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How are the anons holding up in the heat?
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not very well
all sweaty over my 55kg cialko
you're the skelly domestos lad?

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Is it autistic to fall in love with a cam model?
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Short answer: Yes. Very.
but what if she isnt that popular? Surely she has some sort of affection for me
No, she really doesn't.

What's your opinion on this nigger slayer?
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I don't approve of his motives (he was a racist little shit) but at least he was fighting for a cause greater (scope wise not morally) than him being a virgin.

He also got like 9 kills (solid but not great), confessed with a laugh, and didn't off himself. Overall way better than Elliot.
I have a creepy looking fuck like this in my class. He gets bullied and insulted everyday. I'm just hoping he kills himself instead of us
I'm hoping that he kills you.

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>work with fake normies
>every conversation is them talking nonstop about themselves
>always ask questions about what they're talking about
>try to keep the conversation flowing
>we all have good laughs and things are going ok
>start talking about myself or what I do
>get one word responses like "nice" or "cool"
>coworkers who never talk to me try to manipulate me into staying late by flattering me and complimenting me
>always ask what they want me to do after trying to manipulate me into liking them
>their switch flips the instant I decline and they go back to being assholes to me
>coworker who always talks about themselves and gives me one word responses gets upset when I tell him I don't want to wait in a parking lot for him to eat chikfila because he agreed to stay 30min later
>responds with "cool"
>let him know I didn't mean to hurt his feelings I'm just tired and had cold shit in my car
>responds with "thats cool buddy"
Why are people like this? Do they realize that they treat people like shit, and that I'm only responding in kind?
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>Do they realize they treat people like shit?

They literally don't. Just think of the mantra: treat others like you would want to be treated. They're essentially speaking a different language than you, and they don't realize it. They can't think outside of their own minds, so they assume you think the same way as they do.
This is what I've been thinking. People rarely think about their actions and how it may affect other people, but they get mad as fuck when you point this out and they don't understand.
>the new intern is the most beautiful girl I've seen in my life
>instantly fall in love
>brief exchanges with her increase my infatuation
>hatch brilliant plan
>bring to two apples to work one day
>ask if she wants to take an apple break
>(like a smoke break but for non smokers)
>she's actually into it
>lead her outside
>my boss is out there taking a legit smoke break
>he darts inside chuckling when he sees the sperg with the 10/10 qt
>she's kind enough to actually hold a conversation with me
>talking for ~3 minutes when a huge hunk of apple gets stuck in my throat
>I'm able to breathe but can't swallow
>decide to push through it; maybe it will go down
>it doesn't
>rush inside mid-sentence
>puke it up
>tfw it looks like I got nervous and ran inside to puke
>tfw I might have actually had a chance and my body physically prevented it
>tfw I was the subject of office gossip the rest of the week

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feel kill.jpg
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i am desperate to get a hug and cuddle
even sex is not that important
i just want to be loved
is it really that much?
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I love it when people write this sort of shit. It's a cope.
america needs something like those asian love hotels they got in those countries
now it doesnt mean prostituion but someone you can pay to hug and cuddle with
If you have to pay to do it, not only would it be far too expensive to do consistently, but to begin with it wouldn't be as satisfying as doing it with someone who loves you.

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Do girls like sucking uncut cock?
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they absolutely love it
I assume most cocks in the world are uncut.

So most cocks sucked are uncut cocks.

And most girls who suck cocks hopefully enjoy it

Which would mean they do??
As far as I know, no one even cares either way except for fetishest. Being cut isn't a big thing here but due to a childhood accident I look it. I've had my dick sucked hundreds of times and no one even commented on it

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Kill yourself maybe then

Actually just shut the fuck up. Nobody fucking cares
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You cared enough to reply

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why is getting a GF so important to you guys? Do you think all of your social issues will magically be fixed when you loose your virginity?
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>why is finding a mate who cares about so important to you?
>why are you guys so focused on doing what you are biologically wired to do through millions of years of evolution

kys desu fampai
That doesn't answer the question. why YOU are so obsessed with it moron.
Having a GF is one of my biggest social issues, and any other social issue can't get worse by having a girl accepting to be with you.

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>make Friend on the Internet
>Spend almost every day playing vidya together and having fun for over a year
>reveal face
>suddenly friend has less and less time or doesn't notice me anymore
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>talk with a girl on tinder via a fake account
the rest of the store you can imagine
>reveal face
Revealing your face to someone you met on the internet is like drinking with your family, if it doesn't make you closer, it will completely destroy your bonds.
>drink with family
>good times everytime
What did he mean by this?

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ITT: Boards you are ostracized from

I can't get /a/ or /mu/ to accept me despite liking anime and music.
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The Brady dickriders at /sp/ don't tolerate Colts fans
You shouldn't feel you have to justify your music/anime tastes to manchildren that claim to enjoy things in such a way that is superior to your way of enjoying things.
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/mu/ I can understand but /a/? /a/ was my first post-/b/ board and damn near assimilated instantly.

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What does basic bitches write on their tinder profiles in your country/region?

Wine, adventurous, being spontanious, deep conversations, beer, "buy me pizza and I'm yours", "no fuckbois",likes to travel,"IM A NERD LOL" etc etc. will write more if i can think of any but i see this on almost every profile

also for some reason lots of them write in English
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Romania: most don't have a bio.
Same as OP or >>38756966
see that alot here too but if they have one it mostly involes what i wrote in original post.

worst thing is they are probably bathing in matches even if they don't have a bio

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just watched the latest episode. What did i think about it?
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Bretty gud, thanks jesus jon didnt bow his knee to daenerys. Good to see him doing the right thing for the north, the ones who recognize him for what he is and not for his name (ie, daenerys)
>What did i think about it?
idk anon what did you think about it
>Everyone dresses like a goddamed sith
>How in fucks name is Euron always exactly where he needs to be without anybody noticing.
>Why is his flagship three times bigger then anything we've ever seen?
>Why does danny assume the fealty of strangers?
>why did the unsullied bum rush with long stabbing spears in a castle?
>what exactly is the north's problem? Has Jon not made it abundantly clear that this is not something a few war shattered houses can withstand?

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Why do white boys like to have sex with black women so much?
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Because we just fuarkin do
Because black girls don't come with the bullshit or baggage that most white girls do. Also black girls are tigers in bed and can actually enjoy themselves. Best of all, they care about their man and want to take care of him, want him to feel good too.
I don't know why you sheboons keep posting this meme. The people on this board are not the kind of 'white boys' you worship..

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>omg chad is such a fuckboi
>hehe he a fuckboi though
>you a fuckboi

Fuckboy= A guy who gets laid a lot.

Exactly how is this a derogatory term?
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Fuckboy is another word for douchebag, often on who tries to sleep around a lot. It isn't a good thing. Basically just a male thot
If it isn't a good thing, why are most romance novels' romantic interest 'fuckbois'?
Doesn't fuckboy mean someone who is a pushover?

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>mfw thinking back on all the missed opportunities to obtain a gf

Ive had chances with three 8/10 qt depressed girls and I blew them all because i hate myself and dont think I deserve a relationship

thanks for reading my blog
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i had only one chance and she offered to be friends
i don't count when 2/10 liked me
Same OP.
>sophomore year of hs, at a party
>literally end up in bed with a girl
>she asks "I wonder what sex feels like?"
>"I dunno" and roll over
>10 minutes later she starts rubbing on my back
>she asks if its ok, i say yes
>end up falling asleep with her just looking at me rubbing my back while I face the other direction
Still haven't gotten laid to this day
How the fuck. I mean i passed opportunities but this...the only thing she didnt say was FUCK ME NOW.

What happened the next morning?

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