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I've got my life pretty sorted out.

Any of you depressed outcasts got any questions just ask and I will answer how I can.
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If I don't get any responses then I will assume you all just don't want the answers to life. In which case I have no sympathy for you.
>I've got my life pretty sorted out.
tl;dr your life

Also how do you maintain motivation for self improvement?
Your answers are highly unlikely to be applicable to me, or are something I am already doing.

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Modernity and the media is taking the traditional woman away from us. I had a huge redpill moment just a few minutes ago and it made me realize how far we've fallen

>be 20
>tell mom to come over for lunch
>she is dressed in light apparel and slutty shorts
>she brings a tattooed, nose-pierced milf friend with her
>the two of them talk loudly and behave like literal teenagers
>ugly milf friend of my mom insert swear words in a sentence about her kid
>how the fuck did she even manage to have a kid

They're both over 45 and 50. Even twenty fucking years ago they would have been with their husbands (instead of being divorced/unmarried) and behaved as house mistresses with class and dignity. My mother has been raised by some of the elites of her native country and in a traditional household. She herself was a decent wife to my father, until in the early 10s she left him

How did the mighty West come to this, robots? Have we forgotten the perks of ageing as wise, caring beings, enlightened by the world, and instead caged ourselves into perpetuel teenage years?
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that's funny because my mom left my dad in the early 10's too but that shit was inevitable and she is the smartest/kindest woman i know.

inb4 shes' the only woman i know, i have a job with female coworkers, and a couple female friends outside of that
>Even twenty fucking years ago they would have been with their husbands (instead of being divorced/unmarried) and behaved as house mistresses with class and dignity.
Underage please get the fuck out.
Basically the way female psychology works is women have a powerful drive to be collective conformists, because of their traditional gender role as caregivers.
You see sjw empowered womyn whining that they can't 'be there' for their normal friends who are forming families because they're single and childless.
This is because women support eachother by conforming to eachothers experiences and identifying as part of a female collective. The sisterhood, essentially.

So what you can do as someone who wants to alter the behavior of the established woman collective is use media to present a false collective to them, which women will then conform to.
And once conformity hits critical mass, the collective behavior is self sustaining, even after removal of the initiating media.

A lot of women are realising how fucked this is though and are pushing back and making the cases for social conservatism, but the female iq distribution is much tighter, and women with the intelligence to challenge the collective are few and far between.

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No matter what you look like, there's at least one woman with retarded enough taste to find you attractive.
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What if she decides to monkey branch me though.
but how do I find her
but I am actually pretty decent looking
I'm just awkward fucking weirdo without any social skills and that makes me unfuckable

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>Be me at uni studying
>in computer room alone
>busting for a piss
>there's a stink bug in the urinal
>piss on the bug
>it releases its scent
>say "Ha, not gonna save you buddy"
>piss the bug down the drain
>it climbs back up
>realise this is the only irl social interaction with another living being I've had in several days
>question the meaning of life
>come to the conclusion there is none
>feel lonely and depressed

Why can't I even fucking piss without depressing lonliness overcoming me?
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>molesting a weaker beeing
no wonder you are alone and sad
stfu you dork. it's a fucking bug
you are the bug

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Does anyone want to be my friend? It's been a long time since I've gone out my way to talk to anyone, and I want to meet someone I can talk about silly things with.

Things that would be great:
- if you like good animes, maybe we could watch something together?
- if you're on your computer a lot, or are up at weird hours, I have a weird sleep schedule
- if you like philosophy or have things you like reading or talking about
- if you're interested in talking to someone who wants to know about you, even if we don't meet

I have a discord, it's vera#8766, please send me a mail if you're interested
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But you came here last week to talk to people.
Everyone stopped messaging me!
>Does anyone want to be my friend?
I want but I'm afraid that I'm too awkward and you'll reject me

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jeff shitceps.jpg
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Why should I feel pressured/obligated to pursue women when I'm genetic trash?

Look, if you're born with superior genetics, you get to enjoy the pleasures that come along with women. On the flip side, if you're born with trash-tier genes, you get to enjoy the pleasures that come along with AVOIDING women.

I'm not going to forego all of the benefits that come with AVOIDING women just so I can have a very half-baked, half-assed, below average experience with the opposite sex/romantic life.

Don't expect me to talk with women when I'm just going to get a AT BEST average experience with them. It's just not worth my time - pure and simple. To Chad, yes, OF COURSE it is worth his time to get into relationships, have one night stands, go to parties, etc.

But me? Just leave me alone, man. Leave me alone. I'm not doing it. I'm not so much as talking with women. I got a crappy deal in that respect in life and I'm not fucking taking it. Shove that shit up your pipe and smoke it I'm not wasting what little time I have on a pathetic, peasant-level experience when other guys who are born in the "whole enchilada" level of sexual attractiveness get to have 100x more fun than me in the realm of sex and relationships.

Bye and fuck off.
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You will do a favor to your genetic pool if you dont breed.ok thnx bye
You're not obligated to do anything.
you are such a miserable loser. please delete this thread then do us all a favour and kys faggot

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How are you spending this beautiful Sunday morning, r9k?
Had your coffee yet?
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Poured my 1st cup as i read your post. Watching car crash videos like every Sunday morning.
>No milk
No coffee for me. Just animating and writing today.
lying on the couch in the living room, watching old simpsons episodes

>make a post saying I support gay men kissing in public trying to be a good guy
>gay guy I used to work with and have added likes it, messages me saying we need to hang out
>tell him I want to hang out with old female coworker and him if we're gonna hang out so he doesn't try to fuck me
>I wake up this morning to "come cuddle" and a picture of his ass, dick, naked picture with face and ended it with "I'll suck you "

I wanted to show solidarity and ended up getting virtually sexually harassed. What the fuck
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just give him the dick op
stop being gay about it
Now you know what women live with.
i don't get this shit. comments like this i mean, in every thread.

is the jidf really that prevalent?
are these people trolling?
or is this board really filled with faggots?

look bud just because you have a degenerate life that's not worth living doesn't mean we need to too.

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When did you understand that this board doesn't have any other depressed loser but has been full of shills and mean bastards who prey on your insecurities for years and that their only purpose is to brainwash the few weak minded innocent people who haven't realized it yet to either become gay, hate black people, go through HRT or straight out cut their balls and kill themselves? When did you understand there's only enemies here and they want you to fucking die?
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then for whom do you writing this
Recently. It's too late now however. I've been on this site since I was 15. I'm 20 now. I will lnever be normal or happy now.
Anybody else notice that everything in the back of this picture is satanic? Maybe stop worshipping lucifer?!?

>too easy to manipulate them since they are little babies that cant think for themselves
>dishonest since they are too insecure to act on their own
>they always seek guidance since they are a bunch of pussies
>they will leave you the time they find a ''better'' alternative since they are too insecure about themselves
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>being submissive is a disadvantage

no shit, sherlock
There is no doubt its a disadvantage.I was just asking if you guys think they are stupid though, dumb cunt.
i think they are too smart for this world full of confident retards,leave those special snowflakes alone you meanie

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This is for all the sensitive souls on /r9k/. Callous and cruel robots now welcome. Share sensie stories.

>watching cctv feed at work
>see lady with baby stroller walking by
>see car drive very close
>car almost hits the baby
>nothing happens in the end though
>eyes still well up with tears at the though of the baby getting hit by a car

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You would care about some roasties' offspring that she got after getting pounded on the regular by chad. What a beta Bryan you are.
It's almost like humans want to protect their young to assure that they make it to adulthood
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I am super sensitive. I have a very thin skin.
I'm not sure why I come to a place liike r9k even after all these years because its just bitterness and hatred all the time.

I cant even stand it if someone raises their voice at me. I want to cry all the time.

The other day I cried at a picture of a big floofy dog because it was so pure and sweet. The idea of a dog waiting at the fence and being so happy to see you, and loving so unconditionally made me cry for like 30 minutes.

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So, yesterday i had my driving test.
>Fucking failed it in the first 10 mins.
>40 euros down the drain.
>Family is completely fucking dissapointed.
>Keep shouting at me for "not passing on the first time as all the other relatives".
>This shit keeps going for 2 days now.
>"You'll never succeed in anything".
>Feeling completely like shit
what now?
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Everyone fails their drivers test the first time, not a big deal. You had to make an entire thread about this?
i failed twice so far anon
>first one cause i got so nervous from the instructor that i forgot how to make simple lane changes
>second one cause right brake light wasnt working so i couldnt even drive
where do you live, in Poland only 30% people pass

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Lets have a nice comfy loli thread
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I've ascended. I only want to cuddle lolis now, not molest them. Nofap cured my loliconitus.
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Yeah sure thing anon have a cute lolli
So I'm reading about historical pedophiles. Everyone knows about Edgar Allen Poe, Lewis Carol and Muhammad, but there's a lot more. Gandhi used to lie in bed with naked little girls and fondle and rub against their bodies. Mark Twain had an entire harem of lolis he called his "Angelfish". Saint Augustine married a 10-year-old girl he found "pleasing". Lord Byron wrote poetry two different preteen girls he was infatuated with.

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Switch to solo board games. They're even harder, but everyone is shit at them so you won't feel as bad. I recommend Arkham Horror.
You can look for new hobbies, like music producing, video editing, etc.
Or you can tryhard and invest tons of hours in a game you like
You can spend your whole life dying in games or you can spend your next few moments dying

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Are women without vaginas still roasties?
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So is it a woman?
>The Heartbreak Of Not Having A Vagina
Join the club
Yes, she's a biological woman who was born without a uterus or vagina. Just a peehole.

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