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>Be on Tinder for 3 months
>Swipe on every grill I can everyday
>Not a single match
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Your profile is shit,
Tinder is dumb anon. Just catfish with a Chad account and you'll see you're only matching like 5% of your right-swipes. Real life is 100x easier to end up talking and dating girls in.
>have tinder for a year
>have 500 matches
>at least 15 were girls you knew personally who went to your high school
>matched with a cheerleader from my top 25 sports college with NFL/NBA players and rich frat fags
>18 year old girl once sent me her snapchat without me asking because she thought I was really attractive and didn't want to lose contact with me without me even saying anything to her and it was real

Tinder boosted my self esteem but I'm still too autistic to really do anything. I've banged 1 girl off of it.

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My loving grandma is now a skeleton
any /GrandmasaSkelly/ bros out there, i still fucking love her though i just ignore the fact she dead
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Kek made me lel haca bump
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>Brandis posting
WHY you so offended bro, i hope ur original

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Who /lewd/ here?

I can't help but get nice boys off and let them spray their confidence all over my lusty boy body, in games I love finding shy ones that I suspect browse here and prey on them
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All gays are lewd sluts.
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C-Can I borrow you?

I'm kind of shy but I have a bit of a dominant fetish that I've been wanting to experiment with...
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Yes, come to me

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My bitch mum is only letting me use the computer for 3 hours a day because she says I'm addicted fucking bitch I'm going to slice her whore head off i fucking hate her
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Get a 15 dollar smartphone and shit post with it I've done it

Or go play basketball
Get the fuck out you underaged British faggot
Fuck you idiot I'm Australian dumbass

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Is it worth it to keep producing music in hopes of a career. I mean I'd still do it if it wasn't but it would be waaaaayyyyy less.

When I first started I had people asking to buy and use my music views for no reason I've slowly been learning theory and the program and it kinda took away from the creativity and even tho I'm better I don't get views and no one wants to use my music.

Before I had someone ask to buy a song that was one fuckibg melody and it had a kick drum that was timed wrong and sounded awkward now I have like 4 melodies and perfect drums (but shitty mixing due to my computer) and I can't get views likes or anything. Though I'll admit before I took more time on beats and it was a lot of of a creative explorative thing but I was still trying to capture the same sound.
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Also before all I did was post songs with a title this time I used tags end screen annotations and got 800 followers on a twitter account before I was just shooting in the dark
It's up to you if things look fucked then a career out of it may not be feasible but there is still a chance that you may have some success like the one you used to have.
My friend told me he could see me producing and actually making money off it and no one else has really said that to me about a job except generic shit anyone can do (cop corrections civil service shit)

I don't really know what to do in college but I'd do anything for my career and I'd spend 24/7 working at it (I already do)

I mean selling on YouTube pays pretty damn good for the ones doing good at it but Jesus Christ that career would be insane. Or something music I wouldn't even mind being the performing artist.

>check out old friends faceberg profiles
>they are landing professional jobs
>they are getting laid
>they are getting tagged in pictures on beaches with friends
>they are getting hundreds of likes on their pictures
>their resumes proudly displayed are for all to see

Meanwhile here I am on the verge of homelessness, no education, financial ruin, girlfriend has started losing interest.

Is this the hard times they talk about in songs or were they just making some shit up for commercial purposes in their comfy studios? Seriously, I am a smart and good looking guy, I don't deserve this.
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Depends on the artist.

But man that sucks
That's why i deleted all social media profiles i had many years ago, i could never get on the level of the normal people, i am inferior in every way.
Fuck off Norman.

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pic related?

it's like for neets and loosers, right, so i would fit here

normally i lukrked polish chans and /pol/, but polish chans are dead and when i see what is going on with the world on /pol/ i get too much triggered and just can't stad

just looking for a right place for me
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Misogynist virgins who wish they were chads and bitch about stacies daily. Yep you'll fit perfectly here.
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i was /fit/ once but now im quite fat, im hard NEET and im doing drugs almost everyday

do i apply?
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white power.jpg
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and im misogynistc but more like anti sjw and i hate niggers too

Hmmm? What are you looking at so hard, mister? :3
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>pulls down her panties
Hehehe cute loli posters make my day
I just came buckets

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would any 18 to 19 year old boys be willing to date a 23 year old man?
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My neighbor is a 19 year old and he was dating a 47 year old guy for money so there's hope he didn't even have a lot it was just neetbux
Shut up, faggot. gb2>>>/lgbt/
how is 23 old, dickhead

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Havent you had enough to eat? Youre disgusting.
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>enough to eat
I don't understand.
Fine. I'll fast for the next few hours.
>second cup of coffee
Bitch I am getting underweight and should probably aim to go for muh gains as it is.

I never thought I'd say this. It's been nice knowing you all. I have graduated from Omega to Alpha. I could start going to the gym, maybe have my name legally changed to Chad. A life with endless possibilities

A girl just suggested that we go on a boat ride some time.
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Even in like fifth grade that's barely tapping the surface no pun intended
>he's this excited over the mere suggestion of the possibility of a boat ride sometime in the future
imagine she cancels last minute

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Reminder that swallowing cum turns it into estrogen and therefore it turns you into girls which again means that gays are closet girls/trannies since they're on estrogen.
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Another trap loving post.....
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Does it still work if it's your own semen?
Yeah sure it can work. But why would you do that when there's so many cute people around?

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What are your thoughts upon seeing this image?
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why do numales open their mouths like this?
File: 1461179302215.png (157KB, 409x409px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw utter loser but at least not a numale

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I wonder how triggered the druggie normies will get today...

Where are my /straightedge/ anons at?
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They won't since they'll be having fun and not give two fucks about you
So how straight edge are you?
No drugs, alcohol or cigarettes.

My only addiction is video games. But does that ever hurt anyone?

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Post only if you
>have a net worth of $100,000+
>no friends
>no gf
>still a virgin
>too embarassed and prideful to use hookers and get it over with

Bonus points if you are autistic.

And don't bother begging for money ITT.
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Um I don't wanna enable you but if you take Xanax it'll get rid your robot shit and cash will get you laid

Of course cash can't help bill gates the rappers are poor compared to him and they make it look better
i have a net worth of 16 million usd or close to that and im not happy and too scared to spend it as my family will judge

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