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Let's play a game.
Hide every thread you're not interested in and post the number of threads hidden.

Damn, you people are terrible.
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lel I am le irony master

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>Be 5 year old me
>Living with dad who had just remaried
>Step brother and 2 step sisters all aged 16-18
>Scared of the dark so usually sleep in dad's room
>He has to go out of town one weekend
>Step mom won't let me sleep in their room
>Younger step sister, 16 offers to let me sleep in her bed with her
>On the condition that I let her dress me up as a girl
>"Eww no"
>Turn her down and decide to just sleep by myself in my room

>Be me, now. 22 years old
>Mfw this is the sort of thing I'm into and I just remembered that this happened and I turned it down
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>walk past group of girls
>as i walk past hear one of them say "ew no he's disgusting"

Goddamit, i want off this fucking ride. I want to tell myself I'm attractive, atleast average, fucking come on.
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Life will be easier for you once you accept the fact that you're uglier than sin
Consider making the switch to 2D, anon. 2D girls never judge you.
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>so ugly people makes fun of him in the street
>just maek sometingg of urself xD
Why don't you guys realize that some people, no matter how hard they try, will never make it?
I wouldn't call myself ugly and people don't make fun of me like OP but I'm 5'4.
Nobody wants to date or be friend with a half-midget, unless to be the guy that have "a smol friend xDD." No matter how good of a guy I am, I'll never make it and trust me I tried. I got /fit/, tried to pick up a lot of girls, managed to actually sound like a normie sometimes but at the end of the day, they never asked or wanted to ask if I want to hang out again and said no when I asked them. Because I'm 5'4. One of them outright stated they had a good time but they were either lying or just didn't want to be seen with a midget ever again.

Not everyone can "make a name for themselves" because some of us are fucked beyond repair. If OP is really that ugly he can never make a name for himself and neither can I and all the other people here who have a huge physical problem. If you really think people can just "make a name for themselves" and make it through life you shouldn't be here and probably should go do anything else.

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>tfw you can't relate to Wojack, because he's more handsome than you
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Any good /r9k/ Minecraft servers? I just want to build and chill
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>mom is seeing some 27 year old fuck boy Chad

What the fuck do I do?
This guy is only 2 years older then me for fucks sake.
I was thinking about fucking his mom. But she's still married so it's gonna be kind of tricky.
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>tfw Chad even gets mommy gfs

It's not fair bros
unless you want to confine yourself to being a beta for the rest of your life, you HAVE to knock him out. Even if you have to jump him from behind, or use a weapon to do so, you've got to do it. Jesus, what the fuck must your mum think of you, I'd be so embarrassed
> mom is getting pounded by chads hard veiny cock
>this chad would probably bully robots like us
If this doesn't turn you youre a fagit

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how do you cope woth the fact of being under the average in terms of looks?
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For years I couldn't accept it. When to great lengths to make myself more "attractive". Little did I know I was making myself uglier. I have completely fucked myself over in every way imaginable, so now being below average in terms of looks is a pretty minor issue.
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Looks are subjective faggot. Next question.
i look perpetually angry and also retarded
my face is lopsided, got acne and receeding hairline in addition to my massive forehead

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Das rite wite boi, she my bitch nao
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mirin glutes
I would unirocially take this dogs knot.
God damn, I'm getting wet just thinking about it...

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I saw a few people post it in another thread.
>inb4 newfag
I've never heard this before this week
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Did anyone ever go to school with a buttplug in the entire day

Felt good man
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kys you gay faggot trash
Yeah and they could smell my shitty ass odor.
Butt stuff alone doesn't make you gay tho

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>stands in your way
>"well well well anon, looks like you actually showed up..."

Reveal your weapon to your adversary.
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my weapon is autism
I pull out a gun and shoot myself
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*teleports behind you*
eat lead fatass

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I have a shit wagie job that I have to be at by 6am every morning. Been there for over 2 years and have been recently treating my desire to kill myself for having to wake up that early for meager pay by taking different stimulants.

I started off with energy shots like five hour energy but they made my stomach hurt. Then I went to these weird energy pills my mom was selling(I'm sure it was a pyramid scheme but they worked) but they were too expensive so she stopped getting them. Them I started buying adderal which was perfect because I have severe ADD so that solved a number of my problems. Then my addy guy moved so now I'm frequently abusing cocaine.

Anyone else start taking drugs out of utility, now you're in the fucking hole and nothing is better you're just now also an addict?
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Dang bro, I just smoke weed and drink sugar free energy drinks
I tried monster and redbull too but they just made me crash after an hour or two. Cocaine has been fine but it's expensive even though I get it for cheapish from my guy. Doesn't help that the job I'm using it for pays me shit.
If you can do something for that long you can do it forever. Fuck off with your drama emo kid.

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>clothes shopping
>walk up to the counter to check out
>cashier is wearing a choker
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Does anyone else hate clothes shopping? Never liked it. Wish I had an older brother growing up so I could have worn all his hand me downs since I hated the feeling of new clothes.
Just buy clothes online.
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And? Why do you give a shit what a person you will most likely never see or interact with again wears? And don't give me that bullshit about society is going down the drain.

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How do you make conversation when you are boring and the only things you know how to do are vidya and like 2 more obscure hobbies
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I can't weigh in, but I want to know as well.
Wish I could hold conversations better and be smarter too. Seems like it's all one-sided sometimes due to the different intelligence levels between me and the other person.
Being smart matters a shit ton ye, but there must be techniques that can make any dummy hold entertaining conversations.
My only luck has been talking to people with similar hobbies. I know that doesn't help the issue you're having, but it's the only time I've had long and nice conversations. I'm pretty stupid, but at least I know tons about my interests. Doesn't help that my vocabulary is small and I can't explain myself too well to where I lose people constantly in our conversations.

Again, I know this doesn't help, but hopefully a nice Anon has some suggestions.

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>Computer keeps disconnecting from the internet.
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