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>can feel a torrent of diarrhea brewing in my bowels

wish me luck robots
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Good luck brother, I'm thinking of you
Good feeling as long as you are home.
Worst feeling if you are outside or something.
OP here, I it passed without incident.

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I have a question

What app or website or something did Rose use to answer all those question things people asked her? It clearly had some sort of time limit because she would always mention being out of time.

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>that sexy miniskirt
It might be time for a nostalgia fap.

It was shut down years ago

Former robot here, got a gf now. AMA
>inb4 no pics or any personal info about us
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>Former failed normalfag here*


>Have a happy doggo
>the doggo became depressed
>the doggo has 2 plushy friends
>the doggo takes them everywhere
>the doggo sleeps on them (the doggo isn't even sleeping with momy anymore)
>the doggo rapes the friends
And this is pretty much everything the doggo (she) does. Rape them and sleep on them.
What should I do ? my doggo became robot

No picture of cute doggos so I will just post this.
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unironically good post but no one will get it

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Folks we need to do something about this. He's been allowed to rape too much. Please bump for exposure!
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Who is this who has he raped

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I can definitely empathize with someone being upset over a death of a parent or sibling, but I can't empathize with normies grieving upon their friends' death.

Can you really get attached to someone other than your relatives to that extent?
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Yes, but only when ure not a faggot
especially making vids about it to have people suck ur dick because of it
I had a guy that remained my friend from 2nd grade until he died when we were 23. Hung out everyday, when I got my first car we went everywhere together all the time. Toured around the south in a shitty band together. When we got real jobs we became roommates. He was closer to me than any family I've ever had and we referred to eachother as brother. Women we dated knew they were getting both of us. It's was a lot like that relationship on the tv show Psych. It's tougher to lose someone like that then it is to lose your sibling that you just bullshit chat with at dinner and see on holidays.

Why are we not trying to get true virtual reality? Useless members of society like us could be stored in warehouses on cheap life support. We'd cost exponentially less than we already do and we would have no chance of passing on our flawed genes.

Imagine a world where we take exams and physical tests at the age of 18 to determine whether or not we are simply discarded into a virtual reality warehouse. Its not like we aren't already discarded by society we may as well be happy at the very least. I would trade my freedom and "real" life for a chance at happiness in a fake one in a heartbeat.

Pic for attention completely unrelated
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VR hardware and software are already expensive, ain't nobody wasting their money on shit like this.If we don't pass on our genes it's natural selection.

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hey /r9k/

what the hell is this supposed to be ? I figure if anyone knows, it's you

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>the cola is better
do americans really think that their fucking sugar water is different if it's at the cafe instead of at house?
Think thats a bird
i like it because they put a little water in it therefore keeping it from tasting TOO sweet

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>be me
>21 y/o alpha male
>chiseled abs
>destroys bitches on a daily basis
>doing evening jog
>spots hottest asian chick ever conceived
>start walking to future wife
>trips and faceplants in the middle of the street
>mask falls off
>fatass neckbeard head poking out of godly body
>she screams and starts running away
>no waifu escapes me
>rips off faulty disguise
>2000lbs of lard
>puts on fedora
>turns it to the side
>begin hauling ass at mach 5
>tackle waifu
>take her flattened body back to my crib
>mfw i destroyed some hot asian pussy
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A very good story anon, thanks senpai
>be me
>read shitty greentext trying to be funny
>post this

kill yourself
Ello blazers no fuckers ere

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>always full of physical energy
>almost no mental energy

what is this
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>what is this

Nothing. There is no difference between physical energy and mental energy. They both use the same type of energy, which is energy.

Who else here /perfect gf/?

>10/10 qt pie
>incredibly caring towards me, always comforts me when I'm down
>clingy in the cute way, always hugging me, holding hands etc
>play vidya together
>submissive, enjoys letting me do whatever I want to her sexually

Stay mad /r9k/.
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She can't be that perfect if you're on here, even to shitpost. I remember both times when ii had a gf and I was really happy I didn't even think about going on 4chan or really any other Internet forum. Perhaps they're not as perfect as you think?
Yours was 3D though unlike OP's.

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Fembots, why haven't you exchanged sexual services for money yet?
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Most of them probably have. Having a boyfriend who buys you things is basically long-term prostitution. If your boyfriend buys you things and you don't fuck him, then God have mercy.

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I jacked off to a 3D girl today.
Am I a normie?
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Sonic with human feet really creeps me out.

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>tfw fat jew nose
I swear to god it's even worse than being a manlet i look like a fucking buffoon
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That's what you get for being a kike/meatball fucker
just convert to Judaism and move to israeshekel and be with your kind
I'm already a jew i guess at least it's easy to get girls since jewish girls loves religious boys.
i don't believe in god tho

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