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It's that time again. Big tits thread.

Post your favorite big pair, talk about or post coworkers, friend's, classmates, family with big tits. Share experiences or fantasies.
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Check out this girl that has big breasts, bitch!
Check that bitch that has big boobies!!! LOL
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why have big when you can have the biggest?

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I'm too lazy to watch youtube videos explain in tl:dr form
TL;DR its a chanfag attempting to get laid then decides to go beta forever. its just 7 mins.
also the chanfag masturbates to anime and does get cucked by a spic. he then tries getting a job and does succeed but then he gets another gf and wants to give her a 500 dollar watch but then she turn him down cause shes a gold digging slut. then he goes mgtow

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Anyone /cankersore/ here?
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you got herpes, anon. better get your self checked.

Dude I swore I had one on the inside of my top lip a couple of days ago but I just felt up there with my tongue and now it's gone. What the fuck happened?
salt it my dude

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Any slavs lurking tonight?
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It's not really night, but yeah, here I am.
Sure why not...Dunno if I wanna drink or not
Born in Kharkov here.

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>tfw just remember that time three years ago in the 9th grade when your one and only slutty normie friend stole the nerdy, qt-in-a-greasy-kind-of-way, The Room quoting substitute away from you when things were going so well

I fucking hate you Victoria.
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Why did she steal him? And he was a normie anyway. Is she still with him? Probably not.

He wasn't. He was somewhat chubby and really weird. I remember the kids in class kept on fucking with him and in a really unassertive way "H-hey! Cmon now! D-d-don't do that! Now cmon! Back to your seats!". He also was sweating and got really nervous infront of us.
So is she still with him? Or did she move on with her cock carousel and he found another hole to fuck?
He doesn't sound like a robot or he would have never accepted your friend because he'd sperg out.
Stop going for chads and normies.

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I got a good one from when I socially REKT a Chad in front of everyone

>be me
>be in highschool (18 it was final year)
>everyone knows i liked this girl since grade 9
>start talking to her
>Chad Thundercock comes to be a dick
>hooks up with her
>as Chad has her arm around her i say out loud so everyone can hear
>"ha you think you're so clever, i know your just doing this becuase you know i want to bang her!"
>I then make a humping action with my pelvis as i say "bang her".
>Chad looks humilated and awkward as fuck
>everyone goes silent
>i just go "yeah thats right" and do another
air-hump with my pelvis
>Chad humilated
>even the principal was in shock since this was out in front of everyone at the bus stop and teachers and principal was there
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>paulie delvechio

is it 2009?
That's what the Chad looked like. And it was 2010 this happened.
Haha that's so funny anon Haha. You know what else would have been funny lol, if you pulled down your and his pants and humped him instead of the air haha. that would be so embarrassing for him to have his naked bum humped by your exposed dick lol. You could even play with his dick and made it hard so everyone thought he was a fag or something haha. Just thinking of how you could have REKT him more lol.

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am i the only person tired of the constant hostility on this website?

let's have a comfy thread

post comfy music, comfy videos, make small talk,etc.

welcome: nice folk
not welcome: bullies
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Shut the fuck up you trap fapping faggot ass.
fuck off
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comfy song about what could have been a catastrophe in Newport Mi in 1966 during a partial meltdown

>it's acceptable for women to workout like this
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Knowing that there are actual women that look like this makes me depressed as fuck. I can't even get average looking girls to like me
in brazil gyms

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ITT: We discuss and share rare feels. hadn't seen one of these in a while

>the feel when you cannot turn your sadness into art
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>that feel when you rub stomach while lying down in bed
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>can imagine really cool ideas and art
>have no talent or ability to make these things real
Idk how rare this is
I know that feel, bro.
Not just sadness, any feeling that I have. Sometimes I get nice tiny snippets of ideas that could make for nice art, but only if I had any actual skills. Mostly it's ideas for short film scenes. Sometimes it's a motif for a short story

>tfw you are post-despair
>tfw you realize that nothing matters, including your complaints or worry about it
>tfw it only helps for 0,1 seconds and then you're back at the despair, just to enter the 0,1 phase again

It's like an endless loop of stress. I think this might kill me if it already hasn't destroyed me.

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>Entry level means 3 years of experience in that specific field

I got meme'd on by STEM. Do I have to enlist so that I can get killed in Sandistan for the Jews?
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Lol just get a government job. I got an engineering degree and after 200 applications, no private company would hire me. I applied to 5 government jobs and got 3 offers in the $65k-$75k range.
Enlisting is more of a meme than anything else. I had a 99 ASVAB, 130DLAB, and could already pass the physical tests at the end of boot camp, but I was PERMANENTLY DISQUALIFIED for cutting myself when I was an edgy teenager TEN (10) YEARS AGO.
Where do I go to get gub jobs? The private sector sounds pretty cucked. What's your job like? Is it cushy?

Did they do a physical inspection or were you a dumb bitch and told them about it?

>friend says feminism isn't bad, but fem nazis are
>says to him that this is completely wrong and he should give me an example what makes feminism good
>says it means equally between men and women
>call it bullshit and throw plenty of historic accurate data on him which proofs that feminism was always bad and the ideology of feminism means complete control from women over me and in way worse way than any patriarchal system ever existed
>said "Oh sorry, I didn't read any of that and I don't read it anyway"

Why the fuck normies do that shit? If they say something like that they want a discussion, then I give counter arguments built with facts and they ignore that because I don't repeat their opinions.

"Serious discussion" is a fucking meme. No one is interested in that stuff and only want that other people repeat their arguments or else ignores that.
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Fuck off back to pol edgelord
The irony.

Avenue Calle
>feminism means complete control from women over me and in way worse way than any patriarchal system ever existed

feminists are burning men alive, blocking them from going to school and selling them off like property amiright

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> be me, 3-4/10 nerdy, depressed fuck
> date a kinda qt trap through an app
> early transitioning phase tho
> but already has a female voice

> nothing fits but I play my pretend part
> "sure I like arts, casual sports and gender politics"
> Going in for a kiss
> success.jpg
> We start to make out a little on a bench in public.
> "Kinda cold, continue in my car?"
> Making out for like and hour in my car on a kinda public parking space and she finishes with a handjob
> Ok, thx, bye

What should I do now?

PS: Shit was fucking hilarious when I noticed that we got all my car windows fogged up
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Handjobs are underrated
The first handjob I got was pretty shit, since the girl (not trans) didn't know what to do, even when I said stuff.

This one....holy shit. She definetly knew. Didn't need to say anything. Preassure, pacing and technique was pretty much fucking perfect
Did she catch it all in her mouth or let it run down her hand?

My mom ordered a pizza

What's /r9k/ doing
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Laying in bed with my dog thinking about masturbating for the third time today.
I just finished eating dinner. Torn between starting a VN, anime or continuing with a video game.
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Deciding if I should make progress on my videogame backlog, anime backlog, netflix backlog, music backlog or youtube backlog.

nah I'll just browse 4chan

Is it gay to jerk off to this?
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bump, l need to know
Whats her name famalamadingdong?
Meana Wolf

l have been muted. Such an epic troll, wow. xd

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Well? What say you?
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1/0 + 1

So undefined + 1
Cannot divide by zero. Function is undefined.

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