trying to get off or impress them
>it's like bad porn
>you have no doubt you could just walk outside and get laid, but there's no point
>you're just another cock
>you don't love them
>they don't love you
>it feels dirty
>it's become cheap
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Even in the 80's and 90's sex was cheap and overrated before the advent of internet porn.

I remember back in the 90's a lot of kids in my highschool were losing their virginity at 13/14 and a heap of girls were pregnant or single mothers by 15/16. It wasn't even a social stigma anymore because they government was paying you money to fuck and breed white babies.
Let me guess born in the wrong generation?
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Welcome to the real world. Enjoy your stay.

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Give me your best virgin memes, I'm making a folder.
Bonus points for OC
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Just dropping this here

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Learn from his mistake. If you're going to do a mass shooting, don't put multiple 30 minute videos on YouTube. Nobody has time for it. Either put out a manifesto like Roof and Breivk, or make a few short 1-2 minute videos like Elliot Rodger. They have to be short and sweet, get your message out quickly, normies don't have patience.
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I fucking hate "people" with normal hairlines. Hope you all go bald soon, faggots.
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>You're just like an angel
>Your skin makes me cry
>You float like a feather, in a beautiful world

I know it's not even Radiohead's best but fuck this makes me feel.
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Listen some Funeral Doom, you'll get some different feels.

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>There once was a guy named Chad
>he drove the betas totally mad
>then someone killed him
>from top of a building
>and all the women became totally sad

>Stacy had never been so grim
>betas tried to befriend her but she bailed
>so they did to her what they had done to him
>and away to the seas they sailed
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Started off good then fell off

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