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Last OP used a shit image so I have to as well edition
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first for varg
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perpetual motion
what are your plans for the day lads? mine,

>watch world series of poker
>get drunk

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37 yo kissless hugless virgin here. What does kissing a girl feel like /r9k/?
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Warm and soft. Emotionally it feels exciting. It's like a rush. If you're making out it's a huge turn on and it's slightly wet feeling her tongue touch yours.

That's what it feels like at the beginning with a new girl anyway
feels like nothing unless you love them

have kissed 4 girls -- every time totally felt nothing -- didn't even like 2 of them.
>That's what it feels like at the beginning with a new girl anywa

What does it feel like afterwards if you keep doing it?

Do black guys like asian girls? Like... what percentage of black guys would likely date one?
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What's the asian girl name for Stacies?
Nobody is chomping at the bit to racemix than self hating American blacks. They'll go for literally anybody who isn't black
Xiu Yang or Min in China

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i have been diagnosed with severe depression, and i managed to lie to my shrink to not get hospitalized tonight. however, tomorrow i get put on heavy duty happy pills which will probably numb me out and prevent me from acting on my suicidal urges. i fear that tonight will be the last chance of an exit, and if i dont do it il be forced to stay alive and live a life of suffering for the next 40-60 years. I think the only things stopping me are my addiction to escapist media (vidya and anime), but i cant do that for the next few decades. the other thing is my dreams, but theyre so distant and disgustingly optimistic that i think theyre just fantasies ive concocted to prevent me from offing myself. what should i do?
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Take the pills. Don't be a stupid weak ass sissy. You are better than that.
Oh fuck you OP. Just take the pills. You afraid they can help you? You that addicted to beeing miserable?
i am a weak ass sissy, and im not better than that.

Well, someone made a game of us called life simulator. You are a NEET who never goes outside and works at home to buy your fav anime pillow or poster to decorate your room with and you only use delivery to get your food. Game runs in real time. Why not try it?
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Well. What's the name cunt?
Your life simulator. It's free
"Your life"

Is the name

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anyone else here have actual ADHD how do you deal with it, or is it just crippling
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Actually I may have it, but to confirm it I will need to get a professional diagnosis. I've researched on the Internet many 'mental disorders' to find a reason for my inatentiveness and other shortcomings and frankly speaking only this condition fits me besides depression. It's mostly crippling, makes your life harder if don't try developing skills, that other take for granted. But I love my hyperfocus at times, when nothing matters only a task completion.
I was diagnosed with it

Basically I put all my energy into either focusing at the board or twitch my leg like a motherfucker
Mind over matter. There is no such thing as ADHD.

Why do I find drawing more attractive than real women? Like this photo actually gives me a hard on.
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Drawings can't say no.
3d pig disgusting
Drawings are idealized concepts of what you're programmed to be attracted to.
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Good for you anon, you took the 2d-pill.

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Fuck off, males, this threads for the lady's

I'm just so sick of men, they're a fucking plague to society and we should get rid of them. Men I can here you saying "fuck off bitch" and to you I say eat shit

But girls, I hear you saying "get rid of? That sounds kind of hitler-ish"
And I understand where you're coming from, I felt the same way, but think about it:

All wars are started by men, all discrimination and sexism is because of men, and even that fucking analogy "hitlery" is about a man

I'm sorry but males who refuse to be castrated, should be put in prisons, where cum is extracted from the testicles for sperm so they feel no pleasure
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>t. a man

i'm a dyke and you need to chill the f out. men invested everything good in this world as well.

also please lick my snatch
Invested? Hahaha learn to spell you neckbeard male piece of shit, you can't fool me. I have wits about me, because I am a woman

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>I can live with no responsibility what so ever

>The price I pay is that nothing matters

>or I can reverse it and everything matters

>but I have to take the responsibility thats associated with that

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I'll take responsibility for nothing to matter.
pretty sure everyone on this board made the first choice

>I cant help being nihilistic all my belief systems have collapsed

yea maybe... or maybe you just allowed them to collapsed because its a hell of a lot easier than acting them out... and the price you pay is some meaningless suffering, but you can always wine about that and people will feel sorry for you...

and thats a pretty good deal all things considered.

Especially when the alternative is to bear the burden of your properly and live forthrightly in the world

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>HELP ME, ANON! Chad left me hear for dead. The shovel is just over there!
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*p's on you*
>"I'll help you out, Stacy."
>*recites eulogy*
>*walks away*
i would just dig her out

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"Hi anon, one hot steaming pie coming right up! That'll be $17.99 plus tip."

wat do?
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Why did you open the box you stupid cunt no tip for you

>at my door and opens box
>gnats, mosquitos, and flies land on my pie while this dumb bitch gurns for a tip
>punch the cunt in the face for ruining my pie
"Here is 18 dollars. Keep the change."

If you ask for a tip, you get one cent as a fuck you.

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>open steam
>immediately set myself to offline so nobody messages me

every time
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Why don't you remove your friends if you don't want to talk to them?
i might need to talk to them at some point, usually i would rather not though
There's a feature that automatically sets you offline unless you turn yourself online manually

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Would you rather have a normal 3 inch dick or this?
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give me the 3 incher
definitely 3 incher. how does that even happen? can he have it surgically straightened?
they can fix that shit with surgery, can't fix a small benis though.

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I'm sick of this meme that "every single man has the potential to attract females as long as they put in the effort". Sorry but not all men were created equal. You've been watching too many after school specials.
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What's your point? Why are you posting a pic of 3/10 douchebags?
why did you post a bunch of gay men ?
you're right, some people can't make it. Thats why its fucking selfish if you have potential but are wasting it because you have too big an ego to face failure.
But most of you just haven't decided to stop being sad cunts and start being sick cunts.

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anyone have the image with the full story of pic related?
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please post it guys i have a girl audience and i want to make them feel like shit.

Tell her to show us her tits, faggot.
only kids new to the internet say faggot.

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