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>"Dammit anon! I told you to knock before comin in! Get out!"
How do you respond?
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Why are you in my house naked, random woman?
Like the movie, I Get Out!
She got some big ass feet

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how the hell do you relax?

I cannot enjoy my free time, ever, because I'm constantly thinking about future obligations or the idea that I'm wasting doing nothing, I've never felt relaxed in so long and I'm constantly worried about everything
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Try accomplishing something and then taking a break when you need to.
I konw this feeling and I'm still fighting it. Actually it got better after I got a pattimejob to sustain myself. But I dont think one can gerneralize this.

Keep fighting anon. You can do it!
nihilism my friend
>what future obligations?
>does someone depends from you?
just be more pepe and less wojack

Let's kill all the pitbulls in the world.
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the niggers of the dog breed
dog obsessed roasties are the worse. shit like this is funny. out of shape wage slave roastie thinks she can be the alpha of an animal bred to kill.
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ancap pitbull 2.png
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Pitbulls are truly the niggers of animals

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>tfw extremely smart and even better at strategising
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What do you have to strategise about?
What is your education level? bloxex blox
are you also nihilistic and have a wicked sense of humor?

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or is it just a mindset for /pol/ to distract them from the fact they are just as much worthless as any of the "sub-humans" they claim to hate?
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White people. neneneneneoriginal
Historically are the best and most successful

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>Be me, first day in college
>Skinny guy, kind of a dick, just want to have fun
>Enter the classroom
>70% pale white males, rest are mixed ethnicity
>Everyone looks uncomfortable as fuck
>Nobody seems able to make eye contact for more than 1/2 second
>Lesson starts
>Teacher starts telling us about how many jobs there are in the games industry
>Jesus fucking christ
>Starts talking about how Game Design is just as creative as Software Engineering
>Guy barges into the class half an hour late
>Overweight, weird skin colour, can only seem to communicate through stilted vocalizations, moves his head furiously while doing so
>Starts blabbering something about Linux
>Another guy screams something about Pepe the Frog through the classroom
>Teacher has this dazed dead look in his eyes
>Try to make conversation, but all they can talk about is fucking Video Games
>There seem to be no girls in the building
>Can actually feel my social skills foundering as depression sets in
>Nobody's done any work, teacher doesn't seem to know the difference between Java and Javascript

Is this really how college is? I don't know if I can take this bros
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>waste what little life i have reading your entire blog
>wonder what i gained from all of it
Is this really how life is? I don't know if i can take this
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No one here is your bro. Off yourself, normalfaggot.
If reading this took more than two minutes you are clinically retarded

Is it worse to be dumb and depressed, or smart and depressed?
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Dumb and Depressed ----->Sad some times cause you are having a rough time

Smart and Depressed -----> Sad all the time cause you realise you have no purpose and live in a cruel world
which are you OP?
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Dumb and depressed is a curse. If I was smart then at least I could make small achievements that give me some sort of meaning or purpose in society. But because I'm dumb I literally can not do anything. I can not focus or care about anything at all.

I want to change the western world, but only so that fat women and short men will be seen as equals.

Either mainstream liberal society demonizes both, or neither.

How do we achieve this?
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>so that fat women and short men can be seen as equils

Anon, lets say you look at a pile of cow shit and a pile of horse shit and compare the two, what do they both have in commen?

They are both shit, just from diffrent animales. Mcdonalds Models and Gnomes and both worthless, just disgusting in their own ways.
I'm definitely sure that short men have it easier than fat women.
You can still have a good-looking face/body while being short and get a short cutie.

A fat woman will get some uggo loser to fuck her but she certainly isn't getting a cutie.
Except the McDonalds model actually chose to become one and the gnome was born as a gnome and cannot change himself.

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Most autismal shit youve done in private

>ordered cereal online
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Was it like some japanese cereal thats only available there?
that's charmingly autistic. well done
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>hollowed and microwaved a banana skin
>put it in between the sofa cushions and fucked it
>have one of the best orgasms of my life
>look down after to see the sofa covered in smushed banana, lube and jizz
>tfw the stains are still there

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going to have a girl roommate for atleast a semester

i got matched with a girl for the 2br 2ba apartment I decided to lease off campus. the complex was built for students but i had no idea I could get a girl roommate.

i hardly ever go outside, wat should i do?
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Steal her panties and take pics for us
request a different room mate?
Do your shit as always.

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What's it like being in a relationship with a Latina?
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The sex is incredible, but latinas demand 100% of your attention AT ALL TIMES.

She will call you every single night, no matter whether you saw each other or even hung out for hours the same day, and if you don't want to talk on the phone for at LEAST an hour or run out of shit to say she'll have a fucking meltdown and ask if you're fucking other women.

If you haven't bought her a gift or taken her to dinner at least once in the past week she'll ask why you aren't romantic with her like you used to be, then if you offer to buy her something or take her to dinner she'll get pissed off and say you were supposed to do it spontaneously, but she'll still end up taking it

Also her family will hate you no matter what.

But, again, the sex is fucking unbeatable.
>putting up with all that just so you can get your dick wet a few days a week
She will always think you're cheating even if you're not. Come from a family of Hispanics and the girls ALWAYSaccuse their guys if cheating, even when I'm with them and I send them pictures they think we're out drinking and fucking. So if you can live with that distrust that'll never go away then get yourself a Hispanic today

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>born into rich family
>dad owns multiple local fracking operations in utah
>move out of parents house
>dad gives me house, car, 200k spending money and 500k for business ventures
>never had trouble getting gf
>always had trouble keeping relationship
>see how hard it is for robots to get gf
>decide to pretend i'm poor for a month to see if i can find true love like in the eddie murphy movie
>realize my unsymmetrical face and social awkwardness is literally impossible to find gf with
>realize all my relationships have been only because of my money
>realize i will never have real love
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If you have a lot of money you can pay prostitutes to hold your hand and smile at you. They might even make eye contact.
:,( some people never get to experience true love in their lifetime. But you can still try. Don't let roasties use you for your cash either.
>true love


It should make you think, anon. If all women get wet for Chad, and will not stop thinking about him, what is this love you're talking about?

>H-hello??? Where am I???
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>i have been thinking (not just fantasies) actual toughts of kidnapping a teenager
what the fuck should i just kill myself?
i even buyed grey tape,ropes,knife,tweezers and girls clothes one night when i was thinking of that
i even started following cuties around.
You're in a shutterstock stock photo. Abandon all hope
It's really time to off yourself. Please, for the rest of us. It's better than prison too

I used to be a pretty confident and 5/10 normie, working out & hanging on social media. I never had any gf or any friends so I guess I pass the base test. But since some time some shit's happened with my life I'm behaving like a true autist now. Anxiety, depression, loneliness, the whole package. After lurking here I discovered that quite a lot of you felt the same.

I know some robots who've transitioned to full normie. Any people here who are like me and took (unwillingly) the other road?
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Yeah, robotism is like vampirism or some kind of disease.

It's possible for a robot to "infect" other normies and turn them into robots through changing their views on life. Though it's difficult and unlikely, since most robots became robots at a young age.
Robots who transition to normies were essentially potential normies from the beginning but environmental obstacles prevented that.

If you transition from normie to robot, you were probably a robot from the beginning holding the facade of belonging. At best, a cyborg will float between worlds, which probably describes you better. I'm sure there are even enlightened Chads in the world who empathize with robots.
You are what you want to be you have to take life by the balls and enjoy it to its fullest

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Is prison life a good choice for a robot?

What if you live in your moms basement and have no diploma and never had a job or can have one? Your mom wants to kick you out so it's either become homeless on the skill or go to jail. You might learn something in jail and they teach you and you do excersise and after 10 years you come out a new man and finally got money. Just take a knife and go to a store or a bank and say this is a robbery and then when police come surrender yourself and boom 10 years comfy life with free meal and fitness and education and then after 10 years you have some money to get your own place when youre free
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you get raped in a box with nothing but minorities assaulting you
>Is prison life a good choice for a robot?
Not at all. I've been in prison for 8 years.

Most of you guys are WAAAAY too beta to last in prison. Not saying you'll die, but it'll be far from comfy. Prison has a very "macho" culture on the inside and I guarantee that someone is gonna try to punk you out because you looked at them the wrong way.

You'll only be comfy in solitary confinement, and even then you'll go crazy because all you'll have to read (at first) is a bible.
i think this only happens in american nigger prisons

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