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>Come home from day out with my dad for father's day
>Door to my room is wide open
>Vacuum cleaner inside
>Mommy not only went inside but went through my things and cleaned and put my stuff everywhere

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Why the problem?
>piss jugs
>cum socks
>illegal drug paraphernalia
>anal retentive
>gay porn
>all of the above?
None of that just lots and lots of garbage and clutter and food and cum tissues. I really hope she didn't think those were that
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>be librarian
>live with parents because I can afford to buy shit that way
>convert guest room into personal library
>mom keeps getting into it and rearranging everything to make it look better
>no idea where anything is, as a librarian, in my own library

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I've always wanted to learn the cello but I know nothing about music and am 21. Am I wasting my time or should I email a teacher?
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its never too late. go for it

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>going to take my permit test tomorrow
>might finally get my life back on track

Wish me luck, fellow robots.
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Fuck you...
Robots dont have any hopes or dreams, get the fuck out Norman...
Good luck anon i hope you pass.

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glazed over eyes.jpg
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What was she thinking? What did she mean by this?
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>Be 5'5" manlet
>Only arrange hookups from online to have sex late at night in the car.
>Women never find out how short I am because I pick them up usually in front of their parents house or a parking lot then drive somewhere and fuck them without ever getting out of the car then drop them back off again.

My face when it works every time.
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Whys that bitch looks so smug
are you good looking?
that would probably be the reason why.

>fuckbuddy tells me she found a guy
>ask her a month later wether its working out
>says the guy is leaving the country in august and that they don't want a relationship
>ask her if we should hook up again
>8 hours no response
I fucked up didn't I?
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Did you say please?
>wanting to slurp chad's jizz out of her ass
fuck off
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r9k was made for threads like this anon, fuck off go to wizchan if you want to be a social retard

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What to do if you kick your husband in the balls ?
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What tier trap is Bilnore?
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Nuh uh, fucker!


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>tell jabroni pussy to fight me on r9k
>send address
>says he'll be there at 4
>doesn't show
What happened faggot?
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you have a very pitiable life
You want some too? East side phillly you'll be good as dead.
Fucking pussy didn't even respond

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Im sick of all my escapism, nothing seems fun really.. anyone have anything to recommend, can be really anything, a book, movie, tv serie, games etc

I love sad & depressing stories..
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guess i'll re-read the nhk novel..
My picks for sad, relatable, feels;
Movie: The Green Mile
Tv: Breaking Bad
Anime: Welcome to the NHK
Game: Life Is Strange
to bad i've seen / played all those, but great recommendation otherwise.

>You will never feel the warmth of your waifu as you cudfle each other in bed.
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are we supposed to looking at the feet in this picture? i'm confused

>tfw you download Bumble and have a date set up by the next day
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>go on a trip with a girl I have known for years, and we've been fairly close
>get the feeling I might just love her (who am I kidding- oneitis)
>we have a good time: fun, sometimes awkward but generally feel like I'm doing all the right things for the first time ever
>take her back home the next day and about to leave (I live about an hour and a half away)
>finally go for it and give her a goodbye kiss on the lips
>driving away, feeling pretty good
>get a message after literally a few minutes a road
>"that's not ok what you just did. You should have asked me first. You made me feel powerless. Don't respond to me and I don't think I'm going to see you again for a long time"
>spend the whole drive home somewhere between shock, despair, and rage

So this is the world now. Where a kiss is rape and you are the enemy no matter what you do.

I am a cyborg but I've always tried to not get bitter. But this has broken me. Something is wrong. I have nothing left.
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pretty sure just kissing a girl without asking permission, giving warnings, or mutually flirting beforehand has always been a bad thing, anon

You're right. A goodbye peck for someone you know well is literally rape. And without consent forms stamped by a notary? shit I'm a monster.

Electric light orchestra, or Petshop Boys?



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>been working labor shit for five years
>Never bothered to take protein powder or other cheating substances
>Didn't bother to even eat a lot, like The Rock does
>If I did, I probably would have been ripped by now, but I'm still a skelefag
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You should start. Eat a load, you will pile on the pounds. You will notice you can carry heavier loads after a while. Also, on the hot days, don't wear a tshirt. You will be strong and tanned and will up to your nuts in pussy

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