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Rick and Morty is objectively the best piece of entertainment media ever created.
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Daily reminder that normie faggots are not allowed here. You can go away now.
>mad cause he knows I right
Ya this is top teir normie. Would rather chad be here and talk about manly stuff at least. R and m is such a fucking joke by calling out the ppl who like that trash

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Share original robot music

Here's a snippet of a jam I recorded with two of my friends, more to come so like and subscribe if you like it

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Does anyone actually post in these threads? Yesterday it was just you, me and some other guy. Sorry to be a downer, it's just a bit sad seeing music threads that only get a few replies.

2 replies is better than no replies :) stay positive summoner
tfw no /r9k/ band to go on tour with

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hey /r9k/ how fast is your internet at home?
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Nice google fiber friendo. My speeds are 223down 15up.
5 down, 1.2 up and yes I'm from Australia.
Like 70 up and down on a good day, usually more like 50.
Which feels like light speed compared to the 5-10 I used to get.

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Im a talentless, neet, kissless, fugless, 23 yrs old handholdless virgin. (You)?
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Talentless, half way though a shitty degree, under weight with no muscle mass my legs hurt going up stairs, 21 yrs, handholdless virgin
Do you play Puck too?
I could've had a girlfriend with 16 but I fucked up. We even cuddled together until we slept in, shit was so cash. Never got the chance again.

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helium suicide.jpg
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Reminder to get an emergency helium tank if you don't have one already, its only getting more and more expensive as time goes on and less pure so companies can save more money.
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You can use any biologically inert gas. E.g. nitrogen.
I actually tried to look into this back in December and I'm pretty sure you can't find commercially available pure helium anymore. The best you'll get is 80% helium 20% air, which is enough to probably leave you with brain damage from lack of oxygen but not kill you.
Get any gas that is used as a protective atmosphere for welding from any shop that sells welding supplies. Guaranteed oxygen free and much cheaper in most cases.

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Run along now wagies, its time for work! Looks like you don't even have time for coffee. But at least you're contributing to society r-right?

Also do not respond to this thread with your wage rage, as i have not yet enjoyed my first cup of coffee.
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>not doing freelance work while working a solo graveyard shift where you play your own music, free snacks, and can shitpost if it's not busy
>not Monster Energy(tm)
Its 15:00 here. Works over for some wagies.

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>one shot at life
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I know this feel I'm 6'0 but I wish I was more like 6'1 or 6'2

>one shot at life

nobody cares if you're a manlet but when u have a small dick you're fucked
>one shot

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>"Hey anon.. we think your kinda cute."

Whats the non autistic way to respond to this without splerging out?
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>"I get that a lot" orignee
hello i thought ur dad was a cool president
>Whats the non autistic way to respond to this without splerging out?
I know.

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The Grand Wizard of Kek has seen your pain, and has decided to grant you 3 (three) wishes. There is but 1 (one) rule:
You cannot wish for anything that links to wishes (ie: can't wish for more wishes, can't wish to negate the effects of everyone's wishes, etc.) No cheating the system.
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Take away my autism/anxiety. Lotz of money. Resurrect immediately if i die and put me to a safe place. (unless it's death by old age, or i decided to kill myself then dont revive me)
-Unlimited funds
-World domination
Make my nails tougher so they won't break when i play guitar. Give me increased separation so I can play those wacky chords and picking patterns. Also make my pinky longer so I can actually use it.

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Why do normies buy these (or some other equally expensive brand)?
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To look like everybody else.
They're easy to use phones that do everything they need - which is mostly social media shit. Plus branding and having other Apple products that work only with each other.
They can afford it
iPhones work great, aren't as buggy as shitdroid
Aesthetically pleasing

>but but I would rather spend the money on animu figurines and cheetos baww why aren't normies like this'????

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The last bastion of robotkind is still resisting the barbarian normie hordes, come join robots


No women

No homos or traps

No non virgins

https://discord[dot goes here]gg/6swuwjN
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10/10 would join again
prepare for the new meme influx btw
t. sopa de macaco
>he doesnt sopa his macaco
File: 1493881184190.jpg (71KB, 650x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>he doesnt make her eat all the macacos

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Ahhh there we are. I'm finally sipping on that sweet caffine injection.

But please, do not respond or talk to other anons who just can't before they've had that coffee.

Apologies to those who have read this pre coffee.

Those who have had coffee, come in I'm read to chat, but please don't talk as others have not had that first sweet functional coffee yet.

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i dont fucking get this meme and now im angry
Typical plebeian reaction: to hate what you do not understand.
Anon I-

I love you.

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>be invited to a party
>they ask me if I'm a virgin
>say yes

>that was several months ago
>they never invited me since

reminder that normies don't even want to associate with virgins and will do their best to alienate us.
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Just lie. Unless you're a woman, they have no way to check.
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Why would you admit that you're a virgin?

I can't think of many societies where being an adult male and a virgin is considered socially acceptable.

Hide your power level, autist.
>Ulyana cosplay
oh boy
best girl

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i never get pussyi never got any pussy cause im too nice im always so nice to them and they just end up dating these guys that are terrible to them. they never give ME pussy. i really want a blowjob ive never had one. its because i always pay for the meals afterwards they dont respect me because im too nice to them. i always offer to take them places give them rides do chores for them and open doors and they never give me any pussy. this one girl i bought her this coat she wanted she said that she liked the coat and i just thought that if i bought it for her she would finally give me some pussyi. they dont even have to touch my penis i just wanna eat their pussyi. i dont even care i just wanna make girls feel good. i dont understand im so respectful i say ill ill lick your pussy you dont have to do anything i just wanna feel it
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stop being so nice then, play a little hard to get, tease them and make fun of them a bit

don't be so accommodating and easy, they will treat you like a doormat if you allow them too

nothing dries up pussy faster than a fawning nice guy
What did he mean by this?

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Post Discords!

This one is very cozy and even has girls in it! discord gg/HfJvhJX
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I like this discord server, OP. Thanks for posting the link!
d-did u say girls?


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