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how can porn industry be legal wtf ? every porn producer should be punished desu
we live in a degenerate era...
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quality thread and I totally agree. humanity wont last long at this rate
>it's the Jews again

When will we get rid of them?
why would it be illegal in the first place? if you want to go to a porn free place go to Saudi Arabia or something man

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Girl hands look so soft and cute.
I love the way they look.
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i have girl hands
i'm proud of them
>tfw soft hands but no one to hold them


that why you DONT have a GF

Tripping balls edition
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Lads I have a couple of tabs of lsd that I've had in a pill box for a couple of months. Guessing they're useless now?

not original
Anyone got that video of Ebin going for a run?

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>man enough to catch venomous snakes with my bear hands
>too scared to talk to girls
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a snake will end your life and all your problems
a girl will ruin your life and multiply your problems
you fear the only frightening thing
fucking /thread

gj m8
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>catches venomous snakes
>wants to catch venomous humans now

OP is a daredevil living life on the edge.

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>17-24 fucked 41 girls
>now 26
>shut in loser
>enjoy getting comfy on r9k
>going out seems like a chore and waste of money

ultimately, im having a hard time deciding if i TRULY care or if i used to do everything out of peer pressure. furthermore, i wonder if my abstaining from a social life from here on out will have dire consequences as i get towards my 40's-50's
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Literally humble bragging. Wow bro you're so deep such an outcast the world isn't good enough for you you're a true robot bro.

Is that what you wanted to hear? Well none of it's true. Get the fuck out here and never post again.
wrong pal. i'm literally admitting im a loser. I want someone to offer a different perspective. all those experiences were fleeting and ephemeral. now im staring down the rest of my life
The rage bro

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>losing weight
>Counting calories with my electronic food scale
>it's melting off
>tfw eating nothing but oats,broccoli,chicken breast, and green drinks
>tastes like shit
>tfw everyone in my house is eating yummy food and I'm eating cardboard and dirt
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go ahead anon, eat the cheesecake, eat the appetizers, eat the morsels

just this once wont hurt
You don't have to have such a drastic diet. Most fat people have 1 or 2 items they overindulge in. Usually, it's soda. For me, it was pasta. Cutting pasta out helped immensely.
Work out/exercise more. That way you can eat more calories and still lose weight

Name something Normies will never understand
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True, genuine loneliness, Steve!
My wife's ass, Steve!

What are some comfy games for us robots?
Recommend some odd, weird, non-rage inducing games in here and how you feel about them.

>pic related, Kona
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Bumperino, c'mon guys you got nothing better to do anyway.
>Conker's bad fur day
It's comfy, fun, and just a great game to play. Actually most of Rare's old games are top tier comfy when i think about it.
Cities: Skylines

I spend most of my time just following commuters around.

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I'm finally doing it, I'm gonna kill myself tonight

I don't think I've ever been this tranquil, my suffering is almost done
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What's your method?
Aspirin? Benedryl?
Mind telling us why?
What's stopping me from violating my loli sister? There's been sexual tension between us since she was born. Should I get it over with?

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>mom is being drunk again
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Go spend some time with her and make sure she doesn't hurt herself again
She's passed out. Post ending in dubs decides what I put in her ass.
Your tongue


The only thing that avoids me is the thing I want most

Everything comes easy to me but one.
Knowledge and skills are easy for me to pick up and have allowed me to get a very high paying job.
I drive an expensive fancy car and have plenty of money.
I lost weight and thought I was the most attractive I've been.
I have sat in the basement for 6+ years and now as I approach age 23 I don't think theres a way out.
I cannot get the girls I want.
I made a tinder and I don't have a match after a week.
I am crushed. This was all I worked for and I had built up courage for over a year. I painstakingly took hundreds of photos and parsed through them for hundreds of hours all to pick just 4.
There is nothing here for me now. Today I drove around lost and damned in my expensive car, a true Elliot Rodger. I don't even have autism, I can make eye contact, and I thought I wasn't ugly. Where else to meet the girls I want? I am somewhat picky when swiping on tinder but I swiped right on at least 100, and not one match. There is no escape from my robot life. I thought I could break out of my mold. I can't

I failed and I have retreated back into the basement deep into the dark

This is the end
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feel with me
not even r9k wants me
sheesh i cant catch a break

time to find god
OP, we all know that feel. The dating system is massively biased in favor of women. Just compare the amount of messages the 10/10 male model got in relation to the average or even ugly girl. It is staggering.

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Do you get as much pleasure putting it in someone as the person receiving?
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Whats up with that dick
>not knowing what a healthy penis looks like
Healthy penises dont look like that

What kind of TV shows and or Anime does /r9k/ watch?
>One Punch man
>The office
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>boku no hero academia
>Jojos occasionally
>Silicon Valley Master race
>any of Studio Triggers flagships, LWA, KLK, etc
>mob psycho 100 (if u love one punch you'd like this)
>Space Dandy, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo

Currently watching Alice & Zoroku
Also konosuba and watamote were oaky if ur into that kind of thing
Monster,hellsing ultimate,archer,ugly americans,always sunny in Philadelphia,both uk and us "the office" and scrubs.

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Haha, good one Gajodhar. You always know how make the lads laugh.
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Gajodhar is always suck a card.
File: 1414346813618.jpg (90KB, 1500x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Gajodhar ~ROCKS
File: 1414346813678.png (110KB, 720x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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the comedic genius

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who else can't wait to blow their brains out
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reporting in!
I can wait, that's why I haven't done it yet.

Unfortunately for me I enjoy jerking off and posting too much to want to end it based on environmental factors alone.

I find it appropriate the hottest cheerleader is at the top of the pile like the clouds of heaven are dividing for her in a ray of light.
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why is only one of these girls conventionally attractive to me?

borderline asexual reporting, ama

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