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Gf is upset bout something, shes been sick for the last 2 weeks and ive been over constantly as usual to keep her company
Last 3 days shes been distant and telling me not to come over cause she just wants to be alone,
Im worried cause she has a history of self harm and depression and her mother recently just passed,
what should i do anons? Do i just disregard what she said since shes an introvert afraid of asking for help? Or do i listen and just give her space?
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Self bump
No image dump
she's cheating on you kill her kill the guy kill your family and kill yourself you fucking normalshit.
I would suggest to continue to go over there.
Make sure she knows that you love her.

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>studying with a girl
>sit next to her
>our legs lightly touch and she doesn't mind
>she tells me to move my foot when they touch though
>our arms kind of lightly touch too several times, and a few times she gets playful and gets kind of handsy
>however, when we're done she say quickly says bye and walks out while I'm packing my stuff
does any of this mean anything? or am I looking too deep into things?
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There are three possibilities:
1) She has some kind of kink
2) She feels lonely and likes being in contact with someone even if softly and accidentally
3) More probably, she's a th0t, pic related
why does it even matter?

if you didn't ask her out by now then it's too late.
I hope it's number 2, in her twitter she's always posting relationship things but I know for a fact she hasn't had a bf all year (she posted that too)

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>look out of your car
>see this
wat do ?
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drive away from whatever monkey shithole country I magically appeared in.
here's the proper vid . it came out crappy

sucky sucky 5 dorra?

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Comfy discord. Everyone welcome, but active participants welcome even more.

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i joined and there's so many people here, how do i say hi or anything i'm scared
everyone is very nice, don't worry. Dusty is a little aggressive at times but he means well
i-its fine, i'm too anxious i think. i'll leave before i implode.

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ITT: Post stuff you created

Enjoy this mess https://soundcloud.com/notleap/untitled-22
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I created this last time I went psychotic (it's a mess too):

There's bit of a backstory to this track: thought I could channel all the famous dead musicians and learn all intruments there were in one month and become a really popular musician, this was only the first one of many tracks that I was going to create. But my mind deteriorated even further and not long after this I was going on wild adventures to save all of human kind as the chosen one and had no time to work on my first album anymore.
I made this a few days ago, both the music and the animation in MSpaint

I play drums and can read the music and rests fine, but I struggle with learning piano. Is it normal to have problems learning in the beginning?

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How do I stop being an orbiter?
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Become a planet yourself.You could try by earning the respect and trust of others.
I will never be respected as much as a woman or a chad.
>Women piss out of their vagina
>They have buttholes that they shit out of
>When they go to bed, they let in bed and their eyeballs close and they see blackness, then they're left with just their thoughts
>When they wake up, they have to take a piss
>Then they eat breakfast, they spoon food into their mouth and chew it then swallow it

>If you were to punch a woman in the face she'd cry and fall to the ground. Don't do it, it's wrong. But that's what would happen
>If a worldwide crisis were to happen, they would fall on us for support and guidance in how to respond

They're just people get the fuck over it. You want to stick your wiener in a wet warm hole? Why? Who cares? Stop being stupid

Guys are way better friends, this is objectively true

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>tfw brown in california
>get spoken to in spanish all the time by other latinos but can't speak any spanish
>got confused as someone's housekeeper or poolboy by white people the other day

Every day is suffering
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>has learning material everywhere
>TFW brown in Houston
>Can't speak good Spanish
>That's okay because there are more Arabs than spics here now.
Im spic learn to deal with it faggot we are sub human we should learn our place trust me no one likes us

who /gradually getting dumber/ here

i could type with perfect grammar and a decent speed when i was twelve. now i can barely write a sentence without fucking it up like 5 times. it's getting worse, r9k. what do? 22 now btw
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You need to practice reading and writing more often. One thing you could do is start keeping some sort of diary. Or even just make posts on here more often
i make posts on here a lot, i still make a lot of fuck ups. also i can't bear to read a lot of paragraphs anymore

fuck maybe you're right
Fluid IQ goes down with age. Can't really do anything to stop it. Can make it slow down by exercise. Not just yoga or night walks. Specifically weight training, or high intensity interval training.

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Why don't you just become an animator? It's actually pretty easy
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But getting the fluidity of motion and other stuff right is tedious.
Just be an inbetweener. Doesn't even take skill, just draw in between the keyframes
So how does one avoid those tweens that look like the didney worl memes?

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Would someone please tell me a story of themselves having sex? I'd like it to be true, and in a committed relationship if possible.
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Can I get back to you in about 2 or 3 hours?
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If the thread is still alive, then yes.
never had sex don't know what it feels like kek

i'm sad :*(

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>New laptop
>Don't want to fap with it because it is still pure
Anyone else do this?
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I do this but it never last more than a few months without degeneracy
I thought that was a feel only I knew.
infact one of the first things i did with it would be to take it somewhere i haven't fapped before due to lack of movable computer and would both fap in a new place on a new computer.
day i got a smartphone I jerked off in the garage.

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I wont tell you again, but a cup of coffee really spikes up the energy.

Please dont talk to me until Im done my first cup though.
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coffee just makes me more productive in procrastination

aka makes me wanna play vidya and watch porn

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Why the fuck does every guy in porn have to have a magnum dong? It makes me feel so insecure with my 5 incher and I feel like the chances of me finding a girl who won't laugh at me even though I'm average are slim to none. FUCK PORN AND FUCK GUYS WITH BIG DICKS
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Have you tried cucking?
>implying you'll ever get with a girl anyways
Camera and lighting tricks. Seriously. It's how they make some girls' butts look huge.

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>DL'd tinder 2 weeks ago
>Already set to meet 2 girls this weekend
>1 qt nerd who's gf potential
>1 qt Stacey who wants to bone

I'm freaking out here bros, never had the potential to enter normiehood before

What the fuck DO I DO
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Post your bio and a pic, I want to see what it takes for this to happen
>What the fuck DO I DO

You get the fuck off this board you fucking normalfag.
P sure I've changed my bio since I matched with them tho

I usually get rated a 6/10 on /soc/ also I'm giving a fake half smile in the pic you see

I've promised myself once I lose my virginity I'll leave and never come back

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Who /sexually harasses female streamers/ here?
It's amazing. You have to pick one with few viewers so that your message stands out and they have to read it, and you just type something like "I want @streamergrill to piss on my face!" and then you get to see their reaction to it.
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Fucking beta orbiter. Dont gibe attention faggot.
that is weak and puts you beneath her, something like I would rape your holes is more of a violation
can we please make this a thing

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