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>is it easier for you to get a gf

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Sorry m8 but you've gotta put more work in to find a gf than just being of a particular race, you might have more luck finding a bbc addict as a fuckbuddy though. Just make sure you've actually got a bbc or she'll pull down your zipper and tell you to fuck off
>put more work in
yeah I know, but my efforts plus the alleged memes are bearing no fruit
am I destined to be alone forever?
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Does anyone here watch asmr videos just to cope with the loneliness?
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no that is what porn is for
>watch asmr

no asshole I listen to it and its not cuz im lonely its cuz it feels good
can you describe the feeling of loneliness?
im shutin but i dont think i have ever felt lonely.

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>look in mirror and see a fatass that doesn't look good in any clothes
>go out and all friends and family say I look skinny and need to stop losing weight

Is 145lbs at 5'8 fat or skinny? Male btw. Co-workers have even told me that I need to eat something, but I don't feel or think I look skinny.

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>he's fat and a manlet
Kys my dude
>no one comments that you're getting fat
>mention that i'm gonna start working out and lose weight
>get told countless times to be careful working out because working out too much is not healthy
>only when i'm trying to not be healthy is my choice of lifestyle called into question
That is a healthy, good weight. You have a BMI of 22, 25+ is overweight, 30+ is obese.

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How am I supposed to find a girlfriend at a community college ?
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>How am I supposed to find a girlfriend at a community college ?
you don't

you work hard in your classes and transfer to a university

don't fuck up your time at CC anon, those years are vital
Art classes.
You don't. As someone who went to CC, the mentality is to do your shit and go home since there's almost nothing in the way of clubs, etc.

I think Im actually going to kill myself today,
thanks for entertaining me my friends but this is good bye
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G0odnight sweet princess faggot op!
No you won't. If you were serious you'd just do it and not try to make a show out of it with this thread.
may god have mercy on your soul op.

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If I'm genuinely and unironically attractive why can't I get laid? Are looks just a meme?
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You can look great but being a giant cunt wont help you at all

I'm not a rude autistic douchebag like Elliot though

I'm not on the spectrum and I have self awareness
Females can sense desperation. You might even say they can smell it. If you have no self esteem, you're certainly not going to get laid.

I look at my father, who oddly enough I inherited most of my behavioral traits from. He slept around, but only because his confidence came from alcohol and the bar scene. I inherited far less sociable coping methods, and so I'm fucked to be alone forever appearance be damned.

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Do girls actually enjoy anal sex?
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Youve got a butthole too, find out yourself
Men have prostates. Women don't.
What is the reason women may find anal sex pleasing?
Or men if you so want to

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What kind of people do you automatically dislike or lose respect for?

Example: If you do something good, I hate the kind of person that says
>"It's what you're suppose to do"
Like doing a good thing is invalid because nobody is "suppose" to do bad things. What kind of bitter prick talks like that? I hardly ever see it but what do they do that is so important?
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Any mother fucking piece of shit walking ass nigger juice fuck head that wears a god damn pair of normie faggot fucking nigger wearing sunglasses. Fuck them.
People who serve in the military or police. Not that I dislike them, I just lose a smidgen of respect for them. But some of them are alright.
You're an idiot. I was just thinking earlier today how I hate pricks that dislike cops. LEO is like the one job where nobody can or wants to do it, yet criticizes the shit out of everyone who does as if they know how to do the job better.
Why don't you do it?

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>tfw no master japanese race gf
>tfw wasn't born i glorious Nippon
>tfw will never eat authentic ramen and onigiri from FamilyMart
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>tfw will never shop at Lawson's
feels bad man 25235463

what did anon mean by this








>>Trying to get Baja Blast back on the shelves
>>Created Petition
Link Below

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That petition will literally do nothing.
>Abbie Kistner
fuck off you toastie roastie
i will sign your petition if you show your tits

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I haven't cut my hair in over two years and I have huge disgusting knot of tangled hair in the back of my head. Where's the best place to go to get it cut where my interaction with the barber will be minimal? I've heard from robots that Chinese owned barbershops where the guy doesn't speak English and will take only ten bux to shave your head are the best option.

Please robots help I don't wanna suffer during a haircut any more than I have to.
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post pics

Buzz it urself my man
Jesus christ mate brush your hair before at least, it makes it way easier

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How do I stop being attracted to fat women?

It's ruining my life. I like them more than regular women. They're so unhealthy but so sexy. Something in my brain is wired wrong. I can't even explain the appeal because I know it should be objectively not attractive.
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Someone's gotta take one for the team
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>tfw only attracted to fat asian or black women
But I'm not even dating them. I'm a KHV. It's honestly worse.

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nearly killed myself earlier lads.

>mom is away for the week
>whole house to myself
>after the first 2-3 days I just become depressed at the thought of living
>end up going on night walks at 3-4 in the morning
>get home from a night walk and it's about 45 minutes ago (UK)
>just sit at my PC staring at a blank Internet browser
>wave of nostalgia hits me that I have been doing the same thing for years (24 yo)
>go to the bathroom and get a couple of dressing gown belts and tie them together
>tie them to a door handle and tie it around my neck
>sit down and slowly shuffle forward so it's putting pressure on my neck
>nearly pass out a couple of times
>apply more pressure and my vision went black for 5 seconds and I quickly jumped up got into a cold shower and cried
>literally sitting at my PC in a towel after getting out the shower wondering if I should go for round 2

if I pass out again I might not wake up and suffocate, not sure if I am ready to go and don't want my mom to find me all bloated and decomposing slumped at my bedroom door.
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don't do it man! it isn't worth taking your life.
If you wanna go out with hanging the idea would be to fall fast and hard to snap your neck, not gradually strangling yourself. I'd tell you to buy a gun instead but i don't know how easy that is for a britbong.

Hey 24 year old suicide survivor here.

Call you mum. Talk to her.

Chad is your friend, Brad is the douche, defeatist robots are keeping you down.
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>"Hey! You're the quiet dude from class? Hop in bro! Let's go to the gym together and then get something to eat!"
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>"Anon had a lot of fun with us this weekend but when I first invited him he actually said he was afraid we'd be mean and make fun of him the whole time because some losers on some loser website told him that."
I agree, 99% of Chad's I've ever had interactions with have been the nicest dudes ever.
I've never met a friendly robot.

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Can anyone help me out choosing a laptop for $700 or less?
i was thinking this one but i don't know anything about tech so yeah also having windows 7 is a neccessity for me
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go on ebay and get a lenovo thinkpad for $300
This. >>>/g/tpg/ has some buyers guides in the OP post.
I have a T420 and its the best $175 laptop i could have ever bought.
thinkpad t420

and then install gnu+linux on it

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