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uh la love
im fallin in love
and its better this time then ever before
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i'm a punk rock prom queen
what song is this? originally of course though.

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Don't be sad anon, plenty of people here kill themselves because they can't bleed through their genitals
Jesus fucking Christ OP. How Much blood are we talking here?
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Dancing Jew.gif
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Looks like we're going to have to remove it to prevent any further damage.

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>came from ED in 2005
>turing 29
>tfw outlasted moot

who else ancient af?
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>31 this year
rose is the best waifu
she is also 31 this year
isn't that cracky not rose

wait is rose cracky
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nice thumbnail.jpg
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ye its cracky

i dont wanna highjack the thread with rose pics

mainly because rose doesnt deserve it

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What is that specific crime you always wanted to do but never got around to yet?
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fucking the alligator guy from dorohedoro
i haven't done shrooms yet but i want to. done other drugs just not shrooms.
Pirating music

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Why do women wear these?
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Because other women do
it is fashionable right now, a trend if you will
it gives a +5 bonus on stealth and a +2 on longbows

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How common is a handjob fetish
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damn thats a nice body
Are you a Gemini OP?

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>ESTP - cocaine
>INFP - codeine
>ESFP - alcohol
>ISTJ - cigarettes
Feel free to add more or revise what I already have.
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dex or addy
ISTP - Hard Alcohol

INFP is unfortunately heroin

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>Girlfriend comes to visit me
>beg her to humor me in my diaper fetish
>she gets disgusted by it but agrees on the condition that I let her do something in the future
>I force her to poop in the diaper
>after pooping in the diaper, she gets disgusted and goes to clean up
>feeling adventurous and turned on in the moment, I decide to try it
>take a small bite out of the poop
>don't tell her
>give her a kiss when she's done cleaning herself and say thank you
>she still doesn't know

Anybody else ever sink this low?
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Your gonna get cUcKeD lad
get help, you freak
>ywn see tears form in her bright green eyes as you change your embarrassed girlfriend's pullup after she wets the bed

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What do you want r9k?
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To die, but not yet. I need to wait for the right time, and think of a better plan.
Where is this from and is that the guy from the office ont he right?

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What game/anime/movie best simulates love? I'm lonely
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Cloud Atlas
Broken Babes
katawa shoujo


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>If you have a friend outside of the domain of animal or imaginary you aren't a robot
>If you are anything outside of the religious spectrum of polytheistic you aren't a robot
>If you aren't in a state of psychosis atleast 5 times a month you aren't a robot
>If you think you are a robot,you aren't a robot
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harry pussy
hairey pudsy
>if you spend all your time making arbitrary distinctions about what makes a robot and what doesn't you should probably kill yourself

I mean it's not like anybody actually WANTS to be a robot, right? I mean, who would want to feel my pain?

Hi I'm Brappel and you're all invited to go to hell! Please go back to LeReddit
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Ugh Mods.


I hope your whole family gets cancer asap

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when he learns a new mumble technique
After he beats the kingdom hearts series, let him be
hubbududububububu! nigga!

hmmanananhmmmnanannhmm! drugs!

hubbbububububdudududdubbaduhdah! sad!

hummananan! hoes

hudududhumuhum! muh crew!

You just don't understand maaaaaaan

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anyone else hate reversing?
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In tight spaces, yes. Back up camera works wonders.
No, it's not hard at all. You just have to roll down your window and scream "outta my way, I'm drunk as hell" and you never have to worry about hitting anyone.
iam 28 and never drove a car
i guess its too late now to get license

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Would you date a girl whose penis is bigger than yours?
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>being bottom to a tranny

Uh, fuck yeah dude
I sure as hell wouldn't date a girl whose penis is smaller than mine
Definitely. Though I'd prefer if she wasn't circumcised so she could tease me about how desensitized and small my penis is compared to hers, so it'd be pointless for me to ever try to top her. Plus, I'd get to play with the foreskin I've never known. It's a win/win.

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