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Why is Chad allowed to do gay shit like this but whenever I do something its just creepy.

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anon that dude is 100% gay
Halo Effect
Attractive people literally can do no wrong
I didn't do research was listening to music and it was in my recommended. I don't know he could be a Chad.

Hey come joing our comfy discord, no normies or bullies.
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Discord is really quite comfy
>no normies
Way to contradict yourself, nigger.
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do you think a supreme evil exists?
is it anything like yaldaboath or yog-sothoth? is it money? is it hate?
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yes, 100% fucking percent
it's the universe
Ephesians 1:11New International Version (NIV)

11 In him we were also chosen,[a] having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will,
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i'm interested in all perspectives, not just abrahamic ones
but yeah, yahweh or jah or w/e is a piece of shit. i think there are weird abrahamic sects that say the god from genesis is different from the wrathful god in later books (i'm sure some gnostics are into this)

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>high school graduation
>think it would be funny to dab with the mock diploma
>nobody thinks it's funny and everyone glares at me
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It's high school
And graduation
Don't worry it doesnt matter
if you aren't black then they probably thought you were culturally appropriating so fuck them.
That's what you get for trying to be a normie, you fucking failed normie. Now leave.

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How do you deal with being a dicklet?
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i don't, because i measure over 5" flaccid :^)
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>How do you deal with being a dicklet?

lock it up
I don't because I have the 8 inch BBC

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>have pollitically incorrect opinions
>get childhood friend back
>go out with him and a friend of his
>7 years hermit shut-in, extremely anxious
>think to myself all day "whatever you do, don't talk about politics. Don't talk about politics. Don't talk about politics."
>I talked about politics
>thinking AT THE SAME TIME "what the fuck am I talking about, fucking retard stop, just stop NOW"
>but it kept coming out, like verbal diarrhea

Why would the brain do this?
Literally for what purpose?
Thankfully, my friend told me later his friend thought I'm fine.
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Autism. I have it too, the only cure is an hero
Your brain is you, you did that, stupid
Usually people who aren't interesting can only talk about politics
It's pretty much an easy way to talk without any creativity

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>slowly gaining all the weight back

so weight really is in our genes...
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Weight is not genetic. IQ is. You're fat because you're a fucking idiot and you're a fucking idiot because your parents were fucking idiots.
Do the 30 day fast, bruh. Only live off multivitamin and some chicken stock.
Yes it is, as far as your genes influence your BMR, leptin, and ghrelin function. Unfortunately, few people have truly defective genes.

Counting calories isn't something you stop doing when you're thin.

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Question for 90s kids and early 2000s kids: when you were kids, which Sabrina did you think was more crushable?
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this one, homie
being a kid is thinking real life Sabrina is best Sabrina

Being an adult is finally realizing animated Sabrina is best Sabrina
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she was a heck of an actress

Yes, I'm a feminist and yes I could kick all of your pansy white asses. What the fuck are you gonna do about it?
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I do not want to fight you
Wrong board, meant to post this on pol. Don't know what weirdo board this is.
just end me. women don't need or want me as it is anyway. just put me out of my fucking misery.

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Summarize modern women in one image
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so slutty, and yet none of them will have sex with you
how does that make you feel
whadyagonnado is how I feel

The only thing I did to not be a sexually reproductive red blooded male was not be Chad
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This one. [spoilers] welp, time to make this post original so that i don't have to redo this [/spoiler]

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>you wake up one day only to find that you are invincible. You also do not feel pain.
>you can breathe, drink and eat but you do not need to do these things

What do you do with your newfound power?
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go on the internet and search for create your own adventure threads and roll for my imaginary powers.
I become famous by doing retarded shit and make a lot of money.
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I'd say:


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What traits would your ideal gf have?
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preferably chopped up into small pieces for easy disposal.
there is no use engaging in such unrealistic thinking
big dick, hairless

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No wonder you guys don't have any friends
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yeah you're right mr. failednormie. some faggot on omegle has spoken for all of us. we deserve to be alone.
lemme teach u bout r9k omegle

its full of retards that want an internet gf

if ur not a girl dont expect to speak to anyone on there for longer than it takes for them to confirm ur gender
so, just r9k on a different website the

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The older I get, the more it becomes obvious that the girls I'm attracted to will be the same forever. I'm in my 30s and teenage girls are still #1. 30 year old women are not anymore attractive to me than they were when I was a teenager and I doubt when I turn 60-70 years old that 60-70 year old women will suddenly become hot to me. I don't see how they could be.

Is this normal? To me, I feel like teen girls will always be the benchmark of beauty. I don't how I'll go from this to "yeah, I fuck some grannies." I just don't see it happening.
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Of course it's normal. The only reason guys fuck old ladies is because their options are small.
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At least now you're physically stronger than them (maybe not mentally or emotionally). Hell, maybe you'll get sweet teenage pootang after all, Anon!

I'm 40 now, and I generally agree with you, younger girls are the best. But they don't notice me. So I have to take what I can get these days. Which is still nothing

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Be it stories, current personality traits or living situation or whatever, try to out-pathetic the post above you, try to be the most pathetic person in the thread.

>I once catfished on a chat site, not for nudes or money, but for validation and compliments and because girls get a lot more people willing to talk to them on chat places, it made me feel wanted.
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>made an entire box of Kraft mac and cheese
>put it in bowl
>wrap plastic bag around penis
>fuck the mac and cheese
>be me 8th grade
>get horny becuase 13
>ask wierd kinda gf (7/10) for sex
>"Anon what the hell is wrong with you"
>horny and sad, ask school slut (4/10) if she's down to fuck
>"Your gross annon eww"
>Tfw denied by gf and school slut

Can't out pathetic me.
How was the mac and cheese?

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