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hi robits i have nothing to do tonight.
anyone want to play terraria from beginning?
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Only if you let me roleplay as a mechanical squid.
no traps allowed sry
Enjoy playing on your own then. WITHOUT your mechanical squid.

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I'm scared to kill myself, /r9k/. Please tell me how to work up the courage.
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Dont. No matter how fucked up it is, it will get better. Seek immediate help
You don't need the courage. If killing yourself is too much of a pain in the butt, don't do it.
Nice samefagging, moralfag.

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If my father had just decided to man the fuck up and stay with my mum to raise me I would be a happy, healthy and even male specimen.
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I don't want to sound insensitive, but how does not having a male parent drastically change your life like that? My parents are married, but my dad was always distant. He worked in some other state, and we rarely talked. I doubt his involvement would've changed my lifestyle much.
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angry wojak.jpg
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>dad leaves when I'm about 12
>comes back when I'm 18
>does nothing but complain about me and what I'm doing with my life
>but how does not having a male parent drastically change your life like that?
you have no fucking clue.
no really, look up studies on this shit.
The mere action of not having a male father figure in your life DRASTICALLY increases the chances of you being a worthless losers/criminal in the future.
It's mind boggling and horrifying.

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Is a headshot like pic related failproof? Even in a room of doctors or emts would you still be dead after pulling the trigger?
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No, the probability isn't very high but it can bounce on your cranium and fuck up your eyes leaving you alive.
Probably better to put in in your mouth, aim up, and then pull the trigger.
That's not foolproof, but if it does work I highly doubt doctors and EMTs can fix a gaping tunnel through your brain. But I'm not a doctor tho

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Got a date with a qt3.14 girl I met on Tinder. She's a few years older and plays vidya. How do I not fuck this up?
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buy a toy for her son
you need to chill
being chill means using narcotics
alcohol is bad because it makes you act too retarded and obviously drunk
i'd say go with 150mg lyrica
Be yourself. Unless you're socially awkward, don't be that.

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>learn a trade!
>there isn't a single trade i see myself doing in the long run
well what now
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Pick the least boring/least difficult one then.
What do you do for fun OP?
just vidya, and that's not really anything profitable. tried picking up other interests but nothing caught my attention.

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ITT things that you miss or feel nostalgic for
>watching movies together as a family
>only being mildly depressed and not completely dead inside
>having hope for the future and thinking I would be someone important and respected one day
>being goofy and having a sense of humor
>going to my church's youth group on Wednesday nights with my friends
>comfy high school years
>actually being frightened by horror movies
>getting an Xbox and playing Halo: CE and KOTOR for the first time
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Playing Pokemon in Elementary with my friends.

Now I'm too old to play Pokemon and I also have no friends.
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I'm nostalgic about the times I had friends as a child.
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Being mentally sharp and smart. Years of crippling depression and dissociation has left my mind foggy and disoriented. My teenage self could run circles around me as far as intelligence is concerned. It's embarrassing.

I like to think that what I've lost in intelligence, I've gained (at least a little bit) in wisdom and experience though.

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>Work in relatively small clothes shop
>Only guy who works there
>The other employees are qts
>Customers are mainly young women
>Qt manager always tries on different clothes
>Often catch glimpses of her in her underwear

Why don't you just get a job where you can gawk at women?
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becuase if i did im sure they would notice an get me fired right away.
I did for free for about half a year but I could barely hold a conversation with anyone so I stopped.
NEET life best life
Be serious,

i'm so ugly i'd never even get hired at such a place, if they hired you you're probably a Norman

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me too. want to be friends? :)
What the hell am I doing here?
I don't belong here.

I wish I was special.

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So recently I started textin with pic related. Is this a trap?
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trap in the sense that she is a borderline basketcase will trap you in a malfunctioning relationship and attempt to mentally ruin you every single day
trap in the transgender sense probably not, has no clear male features
If you can't tell then who cares
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"her" ring finger is longer than "her" index fingers. Does this mean anything?

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guod nit frenz
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uum its like the afternoon

slep tiet helper :)
slep well helpre fren :D

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a fresh community on a new server with lots of interests to share amongst robots! join the discord

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This is the first official bump done by dog.
i like it already

we have a rabbit room to watch comfy movies!

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005 - p79qJQR.jpg
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A single qt that's your type comes into your life somehow. How ready are you for her? Are you in shape, socially competent, financially independent, on a career path, etc. ? What would you do/say?
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fuck offf idiot
I have decided to become a sage and a wizard so i am not interested in thots, no sir. And fuck you for even asking this, retard.

I would tell her to get lost and personally football kick her as hard I possibly could right out the front window.

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it says here.jpg
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It says here on your resume that you saved pictures of anime girls... With male genitals. Is this something you look at regularly?
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n-no sir, I was just s-showing my family that those kinds of things exist...
I like this thread. Props to you OP.

It also says that your entire family died in a car crash when you were 6 years old.

>"hey anon! do you wanna hang out with me after school?"

Wgat do you do?
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i penis her in vagena
Sure, I'll get the nooses.
>She doesn't realize it's a pun
>Takes it as an insult
>I'm not smart enough to realize it until two days later
Said literally no girl to me ever.

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